Eden Hazard Frustrasi Dengan Kondisi Kebugaran Eden Hazard

Bintang baru Real Madrid, Eden Hazard baru bergabung bersama klub barunya. Namun sayang ia sudah mendapatkan banyak kritikan usai tak mampu mencetak gol di beberapa laga pramusim yang dijalani oleh Madrid.

Menurut sumber Sport menilai jika managament Madrid merasa dibohongi oleh Chelsea usai Hazard memiliki kondisi fisik tidak ideal saat bergabung. Pelatih fisik Madrid juga mengeluhkan berat badan pemain berpaspor Belgia itu. Mereka merasa jika Hazard terlalu kegemukan itu sebabnya ia tidak bisa tampil maksimal di ajang pramusim kemarin.

Seperti yang kita ketahui jika Real Madrid harus mengeluarkan dana mencapai 100 juta euro untuk mendatangkan Hazard dari Chelsea. Pembelian ini merupakan yang termahal pada musim ini. Nama Eden Hazard bukan nama baru incaran klub berjuluk Loss Blanccos. Mereka sudah mengidamkan Hazard ketika masih bermain di Lille. Namun kala itu mereka menganggap jika skuat mereka sudah sangat komplit apalagi Cristiano Ronaldo sedang produktif.

Akan tetapi setelah kepergiaan dari mega bintang asal Portugal yang bergabung dengan Juventus pada musim lalu. El Real merasa kehilangan pemain yang mampu mencetak banyak banyak. Sehingga membuat Madrid pada musim ini mendatangkan Hazard.

Kembali lagi soal kebugaran Hazard yang di anggap tidak ideal, para tim fisik Madrid dan juga pelatih Zinedine Zidane merasa Hazard harus menurunkan berat badannya. Karena ketika pertandingan pra musim sang pemain tampak terlihat terlalu lambat ketika menggocek bola melewati lawan.

Namun Zidane sudah meminta timnya untuk segera menurunkan berat badan Hazard ke arah yang idel sehingga ia dapat mengeluarkan kemampuan terbaiknya dan cepat beradaptasi dengan skuat utama. Madrid sendiri pada pekan depan sudah akan bermain melawna Celta Vigo dalam pertandingan laga perdana kompetisi La Liga 2019-2020.

Madrid And Zidane, Perfect Combination !

Carlo Ancelotti is currently looking forward to the revival of Real Madrid. As we know, Real Madrid started this season with a pretty bad achievement with Santiago Solari. But now Zinedine Zidane has returned to Madrid and Ancelotti believes Madrid can get back up if led by Zidane.

Zidane himself has proven his ability in managing Madrid. In just 2.5 years of his leadership in Madrid, he has managed to donate three trophies for Madrid.

In March, Madrid’s patience with Solari has run out. They decided to dismiss the coach and replace him with Zidane.

The words Ancelotti, Zidane and Madrid are Examples of Perfect Matches
Upon Zidane’s return to Madrid, his team immediately won a positive result in the match against Celta Vigo where they managed to win with an aggregate score of 2-0.

Although it was still the beginning, but the victory was able to provide a boost for the Madrid squad. Not only are Madrid’s squad spirits up, Ancelotti also said that he believed Zidane could bring back Madrid’s heyday.

“I emphasize, Madrid and Zidane are perfect partners. They are created to complement each other. I’m sure Madrid will be successful, we’ll see how they will do next season. ”

“Zidane returned at a very appropriate time. He has a long time in the following season. For now he only needs to monitor the progress of Madrid and decide what steps will be taken in the future. ”

“Returning to Madrid is a brilliant idea. “Zidane will have enough time to overhaul this team as a whole,” Ancelotti concluded.

Modric Will Leave Madrid Next Summer

Spanish giants Real Madrid are likely to lose their key players in the player transfer window next season. Because their midfielder, Luka Modric reportedly has increasingly made up his mind to leave Real Madrid.

As has already been reported yesterday, Real Madrid have just lost their new player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player decided to join Juventus this summer.

Only lost star players, this time they also have to be ready to lose Luka Modric. Because the player has entered into the list of players who want to be brought in by Inter Milan.

According to alerts issued by Sky Sports Italy, Madrid must be prepared to lose the player, this is because Modric has already made up his mind to leave this summer. Then why does Modric want to leave?

The same source said that Modric was quite satisfied with defending Madrid and he wanted to find new atmosphere and challenges. As we know, Modric is now 32 years old where he is getting closer to the end of his football career. Therefore he felt the need to find a new atmosphere and Inter Milan could be an ideal place.

If we look at Inter’s performance last season there have been significant developments. Many people believe Inter Milan can help Modric to show his best performance.

In addition, Real Madrid are also considered to have suffered a setback. As proof, they must lose 4-1 and 1-0 over Barcelona. This also makes Modric even more determined to leave the club.

