Sarri Clarification Regarding Kepa Attitude

Kepa Arrizabalaga, the young Chelsea club goalkeeper, had shown a disrespectful attitude to his coach, Maurizio Sarri. This unpleasant attitude was shown in the match against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup competition.

Though the match is a very crucial match. Because the match is the final match for the Carabao Cup trophy. In the match, Manchester City came out as champions after winning the penalty shootout round.

Kepa actually has shown his heroic action when facing a kick from Leroy Sane. Unfortunately, this has not been able to bring Chelsea to win.

But there is an interesting thing that happened, namely when there was a quarrel between Kepa and Sarri. The coach will actually replace Kepa with Willy Cabalero, unfortunately the goalkeeper just doesn’t want to listen to the coach’s words. In fact, he still plays in the penalty shootout round.

But after the match ended, Sarri gave clarification regarding the incident.

“What happened was just a misunderstanding. I know he has cramps, I don’t want him to be in that condition when the penalty shootout rounds. ”

“Mental kepa is right, unfortunately the execution is wrong. Mentally he is right. ”

“But a misunderstanding with players can be a big problem, especially in front of the media.”

Kepa’s attitude drew a lot of criticism, including from many Chelsea legends. Chris Sutton also casts scathing criticism on Kepa’s attitude. In fact, many Chelsea legends have requested that Kepa be immediately expelled from the club

Guardiola Want Sterling To Keep Play At Club

Manchester City actually wants to tie a contract with Raheem Sterling, unfortunately until now, Pep Guardiola still cannot provide certainty whether the player will stay at the club or not. Because until now the negotiation process carried out by the club with the player’s agent is still ongoing so that it is still uncertain whether Sterling will survive or not.

Recently, Gabriel Jesus has just signed a contract to play with Manchester City until the year 2023. The extension made by Jesus followed Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Fernandinho, Nicolas Otamendi and Ederson who had agreed on their new contract at Manchester City.

Unfortunately, even though many of his colleagues have signed contracts, Raheem Sterling has not yet decided to follow in the footsteps of his colleague. If we look back, Sterling has donated 23 goals for Manchester City in all competitions he played.

Guardiola claimed to hand over the entire negotiation process to the club. But Pep also explained that he wanted to keep Sterling from playing at the Etihad Stadium.

“There is no doubt in me, we all want him to keep playing. Sterling knew that, his agent also knew. Since the first day of negotiations, we have said we want him. Txiki has spoken with agent Sterling, “Pep told Fourfourtwo.

“But an agreement is an agreement, the player remains a player. In the end it all depends on the club and the players. I just want to make sure one thing, me and the other players are 100% sure they want to keep playing with us. ”

According to Pep, Manchester City will undergo the next season with a thirst for victory and this is a good thing.

“I see players going to start a new season with thirst. Fear of defeat is good, because they will be hungry for victory and make them more focused when playing in the field

Courtois: We Lose Because We Can’t Keep Our Rhythm

Thibaut Courtois as Real Madrid goalkeeper claimed that his team lost control when dealing with Girona. Yesterday’s defeat of Girona was considered as a proper punishment for them for failing to control the rhythm of the game.

In that match Madrid had to bend their knees 1 – 2 over Girona. Though the match was held at the Santiago Bernabeu which incidentally is the headquarters of Madrid. The fans’ high expectations were destroyed instantly when they saw Madrid lose the match.

As a result of the defeat, Madrid must fall to third place in the La Liga standings, nine points adrift of the top, Barcelona.

In the first half Madrid actually played very well, even they managed to score first. But entering the second half, Madrid’s game began to loose, this is what makes Girona managed to turn things around.

“We played well in the first round. We managed to master the game. But we lowered the rhythm so that they could get a chance to retaliate, “Courtois told Four Four Two.

“In the second half they actually got the rhythm, the attacks they built were very dangerous. This is very embarrassing, they not only equalized, they even managed to score two goals. We don’t know how to control the situation. ”

“This defeat is very embarrassing for Madrid. It’s not about self-confidence, they are indeed a good team, Girona always manages to make opponents trouble. We will learn from this defeat and try to win the next match. “

Solari Don’t Want To Compare Between Bale And Ronaldo

It is undeniable, now Gareth Bale is the most dominant player at Real Madrid. In the match against Juventus in the Champions League final, he even managed to score with a beautiful volley from the area outside the penalty box. Seeing the performance shown by Bale, many parties ask which one is better, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale?

Santiago Solari explained that he did not want to compare the performance of the two players too quickly. Seeing the real contribution shown by Gareth Bale after Ronaldo’s departure, the media and many Madrid fans wanted to compare the performance between Bale and Ronaldo. Unfortunately not with Solari, according to him, Bale is Bale and he does not want to compare him with other players.

If we see a flashback of Ronaldo with Madrid, it is undeniable that Ronaldo is the most crucial and dominant player at Real Madrid. There are already many trophies donated by Ronaldo to Madrid.

“All this is not about who will replace Ronaldo in Madrid. It’s about how all players can become a team. Gareth Bale is a very talented player and he will be an important part of the club. His ability on the field is not to be compared to other players. ”

“When it comes to comparison, it’s only for media consumption. We don’t do that here. Bale is a great player who has extraordinary abilities. We work as a team.”

Neville: Liverpool Must Prepare For Compete With City

Gary Neville as a former Manchester United player believes that Manchester City will emerge as Premier League champions this season, beating their rivals Liverpool. According to him, the current Manchester City squad is far more experienced than the squad at Liverpool. This is an added value for Manchester City in the fight for the title.

How not, Manchester City currently holds the defending title while Liverpool are present as challengers. This means that the mentality of the City squad is far stronger than Liverpool.

Not only that, Neville also explained that Liverpool had no experience of becoming champions. Indeed Jurgen Klopp once brought his team to the title, but not in the Premier League competition.

“To win the title, team performance is indeed an important point, but from the mental side it must also be considered. Manchester City know how to deal with complicated situations in the Premier League. ”

“Jurgen Klopp has won the league, but not in the Premier League. A 6-0 victory over Chelsea also has an impact on psychological pressure for the opposing team. ”

“I think Liverpool must be ready every time they lose points, they are under pressure, when City loses points, people will consider it a consequence of satisfaction, unlike Liverpool who came as challengers.”

“There will always be doubts for a challenger. Liverpool must face that, when doubts come, do not respond, stay focused, and doubt the opponent. But that’s the most difficult for a club that is looking for a title in the first season, “concluded Neville.

Solari Said He Was Happy With Madrid Performance

In the La Liga match 23rd week, Atletico must submit before Real Madrid. Although playing at home, Atletico must be satisfied with the score 1 – 3. Santiago Solari as the Real Madrid coach felt happy and proud of the performance of his foster children in the derby match.

Madrid managed to win the score that was created through the action of Casemori, Sergio Ramos, and Gareth Bale, while the home team managed to break the Madrid goal through the action of Antoine Griezmann.

Thanks to the victory, Madrid moved to second place in the La Liga standings, while Atletico had to be shifted. Currently Madrid have managed to collect 45 points, one point ahead of Diego Simeone’s side.

