Bruno Fernandes Hampir Resmi Gabung Manchester United

Breaking News Sporting Lisbon diberitakan akan segera melepas Bruno Fernandes ke Manchester United pada pekan ini. Kedua belah pihak telah menyetujui kesepakatan transfer dan sang pemain akan segera menjalani tes medis di carrington pada pekan ini.

Dilansir oleh Gazzetta Dello Sport jika Bruno Fernandes sudah resmi menjadi milik Manchester United pemain asal Portugal sendiri dibeli dengan harga 70 juta Poundsterling atau seharga 1,1 triliun. Dan sang pemain akan segera terbang ke Manchester bersama agennya untuk menyelesaikan beberapa detail kontrak dengan United.

Nama Bruno Fernandes sendiri pada bursa transfer musim panas ini memang santer diberitakan akan berganti klub dan dan bermain di Liga Premier Inggris. Beberapa klub Premier League seperti Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur dan Manchester United terus dirumorkan dengan pemain 24 tahun. 

Namun hanya Manchester United yang konsisten dalam merampungkan transfer pemain. Meski sempat ditolak oleh kubu Sporting dalam beberapa tawaran yang dilayangkan oleh United. Ed Woodward selaku CEO klub tidak pantang menyerah untuk mendatangkan mantan pemain Udinese itu ke Old Trafford.

Manajer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer memang tengah mencari seorang gelandang untuk menggantikan posisi kosong yang ditinggalkan oleh Ander Herrera dan Maureen Fellaini. Tidak hanya itu mereka juga terancam ditinggal oleh Paul Pogba  yang ingin bergabung dengan Real Madrid. Setidaknya klub membutuhkan dua gelandang untuk mengisi lini tengah untuk mengarungi koperasi baru musim ini.

MU sendiri hingga kini baru mendatangkan dua pemain baru yaitu Daniel James dari Swansea City dengan harga 17 juta Poundsterling Lalu ada nama nama Aaron Wan-Bissaka yang didatangkan dari Crystal Palace dengan harga yang cukup mahal sekitar  50 juta Poundsterling. 

Tidak hanya itu manajemen klub juga sedang bernegosiasi dengan Leicester City untuk mendatangkan bek tengah mereka Harry Maguire yang kabarnya akan memecahkan rekor transfer Liverpool virgil Van Dijk dengan harga mencapai 90 juta Poundsterling. MU Memang harus mendatangkan banyak beberapa pemain baru untuk memperkuat tim terlebih di lini belakang mereka yang begitu rapuh hingga mereka hanya berhasil finish di peringkat 6 klasemen Premier League yang membuat mereka gagal berpartisipasi di ajang Liga Champions Eropa musim ini.


Manchester United Only Want Recruit Player Who Have “X Factor”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed the criteria regarding the player he will bring to Old Trafford. Solskjaer revealed that he would only bring players who have the X factor into his team.

Last season Manchester United ended the season with disappointing results. Not only failed to win the championship trophy, the Red Devils also failed to finish in the Champions League zone.

For this reason, United is reported to be spending heavily this summer. So far they have brought in two talented young players, Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, where they plan to bring two more players to Old Trafford.

Solskjaer himself confirmed that he did not buy any players in the transfer market this time. He is looking for players who can be a differentiator for his team.

“For us, we don’t care whether they [new MU players] are British, Norwegian, French or Brazilian,” Solskjaer told Sportsmole.

“We only want to bring in good players, and also good people to be part of our team.”

“In the current era of football, quality and speed are the most influential aspects. The more X Factors this team has, the better the quality of this team.” he said.

Rumour: United Will Fired Six Players Next Season

Reportedly Manchester United will make a major overhaul in the squad. According to news circulating, there are six names of players who will be sold by United next season.

Manchester United will indeed run a new project with Ole Gunnar Solksjaer next season. Reportedly Solskjaer has chosen anyone who will stay at the club and who has to leave Old Trafford.

Apart from technical problems, the player is also not included in the tactic plan that will be applied by the coach. Besides that the player also has the remaining play contract which will end soon.

According to the Daily Mail, Solksjaer will release six players in the transfer market next season. Of the six players to be sold, four of them are defensive players.

Reportedly Antonio Valencia and Matteo Darmian will also be released because the playing contract is over. Meanwhile Marcos Rojo is often reserved because of injury problems.

In addition, the name Eric Bailly also entered, but Solksjaer still has not decided whether the player will actually be released or will still be maintained. According to him, the Ivory Coast player has the potential to strengthen United’s squad.

In addition to the four players mentioned earlier, there are two more players who reportedly will be dismissed, they are Ander Herrera and also Juan Mata. The Spaniard had actually gone through the negotiation process, but there was still no agreement from both parties.

United Ready to Spend 70 Million Pounds For Recruit Sancho

Manchester United reportedly has prepared a ripe plan to bring Borussia Dortmund star player Jadon Sancho. Reportedly they will try to bring in the player next summer.

Sancho is a player brought in by Dortmund from Manchester City in the summer of 2017. Because of his slick performance, he was able to become the first team of Dortmund, even today he remains the main player in the main squad for Lucien Favre.

In this season Sancho has contributed seven goals and 12 assists for Borussia Dortmund. This note can be considered neat if you look at his age which is still relatively young, which is 18 years old.

According to the alerts of The Sun, United was amazed by the performance shown by the player in Dortmund. Seeing the slick performance, United plans to repatriate him to England.

