Berbatov Gave Defense To Romelu Lukaku

Dimitar Berbatov as a former Manchester United manager gave a defense to Romelu Lukaku. According to him, the striker failed to score because of the lack of support provided by other players in the field.

As we know, last season Lukaku did reap a lot of criticism regarding his performance. Just imagine, within three months, Lukaku hasn’t scored a goal with Manchester United. Seeing this performance, United fans cast so much criticism of him.

But Lukaku slowly began to rise. After scoring a goal against Southampton, he scored again when faced with Fulham in a match that United went through last weekend.

Berbatov judged that the failure of Lukaku in scoring goals was not the fault of Lukaku, but because of other players who could not provide real support for the player.

In fact, he also considered Lukaku had sacrificed for United. Lukaku is considered often to open opportunities for other teammates to score, but the opportunity fails to be maximized by other players.

“I feel there are too many criticisms that have been sent to him for failing to score, but not many see what he has done for the team.”

“I am happy with the character of the game Lukaku, he is strong and also able to hold the ball well. But he also must be supported by colleagues who are able to understand his playing style. “