Madrid Want To Recruit Mohamed Salah

It seems that Real Madrid has prepared a new plan at the beginning of next season. According to the news circulating, Real Madrid have prepared large funds to bring in Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Salah is an important pillar for Liverpool. The Egyptian player managed to deliver his team to the final of the Champions League last season even though in the end it had to be toppled before Real Madrid.

The player, who is currently 26 years old, is struggling to quench the thirst of the title that Liverpool have been aiming for. The player was brought in from the AS Roma club with a fee of 42 million euros in 2017. Since brought in, Salah managed to show consistency with Liverpool.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid looked soft. Therefore they are targeting other star players to fill the void at the club. This is inseparable from the inconsistent performance shown by Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

According to reports from Don Balon, Madrid has prepared funds of around 150 million euros to get the player’s signature. Overall, Madrid have prepared funds of around 300 million euros to make a total overhaul of their squad.

With such fantastic value, it is not impossible that they will get the player’s signature. Even with that amount, Salah will be the most expensive player in Premier League history.

Besides Salah, Madrid also want to bring Eden Hazard, unfortunately Chelsea are being sanctioned by an active ban in the transfer market from FIFA. With these conditions, it seems that it will be difficult for Chelsea to release the player.

Santiago Solari Will Be Fired By Real Madrid Management

It seems that Real Madrid’s management cannot be patient anymore with  defeat experienced by Real Madrid. Madrid’s management has decided to fire Santiago Solari. Previously there was news that Madrid management would dismiss the coach in the middle of this season, but the news did not seem to be a reality, because the club’s management decided to dismiss Solari at the end of the season, what was the reason?

We cannot deny, Real Madrid are in a very worrying situation, not only have to lose two titles (Champions and Copa del Rey), they also have to lose in four home matches in all competitions. Even to win the La Liga trophy seems impossible. How not, Madrid had to swallow defeat over rivals, Barcelona which incidentally became the current top of the standings.

According to Marca’s allegations, Solari will not be fired in the near future, because Madrid’s management decided to stop him at the end of the season. The reason is quite simple, Madrid management saw that in only two months left, reforming the players and recruiting new coaches would further aggravate the condition of Madrid. Therefore they decided to postpone Solari’s dismissal until the season ended.

In addition to the management of Madrid also has not found a suitable figure to fill the position of coach. Until now, the names most widely heard to become coaches of Madrid were Massimiliano Allegri, Mauricio Pochettino, and Jose Mourinho.

According to the same report, Santiago Solari is being tried by Florentino Lopez after his team were defeated by Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League yesterday.

Courtois: We Lose Because We Can’t Keep Our Rhythm

Thibaut Courtois as Real Madrid goalkeeper claimed that his team lost control when dealing with Girona. Yesterday’s defeat of Girona was considered as a proper punishment for them for failing to control the rhythm of the game.

In that match Madrid had to bend their knees 1 – 2 over Girona. Though the match was held at the Santiago Bernabeu which incidentally is the headquarters of Madrid. The fans’ high expectations were destroyed instantly when they saw Madrid lose the match.

As a result of the defeat, Madrid must fall to third place in the La Liga standings, nine points adrift of the top, Barcelona.

In the first half Madrid actually played very well, even they managed to score first. But entering the second half, Madrid’s game began to loose, this is what makes Girona managed to turn things around.

“We played well in the first round. We managed to master the game. But we lowered the rhythm so that they could get a chance to retaliate, “Courtois told Four Four Two.

“In the second half they actually got the rhythm, the attacks they built were very dangerous. This is very embarrassing, they not only equalized, they even managed to score two goals. We don’t know how to control the situation. ”

“This defeat is very embarrassing for Madrid. It’s not about self-confidence, they are indeed a good team, Girona always manages to make opponents trouble. We will learn from this defeat and try to win the next match. “

Solari Said He Was Happy With Madrid Performance

In the La Liga match 23rd week, Atletico must submit before Real Madrid. Although playing at home, Atletico must be satisfied with the score 1 – 3. Santiago Solari as the Real Madrid coach felt happy and proud of the performance of his foster children in the derby match.

Madrid managed to win the score that was created through the action of Casemori, Sergio Ramos, and Gareth Bale, while the home team managed to break the Madrid goal through the action of Antoine Griezmann.

Thanks to the victory, Madrid moved to second place in the La Liga standings, while Atletico had to be shifted. Currently Madrid have managed to collect 45 points, one point ahead of Diego Simeone’s side.

Seeing the performance shown by his foster children, Solari felt happy. He did not even hesitate to say the performance was Madrid’s best performance this season.

“We managed to win as a team, we had to fight a very solid team, yesterday’s match was very competitive, moreover the match was held at the opponent’s home,” Solari opened on the club’s official website.

“I dare say that this is Madrid’s best performance since last December.”

“Atletico are a fantastic team, their coach is also very ambitious. We played well behind, in the front we managed to suppress the opponent’s defense. Our offensive and defensive are very balanced. ”

“This is Madrid’s complete performance. And we won full points from yesterday’s match, I am very proud of all Madrid players, “concluded Solari.