Ince Skeptical Attitude Towards Solskjaer

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince said that everyone including himself could achieve results that were as good as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Manchester United squad.

It is undeniable, since handled by Solskjaer, United’s performance rose again. United’s squad plays consistently and dynamically. The mood of the players in the field also looks different. In fact they won 10 consecutive wins in all competitions.

Thanks to such a slick performance, Solskjaer reaped a lot of praise. But Ince was skeptical of the coach’s success.

According to Ince, anyone can achieve positive results if given the job now. He considered United’s squad did have great potential, so it was only natural if Solskjaer could bring United to victory after victory.

“I think everyone can do that,” he told BT Sport.

“Steve Bruce can do it, Mark Hughes can also, you can do it (while pointing at Chris Sutton),” said Ince.

In contrast to Herrera who actually supports Solksjaer. According to Herrera, there is one point in the coach, namely the ability to understand each player.

“Usually a coach only focuses on tactics, but they fail to understand the character of each player. But he (Solskjaer) can actually understand each player. Just look at Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard, their games are amazing, why? Because Solskjaer succeeded in removing their abilities, “explained Herrera.

Jordi Cruyff Gives Reasons Behind Solskjaer’s Success

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim coach of Manchester United won praise from Jordi Cruff. According to Jordi, Solskjaer succeeded not because of the tactics he composed, but he was able to arouse the mentality of his players. He also believes United have talented and qualified players.

In the hands of Solskjaer, United were able to collect 22 points from their 8 matches. Previously in the era of Jose Mourinho, United were only able to collect 26 points from 17 matches played by United.

This is inseparable from United’s internal atmosphere which has become brighter since being handled by Solskjaer. Instead of throwing criticism at each other, the players actually support one another. Cruff assessed this because Solskjaer was able to improve the mentality of his players.

Cruff assesses the time owned by Solskjaer is fairly minimal to give big changes to the team. But he can pull out the potential of each of his players. That is the key to United’s rise.

“Just two or three days later, it can bring big changes even in a very short time. He focused more on the player’s mentality. He uses the right method, “Cruff opened to the BBC.

“When players are blocked by Mourinho, they cannot move freely, but after the door is opened (by Solskajer), the players can actually play better and better.”

“United’s players from the start were already qualified. The coach just needs to find a way to balance the team’s game and draw out the hidden potential of the United players. “