Seeing the performance shown by his foster children, Solari felt happy. He did not even hesitate to say the performance was Madrid’s best performance this season.

“We managed to win as a team, we had to fight a very solid team, yesterday’s match was very competitive, moreover the match was held at the opponent’s home,” Solari opened on the club’s official website.

“I dare say that this is Madrid’s best performance since last December.”

“Atletico are a fantastic team, their coach is also very ambitious. We played well behind, in the front we managed to suppress the opponent’s defense. Our offensive and defensive are very balanced. ”

“This is Madrid’s complete performance. And we won full points from yesterday’s match, I am very proud of all Madrid players, “concluded Solari.

Jordi Cruyff Gives Reasons Behind Solskjaer’s Success

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim coach of Manchester United won praise from Jordi Cruff. According to Jordi, Solskjaer succeeded not because of the tactics he composed, but he was able to arouse the mentality of his players. He also believes United have talented and qualified players.

In the hands of Solskjaer, United were able to collect 22 points from their 8 matches. Previously in the era of Jose Mourinho, United were only able to collect 26 points from 17 matches played by United.

This is inseparable from United’s internal atmosphere which has become brighter since being handled by Solskjaer. Instead of throwing criticism at each other, the players actually support one another. Cruff assessed this because Solskjaer was able to improve the mentality of his players.

Cruff assesses the time owned by Solskjaer is fairly minimal to give big changes to the team. But he can pull out the potential of each of his players. That is the key to United’s rise.

“Just two or three days later, it can bring big changes even in a very short time. He focused more on the player’s mentality. He uses the right method, “Cruff opened to the BBC.

“When players are blocked by Mourinho, they cannot move freely, but after the door is opened (by Solskajer), the players can actually play better and better.”

“United’s players from the start were already qualified. The coach just needs to find a way to balance the team’s game and draw out the hidden potential of the United players. “

Jordi Alba will sign a new contract at Barcelona

It seems that Manchester United’s plan to hook Jordi Alba will be dashed. Because the player has agreed to extend his playing contract at Barcelona.

Since the start of the season, news has begun that says that the English giants Manchester United are interested in Jordi Alba. As we know, Manchester United are currently having problems with their defense so they need new ammunition to strengthen the team.

The rumor is even stronger with statements that have come out of Jordi Alba’s mouth. The player said that he was not a priority in Barcelona so he did not rule out the possibility of leaving.

But according to El Larguero’s alerts, United’s plan to recruit Alba is certain to fail. Because Barcelona has given a contract extension to play for the player.

According to the report, Barcelona did have a quite intense meeting with Alba’s representative. In Barcelona’s perspective, Alba is still an important player for them. They see that Alba can still be an important pillar in Barcelona’s defense for the next few years.

Barcelona offers a five-year playing contract to the player. Alba is also rumored to be getting a salary increase, even so, there is no certainty how much the salary increase given by Barcelona management.

If all the process of signing the contract runs smoothly, the results of the contract will be published on Friday tomorrow.

Arsenal Will Speed Up Malcom Transfer Process

One of the Premier League clubs, Arsenal reportedly is accelerating Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Since the beginning of yesterday, the Arsenal club have reportedly wanted to add ammunition to their attacking line. As a result their choice fell to Malcom.

Arsenal are also rumored to have mapped several names of high-potential players. But of all the candidates they prepared, it seems that the Malcom figure is considered the most suitable for Arsenal’s playing style.

According to The Sun’s alerts, Arsenal have decided to accelerate Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Arsenal have reportedly been eyeing Malcon for a long time, even when the player is still playing for Bordeaux.

In the last season Arsenal had tried to bring in the player, unfortunately they lost steps with Barcelona. Unfortunately after joining Barcelona, ​​Malcom did not get enough playing time and it was said that Malcon was ready to leave the club.

According to the same source, Barcelona already knew the wishes of Arsenal and it was ready to release the player to play in England.

Actually Ernesto Valverde was happy with Malcom’s style of play, but he lost competitiveness with other players so he decided to lend Malcom until the end of the season.

It should be noted, Malcom will only be given a loan player status without a permanent purchase clause. This means Arsenal will not be able to have Malcom completely. Arsenal will also speed up the transfer process the player sees the player’s transfer market will be closed soon.

Alvaro Morata Walk On Medical Tests in Spain

Doubts about Alvaro Morata’s future are likely to end soon. Because Alvaro Morata today will undergo a medical test at Atletico Madrid.

Since his move to Chelsea in 2017, Morata has seen difficulty penetrating the first team. He failed to show his best performance at Chelsea. Many rumors say his future at Chelsea will soon end because he failed to score for Chelsea.

The rumors of Morata’s move were getting stronger. This is inseparable from Chelsea’s decision to bring Gonzalo Higuain even with loan players. According to a report reported by the US, Morata is rumored to be joining a Spanish club, Atletico Madrid.

Had reportedly failed, the fact actually spoke the opposite. Morata is reportedly undergoing a medical test in Spain. According to the same source, Atletico Madrid had reached an agreement with Chelsea.

Alvaro Morata was officially loaned to Atletico Madrid on a 18-month contract. In the contract made, Atletico also had the opportunity to make the player permanent at the end of the loan period.

Reportedly Morata arrived in Spain on Saturday 26/1 night local time. Morata will undergo a medical on 27/1. After the medical test is complete, Morata will sign a contract with Atletico Madrid.

Alvaro Morata himself has played in Spain, at that time he played with Real Madrid and has managed to score 35 goals in 95 appearances with Madrid.

Emery Don’t Want To Make Excuse About Losing Against United

Unai Emery as Arsenal coach did not want to find a defense for Arsenal’s defeat against Manchester United. According to Emery, his troops lost the class when compared to United’s troops.

Arsenal must host United in the 4th round of the FA Cup. In spite of playing at home, Arsenal had to settle for a 1–3 defeat over United. These three goals were created through the actions of Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial, while Arsenal’s goal was led by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Emery admitted that United’s team’s performance was very good, therefore he did not want to find excuses for his team’s defeat.

“United are really sharp, they are amazing.”

“When we did the attack, we did manage to get into their penalty area, but we couldn’t find a gap from there, their defense was very tight.”

“We should have had better results, but the opponents we faced were Manchester United who were in their best momentum this season. There are many top players there who can make a difference, just look at Marcus Rashford and Martial who came on as substitutes, they are very extraordinary. ”

Unfortunately Emery is reaping criticism for not playing Mesut Ozil since the beginning of the match. Ozil was only played in the second round to replace Alex Iwobi.

But Emery decided not to respond to the comment. He said the choice he made was the best choice for his team.

“In the end I played Ozil, actually I could play other players, but I didn’t do it.”

Arsenal will face Cardiff City in midweek and this match will be a momentum for them to rise again.

James Rodriguez Rejected Arsenal Offer

Arsenal’s plan to get James Rodriguez’s signature is certain to fail. The Real Madrid playmaker was said to have rejected the Gunners’ offer to move to North London.

