Ernesto Valverde: Manchester United Is Superior Club In England

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde began to map the strength of Manchester United. According to the 55-year-old coach, one of the strengths of Manchester United is having players with strong physical strength.

Barcelona will face Manchester United in the Champions League quarter-finals. The first leg will be held at Old Trafford on Thursday (11/4). Meanwhile, the second leg was held a week ago.

Barcelona are in the best performance ahead of the duel against the Red Devils. Different conditions experienced by the host who is now inconsistent. However, Manchester United have better rest periods because they didn’t play this weekend.

Ernesto Valverde sees there are some more values ​​than the Manchester United squad. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s foster children are considered as a powerful team. A team that has such strong physical abilities from its players.

“They are a powerful team,” said Ernesto Valverde quoted from Sky Sports.

“Physically they are very strong and they know how to pressure their opponents. They have players who are physically strong, and they are also a danger from the tactics,” continued the Spanish coach.

In addition, Ernesto Valverde also did not see the inconsistency of Paul Pogba and colleagues as a problem. “They have got good results, even though they lost 2-1 to Wolves in the last game,” he said.

Valverde Denies Rumors of Neymar’s Return to Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona coach dismissed rumors saying he would repatriate Neymar to Barcelona. Valverde claimed to want to honor the contract playing Neymar with PSG.

Since joining PSG in 2014 ago, Neymar is often reported to be returning to Barcelona. Reportedly Neymar feels not at home in France and wants to return to Camp Nou.

But the news seems to be a mere rumor, the article Barcelona has just issued an official statement related to it. Josep Vives as a spokesman for Barcelona revealed that Barcelona did not approach Neymar and did not plan to recruit Neymar.

To strengthen this statement, Valverde also commented. “As a clarification, we do not plan to repatriate Neymar to Barcelona,” Valverde said.

Valverde stressed that Barcelona did not have the desire to buy Neymar from PSG and chose to respect Neymar’s decision to join PSG.

“We respect the decision made by Neymar first. When Neymar moved first, it was all because of an agreement between us and Neymar, so we want to respect that decision. ”

“We also don’t try to contact players and offer something to Neymar. When he decided to leave Barcelona, ​​he was fully aware of his decision. ”

PSG reportedly will sell Neymar in January because of FFP sanctions. As we know, PSG has an unbalanced balance sheet so they have to sell the player.