Ancelotti Said Their Team Is Juventus Thoughest Rival

Actually there are many clubs in Serie A which are referred to as “Anti Juventus,” one of which is Inter Milan. But besides Inter Milan, Napoli are also included in the list. Even Carlo Ancelotti as the Napoli coach firmly said his team was Juventus’ toughest rival this season.

With the presence of a capable player, Juventus has become the most powerful team in Serie A. No wonder they often get the title of each season. Seeing this, many teams are trying to stop Juventus, these teams are called Anti juventus.

Not infrequently also big clubs like Naples who immediately declared themselves as Anti Juventus. Unfortunately Luciano Spalletti who became the Inter Milan coach claimed his team had not reached that level so that the title of Anti Juventus that was pinned on his team was considered irrelevant.

This is inversely proportional to Naples. Carlo Ancelotti actually bluntly said his team was the toughest rival Juventus had to face in Serie A. They also said the title Anti Juventus was a very appropriate term.

“There is no need to fear the Juventus club. We don’t feel afraid of being called Anti Juventus. I am sure we can be a team that can stop Juventus this season,” Ancelotti said as quoted by

In addition, Ancelotti will not rest Insigne. As we know, Insigne is an important figure for Napoli. He even held a key role when Napoli faced PSG.

“We will not rest Insigne. “Before we made a rotation, it was done to prepare ourselves to face Juventus,” concluded Ancelotti.