Arsenal itself is in the midst of being heavily rumored to approach James. The Colombian playmaker is rumored to be plotted to become a replacement for Mesut Ozil in attacking the Premier League club.

Arsenal have reportedly moved to get James. They are said to have contacted the player to invite him to move in the transfer market this time.

But reported by ESPN, Arsenal’s hopes to bring James to clap one hand. Because the playmaker was called to reject the Arsenal invitation.

According to the report, James decided to reject Arsenal’s offer because he still wanted to stay at Bayern.

He reportedly felt his task at the Bundesliga giant had not yet been completed. Moreover, Bayern are currently still six points behind Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga standings.

As a result James wanted to bring Bayern to retain their title so he chose to reject Arsenal’s offer.

But the same report claims, James is not necessarily a permanent player at the Allianz Arena.

The Bayern side still does not want to decide whether they will activate the playmaker’s permanent purchase clause. Because the performance of James in the first half of the season is not slick.

But the Die Rotten side will give James the opportunity in the second half of the season. If he can improve his playing, then they are willing to redeem him permanently from Real Madrid.

Castles: De Gea Deserves Great Salaries!

Duncan Castle gave a suggestion to Manchester United’s management regarding salaries for the goalkeeper, David De Gea. According to him, United’s management should not be stingy in providing salary for the goalkeeper, the goal is that De Gea feels at home and stays at the club.

Since the beginning of last season, the future of David De Gea has indeed been questioned. Because the contract to play the goalkeeper with the Red Devils will be over soon, fortunately United have a step by activating the extension clause playing for one year so that the goalkeeper will continue to play in United until 2020

Duncan said the only way for the goalkeeper to stay at the club was to give him a decent salary.

“De Gea is currently waiting for an award from the club for his contribution so far,” he told the Window Podcasts Transfer.

Castles thinks United are in a dangerous position and potentially lose David De Gea.

“Everyone knows that De Gea is an extraordinary player for United. His talent and contribution to the club has been very great and I think he deserves more. ”

“This summer he will enter his final season with United. United’s management must dare to take steps or they will lose De Gea. ”

“The solution is simple, give more salary. “De Gea deserves a big salary, his contribution to United is huge and he is the best goalkeeper in the world,” concluded Castles.

Valverde Denies Rumors of Neymar’s Return to Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona coach dismissed rumors saying he would repatriate Neymar to Barcelona. Valverde claimed to want to honor the contract playing Neymar with PSG.

Since joining PSG in 2014 ago, Neymar is often reported to be returning to Barcelona. Reportedly Neymar feels not at home in France and wants to return to Camp Nou.

But the news seems to be a mere rumor, the article Barcelona has just issued an official statement related to it. Josep Vives as a spokesman for Barcelona revealed that Barcelona did not approach Neymar and did not plan to recruit Neymar.

To strengthen this statement, Valverde also commented. “As a clarification, we do not plan to repatriate Neymar to Barcelona,” Valverde said.

Valverde stressed that Barcelona did not have the desire to buy Neymar from PSG and chose to respect Neymar’s decision to join PSG.

“We respect the decision made by Neymar first. When Neymar moved first, it was all because of an agreement between us and Neymar, so we want to respect that decision. ”

“We also don’t try to contact players and offer something to Neymar. When he decided to leave Barcelona, ​​he was fully aware of his decision. ”

PSG reportedly will sell Neymar in January because of FFP sanctions. As we know, PSG has an unbalanced balance sheet so they have to sell the player.

Xavi Gave Compliment To Joshua Kimmich

Xavi give a big compliment to Joshua Kimmich. The Barcelona legend considered the Bayern Munich young player to have a qualified quality to become a better midfielder than himself.

Kimmich who joined Bayern Munich in 2015 was known as a versatile player. Former coach of Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola has even said that Kimmich can play in any position.

At Bayern, Kimmich is most played as a right-back. But lately his position began to be shifted into a central midfielder by Niko Kovac.

Xavi himself feels that Kimmich has the potential to become the best midfielder in the world. “Before I met Joshua, I thought that he would rather play as a defender,” Xavi opened to Bild.

Xavi, known as one of the world’s best midfielders in the last two decades, believes that Kimmich will reap a lot of success if he plays as a midfielder.

“When I met him, he told me that he had other big dreams. Joshua could play as a perfect number six player.”

“I’m sure he can become ‘The Next Xavi’. He can make a difference for his team.”

Xavi himself considered Kimmich to be a much better player than himself. He said Kimmich’s versatility would be the main quality of the midfielder.

Chelsea Released Willian to China?

A new rumor circulated about Willian’s future. The Chelsea winger is rumored to be released by the Blues to China after they got a big offer from one of the Chinese Super League contestants.

Since last summer, Willian has sold well in the market. A number of top European clubs, such as Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​are rumored to continue to compete for the Brazilian national team player.

Despite successfully defending the winger in the summer, Chelsea met a new challenge this winter. Because Barcelona reportedly again tried to hijack the player from Stamford Bridge.

Reported by The Mirror, there is a new club that recently tried to bring Willian. They are a Chinese club, Dalian Yifang.

According to the report, Dalian Yifang is really serious about bringing Willian to China.

This is because they are threatened with losing one of their mainstay winger, Yannick Carrasco. The Belgian national team player is reportedly going back to Europe, where Manchester United and Arsenal are interested in his services.

Willian is considered to have sufficient ability to improve the quality of their attack line, so Dalian will seriously hunt down Willian.

Juan Mata: I’m Happy Playing in Manchester United !

Juan Mata as a Manchester United midfielder admitted that he enjoyed playing in England and did not have the desire to return to Spain.

In 2011 ago, Juan Mata came to England and joined Valencia. Because of his impressive performances with Valencia, he was eventually recruited by Chelsea.

Juan Mata played for two seasons with Chelsea, he even accompanied Chelsea to win Champions League title and also the Europa League. After that, Juan Mata left for Manchester United in January 2014 and immediately got the main place in the squad.

Had not been the first choice in Jose Mourinho’s era, Juan Mata again got a place after United were taken care by Solksjaer. Mata’s career at United was good, where he won the FA Cup and the European League.

After playing for quite a long time in England, Mata claimed his soccer skills were increasing. Mata even claimed to be happy with the culture in England and had not thought about returning home.

“I have been playing here for a long time and I feel comfortable playing there,” Eyes opened as reported by the US.

“I was able to adapt to everything, the football, the culture, and the league there. But when you have a hometown, you will definitely feel missed by your family and friends. ”

“But I need to emphasize that I have not thought about returning home or playing there. For now I will focus on England with United. ”

“I play for the most powerful club in the world, right now I’m just focusing on that.”

Juventus Focusing To Recruit Isco From Madrid

It seems that the Champions League defending champions, Real Madrid, are at risk of losing Isco to the transfer of players this January. Reportedly the player will leave to Turin and join Juventus before the transfer window closes.

If you see Real Madrid in the era of coaching Zinedine Zidane, Isco is a very crucial figure. But since Zidane left, Isco’s fate is inversely proportional. He was reserved more often than played so there was a lot of news that said Isco was frustrated with the situation.