Even according to the same source alerts, the news is not mere opinion, United claimed to have prepared funds of 70 million Pounds to get the player’s signature.

If indeed Sancho joins United, then the 15 percent transfer fee paid by United will be channeled to City in accordance with their first contract clause.

In 2017, Sancho was brought in from the City with a dowry of 8 million pounds. In 2018 ago, he decided to extend his contract until the next 2022. Seeing his slick performance, he was even summoned to England’s senior national team in October when England faced Croatia.

Pogba Take Off His Jersey To Show Respect To United Fans

Manchester United star Paul Pogba had to swallow insults from fans at the close of the Premier League competition this season. How not, Manchester United must close the season with a defeat to Cardiff City on Sunday.

The defeat swallowed by Manchester United was the culmination of a series of defeats in their last few matches. Naturally, the fans threw insults at Paul Pogba. In fact, not a few people are starting to doubt the quality of Manchester United, which in fact is the richest and largest club in England.

After the match, United’s squad toured the field while giving thanks for all the support the fans have given this season, a positive attitude indeed, but is it enough to ease the anger of their fans, the answer is no!

When Paul Pogba approached the fans in the stands, what did he get? Cursing and annoying fans!

According to Sky Sports alerts, Paul Pogba really can’t do much to respond to this. He could only give a thumbs up to all United fans who were present at that time. Even to show his respect for the fans, Pogba released his United jersey, an attitude that was very “manly” of course.

Although Pogba’s career at United cannot be said to be good, there are many other big clubs interested in bringing him in, one of the clubs reportedly most interested in recruiting Pogba is Real Madrid and it is not impossible that Pogba will leave United if the conditions remain. .

Phelan: The Smiles of Players Are the Key Of United’s Success

Currently United are in a very extraordinary condition. Previously they were indeed covered in black clouds when trained by Jose Mourinho. But after being replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the black cloud slowly disappeared.

United even made it through their last 10 matches without defeat! Different when trained by Jose Mourinho where they often swallow defeat at the start of this season.

Many parties who cast praise for the interim United coach. Mike Phelan as assistant coach Solskjaer explained that there were no special things they did.

According to him, the rise of United was due to the smiles of the players. Phelan considers that United have been filled with many talented players and don’t need anything special to be able to make them win. The only task that must be done by United coach is to maximize the potential of every player who is there.

“The United coach must be able to return a smile on the player’s face and try to share stories about the adventures that have been lived first.”

“Returning the smiles of the players cannot be done overnight, that’s what must be done every day. If a player can enjoy every match and his environment, then he will also have a tremendous impact on the team. ”

“Improving the atmosphere on the team is the most important thing for a coach. If the coach is optimistic, the optimism will spread to the players. “I think this is the reason for United’s current revival,” he concluded.

Juan Mata: I’m Happy Playing in Manchester United !

Juan Mata as a Manchester United midfielder admitted that he enjoyed playing in England and did not have the desire to return to Spain.

In 2011 ago, Juan Mata came to England and joined Valencia. Because of his impressive performances with Valencia, he was eventually recruited by Chelsea.

Juan Mata played for two seasons with Chelsea, he even accompanied Chelsea to win Champions League title and also the Europa League. After that, Juan Mata left for Manchester United in January 2014 and immediately got the main place in the squad.

Had not been the first choice in Jose Mourinho’s era, Juan Mata again got a place after United were taken care by Solksjaer. Mata’s career at United was good, where he won the FA Cup and the European League.

After playing for quite a long time in England, Mata claimed his soccer skills were increasing. Mata even claimed to be happy with the culture in England and had not thought about returning home.

“I have been playing here for a long time and I feel comfortable playing there,” Eyes opened as reported by the US.

“I was able to adapt to everything, the football, the culture, and the league there. But when you have a hometown, you will definitely feel missed by your family and friends. ”

“But I need to emphasize that I have not thought about returning home or playing there. For now I will focus on England with United. ”

“I play for the most powerful club in the world, right now I’m just focusing on that.”

Solksjaer Targeting United Win The FA Cup

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer targets the Manchester United squad to win the 2018-19 FA Cup championship trophy.

During strengthening the Red Devils, Solskjaer won many championship trophies. In total he collected 12 championship titles from various competitions.

Two of them are the FA Cup championship trophy. The first edition of the 1998-99 season and the second 2003-04 season.

And this weekend, MU will undergo an adventure in the FA Cup. They will play against Reading in the third round of the competition.

The interim manager from Norway then revealed his memories while playing in the event, especially when competing in the top party. He claimed to be very happy to be able to participate in the final match directly, because it was his dream since childhood.

“Our club is about winning the trophy and the FA Cup final is a fantastic match. I played in 1999 at Wembley,” he recalled as reported by Goal International.

“I think it’s the last final match at Wembley,” Solskjaer continued.

“After watching so many FA Cup finals when I was little, walking from the dressing room to the field was very fantastic. I have seen it often in Norway,” he said.

MU last won the trophy in the 2016-17 season. After that in the following season they fasted the title.

Solskjaer also hopes this season his team can get the title. One of them is the FA Cup championship trophy.

“And that is what we hope for, to reach the final. Whatever competition you enter, you want to win it,” Solskjaer stressed.

“I’m not sure if you hope to win it, but it’s more or less what you would expect from a club like this and the players we have,” he said.