Santiago Solari Will Be Fired By Real Madrid Management

It seems that Real Madrid’s management cannot be patient anymore with  defeat experienced by Real Madrid. Madrid’s management has decided to fire Santiago Solari. Previously there was news that Madrid management would dismiss the coach in the middle of this season, but the news did not seem to be a reality, because the club’s management decided to dismiss Solari at the end of the season, what was the reason?

We cannot deny, Real Madrid are in a very worrying situation, not only have to lose two titles (Champions and Copa del Rey), they also have to lose in four home matches in all competitions. Even to win the La Liga trophy seems impossible. How not, Madrid had to swallow defeat over rivals, Barcelona which incidentally became the current top of the standings.

According to Marca’s allegations, Solari will not be fired in the near future, because Madrid’s management decided to stop him at the end of the season. The reason is quite simple, Madrid management saw that in only two months left, reforming the players and recruiting new coaches would further aggravate the condition of Madrid. Therefore they decided to postpone Solari’s dismissal until the season ended.

In addition to the management of Madrid also has not found a suitable figure to fill the position of coach. Until now, the names most widely heard to become coaches of Madrid were Massimiliano Allegri, Mauricio Pochettino, and Jose Mourinho.

According to the same report, Santiago Solari is being tried by Florentino Lopez after his team were defeated by Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League yesterday.