According to Tuttosport’s allegations, Juventus have considerable interest in Isco. Moreover Isco is a former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is believed to make it easier for Isco to adapt to other teammates.

Juventus has long been associated with Isco, but there has been no concrete action to bring in the player. In this season, Juventus has a high enough target and Isco is considered capable of dictating the game.

They currently need additional ammunition for the midfield. Isco is considered to be able to provide additional bang for Juventus to win three titles, namely the Champions League, Serie A, and also the Coppa Italia.

But Juventus will face quite difficult obstacles, namely very high transfer prices. According to news circulating, the Madrid will release Isco at a price of 100 million Pounds. This is due to the contract playing the remaining 3.5-year players at the Bernabeu.

Pulisic Giving Sign To Join Liverpool ?

Speculation about the future of Christian Pulisic seems to have begun to find a bright spot. The player gave the code that he was interested in strengthening Liverpool thanks to Jurgen Klopp’s presence there.

Pulisic itself is being rumored to be moving to England. Recently, the 20-year-old revealed that he was interested in trying out the tightness of the Premier League someday.

Since then there have been several clubs that are reportedly interested in proposing to Pulisic. But lately the names have converged on two clubs, namely Liverpool and Chelsea.

But Pulisic himself gave a signal that he was more interested in strengthening Liverpool because of the presence of Jurgen Klopp in the Reds first team. “He [Klopp] was here [Dortmund] when I first came here,” Pulisic opened to the Goal International.

Pulisic himself admitted that he had not been managed by Jurgen Klopp when he was at Dortmund.

But he admitted that he got a lot of recommendations from his friends that Klopp was a coach who was so extraordinary.

“Personally I don’t know him well, but I hear a lot of stories from some of my colleagues who know him and they claim to be very happy to play for him.”

Solksjaer Targeting United Win The FA Cup

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer targets the Manchester United squad to win the 2018-19 FA Cup championship trophy.

During strengthening the Red Devils, Solskjaer won many championship trophies. In total he collected 12 championship titles from various competitions.

Two of them are the FA Cup championship trophy. The first edition of the 1998-99 season and the second 2003-04 season.

And this weekend, MU will undergo an adventure in the FA Cup. They will play against Reading in the third round of the competition.

The interim manager from Norway then revealed his memories while playing in the event, especially when competing in the top party. He claimed to be very happy to be able to participate in the final match directly, because it was his dream since childhood.

“Our club is about winning the trophy and the FA Cup final is a fantastic match. I played in 1999 at Wembley,” he recalled as reported by Goal International.

“I think it’s the last final match at Wembley,” Solskjaer continued.

“After watching so many FA Cup finals when I was little, walking from the dressing room to the field was very fantastic. I have seen it often in Norway,” he said.

MU last won the trophy in the 2016-17 season. After that in the following season they fasted the title.

Solskjaer also hopes this season his team can get the title. One of them is the FA Cup championship trophy.

“And that is what we hope for, to reach the final. Whatever competition you enter, you want to win it,” Solskjaer stressed.

“I’m not sure if you hope to win it, but it’s more or less what you would expect from a club like this and the players we have,” he said.

Benitez: Manchester United Worth Become A Champion

Rafael Benitez believes that Manchester United have a very good squad. In fact, he felt that United deserved to compete in the race for the Premier League title.

The comment was conveyed by Benitez ahead of the team duel he cared for, Newcastle United, against Manchester United. Both teams will meet in the Week 21 Premier League match on Thursday (3/1) early morning hrs at St James Park.

United are currently in 6th place in the standings with 35 points. Marcus Rashford and colleagues are far behind Liverpool at the top of the table with 54 points. Meanwhile, Newcastle is in 15th position with 18 points.

With the composition of the players that are owned, and the slick performance in the last three games, Rafa Benitez believes that United is a quality team. In fact, the Red Devils he believed could compete in the race for the title.

“Do you think the players they buy by spending so much money are bad players? They are good players. They showed that in the last three games,” Benitez opened.

“United are a very good team,” the former Liverpool manager was quoted as saying by Sportsmole.

“This is a team that should be in the top four, it’s certain. United can compete with any club, even Liverpool or Manchester City. Yes, compete with anyone,” said the manager from Spain.

Benitez said the game against United would be a tough challenge for Newcastle. Because, United are in their best performance. The last three games, United always won and were able to score 12 goals against opponents.

Sarri Want Fabregas To Keep Playing On Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea club manager explained that he still needed a Fabregas figure at Chelsea. The coach admitted that Fabregas still had a very important role for the club and he would still retain and not sell the player in the January transfer window.

Fabregas is indeed a figure who is rumored to be leaving Chelsea in the January transfer window. Besides Fabregas, Gary Cahill is also rumored to be leaving the club.

The player’s playing contract at Chelsea will indeed run out at the end of this season. If he does not agree to a new playing contract at Chelsea, it is certain he will become a player on a free transfer in January.

But Sarri seems not to want to sell the player. Because Fabregas is still considered capable of providing power to Chelsea.

“His position is very clear at Chelsea, we only have two players, namely Jorginho and Fabregas, if one of them is lost, then that will be a problem for us,” Sarri told to Sportsmole.

“I want Fabregas to keep playing here, but we don’t know what Fabregas’s final decision will be.”

“For us, Fabregas is a very important and crucial player. If he decides to move, we have to find new players and it won’t be easy. ”

But Chelsea has rules for players who are over 30 years old, namely giving a playing contract with a short duration, ie 1 to 2 years. This is what makes Fabregas think hard to survive or not.

“That is a club rule, we must respect it. As we know, the duration of the contract has always been a problem, especially for players over 30 years, “closed Sarri.

Pogba Will Be The Centre Of United Team Game

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claimed he would build the Red Devils squad by making Paul Pogba the center of his team’s game.

Pogba’s fortune at United has now changed. After more than two years in a frenzy, now he seems to be able to perform optimally consistently.

In the last two matches since MU was handled by Solskjaer, Pogba was able to become an important actor for his team’s victory. He produced two assists in the match against Cardiff City.

At that time he helped his team win 5-1. Then against Huddersfield Town, he scored two goals and led his team to win 3-1.

Before joining MU, Pogba has the status of one of the best midfielders in Europe and the world. According to Solskjaer, the status is indeed worthy of being carried by the French player. And that’s why he wanted to build a team by making the 25-year-old midfielder the center of his game.

“I think Paul is a very, very top player,” he said as quoted by the International Goal.

“He is one of the best top players in the world. For attacking business he really does it, but he is a great player – he can win aerial duels and tackles,” he said.

“He is the same as the others. His attitude is perfect and that’s the key – you have to be tired towards the end of each match. He has become a top class player and of course we want to make it the center of our game, but there are so many quality players [in this squad] , “he explained.

Costacurta Said Ronaldo Is Getting Closer To Pele

Former AC Milan player Alessandro Costacurta said that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo was getting closer to the figure of the legendary world player, Pele. Costacurta also gave reasons for the praise he made.

Since playing with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo almost made people amazed at the game. Not only that, Ronaldo has also tasted many prestigious titles in Europe.

His last season in Madrid, he also managed to donate a Champions League title to Madrid before finally deciding to join Juventus.

Last week Ronaldo also helped his team win when faced with SPAL. In the match, Juventus managed to win with an aggregate score of 2 – 0. The two goals were inscribed by Ronaldo and also Mario Mandzukic.

Until now, Ronaldo has contributed 9 goals for Juventus. Seeing the performance shown by Ronaldo, Costacurta claimed to be looking at Pele’s figure.

“I saw Ronaldo and remembered the goal scored by Pele.”

“Pele is taller, but he is also thinner than his opponent.”

“Ronaldo has excellent ball control. The speed he has is also very fast. His ability to roll the ball is a world-class ability. ”

“All the factors that Ronaldo has made me remember Pele’s figure when playing.”

For additional information, Ronaldo always plays full 90 minutes with Juventus. He was only absent when Juventus faced Young Boys for getting a red card in the Champions League.

Pelicans Finally End Their Negatif Trend When Beating Wizards

The New Orleans Pelicans held an NBA match against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, November 28 2018. Status as the host at Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, Pelicans appeared dominant from the start. Always superior since the first quarter, Pelicans drove and closed the match with a 125-104 victory.

This victory makes Pelicans now have a win-lose record (11-11). In addition, this victory managed to bring Pelicans to break their negative trend. In four games before against the Wizards, Pelicans did not even win. On the other hand, the victory won by the Pelicans made the position of the two teams this season balanced. Last Saturday, Pelicans had to lose to the Wizards while visiting Capital One Arena, the headquarters of the Wizards.

Instead, this defeat means breaking the positive sequence of Scott Brooks’s care team. The Wizards have always come home with wins in the previous two matches and managed to improve their position in the Eastern Conference standings. This loss made their current win-lose record (8-13).

Six Pelicans players scored two digits with three of them posting 20 points or more. Jrue Holiday came out as the team’s top scorer with 29 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Anthony Davis was right behind Holiday with double, 28 points and 16 rebounds. Julius Randle who started the match from the bench also recorded a double, 23 points plus 12 rebounds.

One more player who blasted the double for Pelicans was their guard, Tim Frazier. Playing for 37 minutes he incised 12 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists. Nikola Mirotic had 15 points and 9 rebounds while E’Twaun Moore added 10 points.

From the stronghold of the Wizards, there are five players who have at least 10 points. Kelly Oubre Jr. and Markieff Morris simultaneously became the top scorer of the team with both scored 22 points. John Wall, who played for 26 minutes, added 17 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. Bradley Beal became the only double-double player for the Wizards after packing 16 points, 5 rebounds and 11 assists. Jeff Green completes the list with a score of 10 points for 19 minutes of play.

Arsenal Want To Recruit Isco From Madrid

Arsenal reportedly want to bring Isco from Real Madrid. To convince Madrid, Arsenal are reportedly willing to exchange Ozil to bring the player to the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil is currently the most expensive paid player at Arsenal. Unfortunately the player is rarely played by Unai Emery. According to news circulating, Emery felt dissatisfied with the performance shown by Ozil so decided not to play it. Actually the news has been denied by Emery, the coach actually said the team still needed the figure of Ozil in the field.

While at Real Madrid, Isco’s position can be likened to Ozil. He is rarely played and is more often seen on a player’s bench. Even though in the Lopetegui era, Isco still got the chance to play. Solari said he did not play the player because he felt that Isco was not fit to play.

Because of the limited playing time, Isco was said to be leaving the club. The gossip is getting worse after the player gets ridicule from Real Madrid supporters.

Arsenal themselves want to exchange Ozil with Isco. According to alerts from The Independent, Arsenal consider this agreement allows them to get Isco. But according to the same source, Manchester City also have an interest in the player so Arsenal need to fight more to get Isco’s signature.

Apart from Manchester City, there are still a number of other clubs who also have an interest in the player, say Chelsea who plan to exchange Hazard with Isco.

Nicol Said Matic Only Be A Victim In United

Liverpool former player, Steve Nicol sent a defense to Nemanja Matic. Nicol saw that the figure of Matic was only made a victim for the defeat received by Manchester United lately.

As we know, Matic is predicted to be the a golden child of Jose Mourinho. The coach often gives confidence to Matic almost every match played by United.

Unfortunately the performance shown by Matic decreases every time. Seeing the poor performance, many people questioned why Mourinho still chose him as a starter rather than reserve it.

Many scathing criticisms were sent to Matic, but Nicol actually said something different.

“I’m happy to see United fans give criticism,” Nicol opened to ESPN FC.

“When they criticized United’s defensive line which was chaotic, I agreed to that. But we need to see something more important, namely the imbalance that exists at United. Each player does not understand the role in depth so that there is miss communication when playing in the field. ”

“Sometimes Matic plays too deep, this is also because the defenders want him to be in that position, sometimes he is too advanced, this is also because other players push him forward. The position played by Matic looks responsible on all sides. ”

For additional information, Matic has played 13 times with United in all competitions. He was awarded a red card when United faced Newcastle United some time ago.

Higuain: I’m Sorry, Im Just A human !

Gonzalo Higuain seems to be in a state of deterioration. How not, the AC Milan striker did not only fail to execute the penalty ball, he also had to get a red card prize from the referee. Seeing the incident, Higuain apologized profusely to the fans for being unable to control his emotions.

Juventus visit AC Milan’s headquarters in the 12th Serie A season. Milan must submit to a score of 0-2 over Juventus. Two Juventus goals came from Mario Mandzukic in the 8th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 81st minute.

The red card obtained by Higuain was only 2 minutes later from a goal scored by Ronaldo. Higuain said a strong protest to the referee, as a result the referee gave a second yellow card to Higuain.

The AC Milan striker then apologized to the fans and the club for not being able to control his emotions. Higuain also said that he was not a robot and could sometimes make mistakes. As we know, Higuain was forcibly removed from Juventus when Ronaldo arrived, maybe that was one of the reasons why Higuain was angry.

The action is certainly very detrimental to the club, because Higuain has been confirmed to miss the next game. In addition, he also threatened to get an extension of his sentence.

“I want to apologize for everything. I shouldn’t do something like that. ”

“I will be responsible for what I have done. When dealing with the club where you played first, of course it will feel a little different. But I know that such a thing should not happen, I apologize for this. “

Emery: I’m Satisfied With This Team

Unai Emery as the Arsenal club coach claimed he was quite satisfied with the performance shown by his team in the match against Liverpool in the 11th week of the Premier League this season. According to Emery, his protege has grown rapidly because he can already play a draw against Liverpool.

Arsenal even almost lost in the match against Liverpool yesterday. Liverpool’s advantage was opened by James Milner. Seeing the point behind, Emery immediately rotated. Alexandre Lacazette success scoring a score in 82nd minutes.

What is sought by Arsenal in yesterday’s match is not a problem of one point achievement, these results have an important role to boost the confidence of the players.

As we know, throughout this season Arsenal have achieved poor results when dealing with the top teams in the Premier League. Arsenal must defeat the City of Manchester City and Chelsea in their first two matches.

Therefore a draw in yesterday’s match will provide additional confidence for players to face the next match.

“I see the process is going pretty well. In the world of football, time is a very crucial thing. We need time to get up. ”

“You can see that development, especially in the matches against Chelsea and Manchester City, then Liverpool. I feel the intensity of yesterday’s game feels a little different. ”

“The match against Liverpool was a competitive match for us. This will give us encouragement to face the next match, “concluded Emery.

Kevin De Bruyne Finally Joining The Team After Injury

Pep Guardiola does not seem to be able to cover his happiness with the return of Kevin De Bruyne to the team. Previously the player was unable to play because he was struggling with injury so Guardiola lacked the power of banging on his team.

De Bruyne himself has been injured since the start of this season. Actually the player returned to playing in November, but he again had to be sidelined with a ligament injury.

But De Bruyne was finally able to return to the team because he had recovered from injury. Seeing this, Guardiola then could not hide his joy and happiness because the player was able to return to playing for his team.

Actually, if we look, Manchester City can show a very good performance even without De Bruyne. But in the match against Chelsea, they had to swallow a bitter defeat. According to Guardiola, De Bruyne’s return to the team became a very meaningful thing for City.

“He has been out for quite a while and finally he can return to join the team. I have already said that we all miss her very much here. All players in City are looking forward to him. ”

“He is an important figure for the team. We have to compete and face a strong team. De Bruyne’s appearance has been extraordinary, we need him to win the title. We do have a lot of players that can be rotated, but with him, everything gets better, “concluded Guardiola, as quoted on the official website of Manchester City.

CSKA Moscow Win Against Real Madrid 3 Goals Without Reply

CSKA Moscow midfielder Georgi Schennikov admitted that the victory over Real Madrid made his team overwhelmed with positive energy. However, the victory did not provide much joy because they remained eliminated from European competition.

As is known, CSKA Moscow surprisingly successfully won a landslide victory over the defending Champions League champions, Real Madrid. Playing at the Santiago Bernabeu, Viktor Goncharenko’s side won three goals without reply.

This victory itself became a disgrace to the hosts Real Madrid who finally felt the biggest defeat in their history in European competition.

CSKA Moscow scored three goals at the Santiago Bernabeu. Fedor Chalov was able to open their lead in the 37th minute before on 43 minutes Georgi Shchennikov doubled his position. In the 73rd minute Arnor Sigurdsson sealed the visitors’ victory over the hosts.

Although success won three points in the last party in Group G, but the victory was not able to make CSKA Moscow moved from the bottom of the standings and that means also failed to appear in the Europa League.

“We were full of positive emotions at the final whistle, but were very disappointed after hearing the results at Plzen,” he said.

“We hope for Roma for at least the series but that doesn’t happen. However, our young team has got important experience in the Champions League and this is certainly good for the future,” he said.

Berbatov Gave Defense To Romelu Lukaku

Dimitar Berbatov as a former Manchester United manager gave a defense to Romelu Lukaku. According to him, the striker failed to score because of the lack of support provided by other players in the field.

As we know, last season Lukaku did reap a lot of criticism regarding his performance. Just imagine, within three months, Lukaku hasn’t scored a goal with Manchester United. Seeing this performance, United fans cast so much criticism of him.

But Lukaku slowly began to rise. After scoring a goal against Southampton, he scored again when faced with Fulham in a match that United went through last weekend.

Berbatov judged that the failure of Lukaku in scoring goals was not the fault of Lukaku, but because of other players who could not provide real support for the player.

In fact, he also considered Lukaku had sacrificed for United. Lukaku is considered often to open opportunities for other teammates to score, but the opportunity fails to be maximized by other players.

“I feel there are too many criticisms that have been sent to him for failing to score, but not many see what he has done for the team.”

“I am happy with the character of the game Lukaku, he is strong and also able to hold the ball well. But he also must be supported by colleagues who are able to understand his playing style. “

Sarri Said Chelsea Just Lucky Beating Manchester City

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri dismissed the notion that his team could be a challenger to the Premier League title this season. Sarri assessed that there was a noticeable difference in quality between his team and Manchester City so he considered this season would not be the season for the Blues.

Since the beginning of last season, Chelsea have been championed to become EPL championship candidates this season. They only lost once from the total of 15 matches they played in the Premier League, so many considered there was a good chance for the West London team to win.

Status as a champion candidate was increasingly justified in the match this morning. Facing the defending champions and standings leaders, Manchester City, the Blues won 2-0.

Despite winning against City, Sarri considered Chelsea still not ready to become champions. “I think it’s very impossible to cut the distance with other teams in just one season,” Sarri said to the official Chelsea page.

Sarri stressed that Chelsea’s quality is still not at the level of Manchester City, so he considered his team’s victory over City also influenced by luck.

“You might be able to play well in one match, but to consistently play like that for 10 months is very difficult.”

“I think they [Manchester City] are still the best team in Europe. We did win today, but I can say we were lucky because in the first 25 minutes they were very likely to score goals.”

Marchisio Leave Juventus Without Regret

After spending 25 years growing and developing with Juventus, Claudio Marchisio finally chose to move to Zenit St Petersburg. The 32-year-old midfielder never regretted his decision to leave.

Marchisio has joined Juventus since he was seven years old and idolized the legend, Alessandro Del Piero. When the Bianconeri were forced to go down to Serie B, he finally got a regular chance to play with his idol.

In the 2007-2008 season, he had studied at another Italian club, Empoli, on loan. Once back, he became an important part of Juventus to make him get the nickname Il Pricipino (The Prince).

Unfortunately, the nickname did not make Marchisio be with Juventus forever. With the arrival of many quality midfielders, slowly his position was eliminated from the main squad Massimiliano Allegri.

That made him have to make a tough decision, namely to leave the Turin and join Zenit St Petersburg last summer. Even so, regret never flew in the slightest in his mind.

“I always think and try to make the right decision,” Marchisio told Sky.

“I want to find a new team to play more often, so we made this decision without regret because life will continue. A great desire to continue to win is still there,” he continued.

He did not want to keep looking back, and chose to focus on reaching the target with Zenit. Marchisio also said that his team now has a goal to go further in Europe’s second competition, the Europa League.

Inter Milan Want To Recruit Andrien Rabiot Next Season

It seems that Barcelona’s desire to attract PSG star players, Andrien Rabiot will meet a fairly steep road. Because the Italian giants, Inter Milan are also reportedly eyeing the signature of Andrien Rabiot.

It is undeniable, Rabiot’s career in France is quite brilliant. He is a very legendary player at this time in France. He also became a key player for the PSG team.

Since last summer, Barcelona have been warmly talked about wanting to hook the player to play at the Camp Nou. The Barcelona side believes Rabiot’s ability can add to the power of their team to win the title.

According to Tuttosport and SBOBET News alerts, Inter Milan will not let Barcelona get Rabiot easily. Inter Milan also reportedly entered the radar of the player’s search since last season.

If we go further, in the past two years Inter Milan are indeed re-concocting their team. Under the command of the Sunning Group, Inter want to be the hardest rival for Juventus.

Inter’s trip this season is also fairly good. They managed to bring in attackers and great players. Unfortunately they are still lacking in players who can control the course of the game. Therefore they will try to hook Rabiot from PSG to maximize their fighting power.

Inter also have a second option if later they fail to bring in Rabiot. Their second option falls to Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid. In addition Modric is also looking for new challenges in his football career, apparently playing in Serie A can be the right choice for Modric.

Guardiola Ensure His Club Will Not Spend On Player Next Season

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola ensures that his team will not spend on players in the January transfer window.

City are still firmly at the top of the Premier League with a collection of 35 points, two points ahead of the nearest competitor, Liverpool. Both teams are still unbeaten in the league.

This weekend City will host a black horse team that often troubles big teams, Bournemouth. This match will be held on Saturday (1/12) tonight.

After previously highlighting Benjamin Mendy, who was often injured, Guardiola also mentioned that the player who was the most featured was Fernandinho. However, Guardiola was not worried if one day Fernandinho could not go down.

“Is Fernandinho able to play in every match? It’s impossible. He can play but next season he will be killed. He can’t play every three days, but we have alternatives,” Guardiola was quoted as saying by Goal International.

“John Stones, Danilo, Fabian Delph, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Ilkay Gundogan. We have a good squad and some players can play in a number of different positions,” he continued.

When its competitors are likely to pick up new players in January, Guardiola chooses the opposite. The former Barcelona coach claimed to have been very satisfied with the squad he currently has.

“We will not be active in the transfer window. I am very happy with my squad,” Guardiola said.

“I am sad when many players cannot appear, imagine if I bring in more players! It’s better like now,” he said.

Madrid Lose To Eibar 0 – 3, What Happen ?

Who would have thought that a club as big as Real Madrid had to bow when face Eibar? Almost all people favored Real Madrid win in the match against Eibar, but the reality said otherwise, it was precisely Eibar who was unseeded to achieve a brilliant result in the match.

Eibar who is actually a bottom team actually managed to beat Madrid three goals without reply. The match was held at Estadio Municipal Ipurua on Saturday 24/11 last night.

Playing at home seems to give Eibar more confidence. They were able to open the scoring in the 16th minute through Gonzalo Escalante.

Since the match began, Eibar looks to handle the game. Actually Madrid had a golden opportunity when Gareth Bale shot the ball right in the direction of the goal, unfortunately the opportunity was annulled as offside so that the goal created became invalid.

Entering the second half, Eibar did not seem to relax the intensity of their attacks. Evidently, only six minutes after the second half began, Eibar again doubled the advantage through Enrich who received feedback from Cucurella.

Not only that, Madrid had to swallow the bitter reality once again, in the 57th minute, Eibar scored again through a crossing by Cucurella. 3- 0 for Eibar.

Even Eibar almost scored their fourth goal, unfortunately the opportunity could be countered by Courtois, of course with extra effort.

With the acquisition of this result, Madrid again failed to cut the distance with Barcelona, ​​who currently sit at the top of the standings this season.

Rafinha Hope To Play With Inter Milan Must Be Dashed

Rafinha’s hopes of returning to play with Inter Milan must be dashed. Because Inter have difficulty to bring the player from Barcelona in January.

Last season Rafinha had migrated to the Giuseppe Meazza for six months. He did not get enough playing time while in Barcelona.

Actually Inter want to bring the player officially, but the negotiation process between Inter and Barcelona did not find a bright spot.

According to the Calciomercato’s alerts, Rafinha’s move to Inter will not be realized. This is because the Barcelona side set a high price for the player.

In the report it was stated that Barcelona requested a fee of 25 million Euros to Inter if it was intended to bring Rafinha. This figure is considered too high so Inter decided to cancel their wishes.

The Inter side has also proposed a price reduction, unfortunately the request cannot be approved by Barcelona. Seeing this, Inter finally decided to withdraw from Rafinha’s hunt and would look for other alternatives to strengthen their team.

In addition to prices that are too high, Inter have also found a replacement for Rafinha. Last summer, they have brought in new players from AS Roma, Radja Nainggolan with several agreements, including barter players.

While Rafinha himself had played 7 times with the first team and managed to contribute one goal for Barcelona.

AC Milan Want To Recruit Cahill From Chelsea

It seems that the giants AC Milan have an interest in one of Chelsea’s players, Gary Cahill. This is evidenced by their intention to accommodate the player if his current club intends to release Cahill in January 2019.

The player who is currently 32 years old is predicted to be replaced in the winter. News circulating says there are two reasons why the player can be replaced in the coming winter.

First because the contract will end in the summer of next year so that it can be bought at a fairly cheap price in January 2019 and the second because Cahill does have the intention to leave his team because he rarely gets the chance to graze under the command of Maurizio Sarri.

Milan are currently trying to reshape their team by bringing in other talented players. As we already know, Milan is currently in a crisis of players so they lack the power to compete with Juventus at the club level.

How not, many of Milan’s mainstay players have fallen like Mateo Musacchio, Mattia Caldara, Lucas Biglia, and Giacomo Bonaventura.Their defender Alessio Romagnoli has also been ruled out due to injury.

According to Corriere Dello Sport, Milan are compiling a list of names of players they will recruit in January. One of the names that entered their radar was Cahill. As an additional information, Cahill until now only played for 21 minutes with Chelsea.

Molby Said Salah Is Still Same Like Last Season

Jon Molby sent a defense for Mohamed Salah. The former Liverpool player said that Salah would return to find his best rhythm with Liverpool.

As we know, Salah managed to carve out a phenomenal result last season. He even managed to bring Liverpool into the Champions League final, although in the end his team had to lose to Real Madrid in the competition.

Unfortunately the phenomenal action cannot be maintained this season. He only managed to score 6 goals in 12 appearances with Liverpool this season. A lot of criticism was sent to Salah for his failure to show his best performance, but Jon Molby had another opinion.

“Many are complaining about Salah’s performance this season,” Molby said as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

“Everything is observing Salah based on the score he achieved last season, but for this season he will have a little trouble reaching a record last season.”

“But if you see how he plays in the team, he is almost at all times when his team scores, he scores goals or he assists.”

“Salah is still effective, just like last season. It’s just that last season was a little different, so many people who judge fail this season, actually not. ”

“I am sure he will rediscover his rhythm with Liverpool. I believe Salah can show his performance with Liverpool. “

Guardiola Tell His Team To Aware When Play Against United

The match between Manchester United and Manchester City is only counting hours. The match labeled as Derby is not only talking about three points, because in this match, the pride of both teams will be seen.

When compared, Manchester City is indeed the favorite to win. This is due to the positive rate that has been passed by them throughout this season. Instead, United actually looks fragile, because United often defeat throughout the season and perched in the middle of the Premier League competition this season.

Despite being the favorite to win, Guardiola asked his squad to remain vigilant, especially in the final minutes. Of course you still remember how United beat Juventus in the Champions League yesterday, right?

“We will try to control the game as usual, especially in the first 75 minutes. We will try our best at that minute. ”

“But we must be aware of United’s counter-attack in the final minute. They often make opportunities in the last minute. When they manage to get the ball in the last minute, you can only say wow! ”

“We will continue to play the usual defensive style. We will try to defend against cross attacks or fast attacks. We have to master the dead ball. ”

“We will play an effective game. That kind of game is what we will show in the match later. “

Ronaldo Said United Only Win By Luck

On the fourth matchday of the Champions League preliminary round yesterday, Manchester United managed to beat Juventus with a score of 2 – 1. Seeing the defeat of his team, Ronaldo said that United only won by luck. Cristiano Ronaldo said that United played not good enough when they beat his team.

Ronaldo actually opened Juventus superiority in the 65th minute. Ronaldo success scoring goal with a beautiful volley kick. The kick even invited admiration from the fans and spectators in the stadium.

Unfortunately United managed to catch up on the points in the 86th minute through a free kick which was executed by Juan Mata and the second goal created by Alex Sandro’s error in the 89th minute.

If you see the match going on, Juventus actually controls the ball possesion, but there are many opportunities that can be countered by David De Gea. The appearance of the talented United goalkeeper deserves a thumbs up.

“We managed to dominate for 90 minutes, but we played too relaxed so we had to pay bitterly. We can score three or four times, but we don’t maximize it. This is a payment that we have to accept,” Ronaldo said to Sky Sports Italia.

“I saw there was not enough effort from United in the match yesterday. When talking about luck, they got that fortune yesterday. ”

“Champions League is a special competition. You can win, but don’t be too relaxed because anything can happen in the match. Right now we have to hold our heads up and play well in the next match. “

Real Madrid Back In Track, Ramos Said Madrid Need To Be Calm

If we look at Real Madrid’s trip this season, the performance shown by Madrid is far from consistent. They often swallow defeat in their initial matches this season.

But slowly, Madrid has returned to the right track. This is evident from the positive results they achieved when dealing with Valladolid with a score of 2-0 in La Liga competition on Sunday 4/11/2018 yesterday.

In the match, the two names listed on the scoreboard were Vinicius Jr. and also Sergio Ramos. The victory won by Madrid is certainly a very important thing for them, because Madrid have never won in their last five matches in La Liga, they only won 1 draw and 4 lost.

Seeing this, Ramos believes the performance of his team will rise again as before. According to him, the difficult times like now are very important. Ramos also said the key at times like this is calm.

“At this time, the main key is that you have to be calm. When playing, you see the time that goes on, the time keeps decreasing and the positive results cannot be obtained. But if you are calm, you can see every opportunity that exists. ”

“We play in that way and you can see the results. We won three points yesterday. We can also maintain our confidence. Peace is the key to our game, “concluded Ramos.

Ancelotti Said Their Team Is Juventus Thoughest Rival

Actually there are many clubs in Serie A which are referred to as “Anti Juventus,” one of which is Inter Milan. But besides Inter Milan, Napoli are also included in the list. Even Carlo Ancelotti as the Napoli coach firmly said his team was Juventus’ toughest rival this season.

With the presence of a capable player, Juventus has become the most powerful team in Serie A. No wonder they often get the title of each season. Seeing this, many teams are trying to stop Juventus, these teams are called Anti juventus.

Not infrequently also big clubs like Naples who immediately declared themselves as Anti Juventus. Unfortunately Luciano Spalletti who became the Inter Milan coach claimed his team had not reached that level so that the title of Anti Juventus that was pinned on his team was considered irrelevant.

This is inversely proportional to Naples. Carlo Ancelotti actually bluntly said his team was the toughest rival Juventus had to face in Serie A. They also said the title Anti Juventus was a very appropriate term.

“There is no need to fear the Juventus club. We don’t feel afraid of being called Anti Juventus. I am sure we can be a team that can stop Juventus this season,” Ancelotti said as quoted by

In addition, Ancelotti will not rest Insigne. As we know, Insigne is an important figure for Napoli. He even held a key role when Napoli faced PSG.

“We will not rest Insigne. “Before we made a rotation, it was done to prepare ourselves to face Juventus,” concluded Ancelotti.

Rio Ferdinand Said United Must Take Action About Mourinho

Rio Ferdinand as a Manchester United legend player asked United’s directors to immediately determine the future of Jose Mourinho at the club. He considered there was an imbalance between players and coaches in the dressing room. If not handled properly, then United’s future will be threatened.

In the past week, United’s dressing room was indeed heating up. The feud between Mourinho and Paul Pogba does not seem to find a bright spot. The bad impact of this feud is the declining performance of players when playing in the field.

After swallowing a lot of bad results at the start of this season, United again had to swallow a bitter defeat to West Ham United. In yesterday’s match, they had to settle for a 3-1 defeat to West Ham.

Ferdinand explained that this situation must be addressed quickly and seriously.

“I think Mourinho has finished at United. The club’s directors must move quickly to overcome this problem,” Ferdinand told BT Sports.

“This situation cannot be ignored. You can’t see United continually losing every match. It’s the same as information leakage to the press. It must be dealt with seriously and decisively.”

“You can all see the situation in the locker room. Saqat, United’s dressing room is unstable and filled with hostility. Not just a player, Mourinho as a coach is also wrong. He must be responsible for all this. This is the worst season ever. United’s history. “

Joachim Loew Said Want To Train English Club

German national team coach, Joachim Loew admitted he felt challenged to train the team in the Premier League competition. He said that if later there is a club that wants to bring him in, then he is ready to train.

Joachim is arguably the most successful coach for 1 decade. How not, he also had time to handle the European club before finally setting foot in Germany.

Joachim first handled Der Panzer in 2006. He was brought in to replace Jurgen Klinsmann. The arrival of Joachim successfully made Germany bounce back from the dark times where they also successfully won the World Cup trophy in 2014.

He claimed to want to try new challenges and did not rule out the possibility of training in England.

“I want a new challenge, a coach must dare to take a challenge.”

Loew also claimed have interest in training English club. Loew actually already has a preference where he will dock. He really wanted to end his career in England.

“Premier League is a very interesting competition. The competition in England is very good, I want to be there and spend time there. ”

Loew’s training contract in Germany is still there until the next 2022, but in the future he will not close the chance to join a club in the UK.

“I don’t know what to say, but after two years, everything can change. We’ll see what will happen in the future. “

Giggs Give Compliment To Liverpool

Undeniably, Liverpool are a team that is favored to win this season. How not, they managed to wipe out the victory of all the matches they played in the Premier League competition. Seeing Liverpool’s lunge, Ryan Giggs, who is a former Manchester United player, give compliment to Liverpool.

Liverpool actually managed to show their fangs last season where they made it into the Champions League final round. Their presence in the final round surprised many people and fans. Even so they have to lose when dealing with Real Madrid in the final match.

But this season they again showed very impressive results. They even topped the Premier League standings this season.

Ryan Giggs also praised the splendor of the composition of players in Liverpool. According to Giggs, Liverpool currently have a very neat combination of players so that each game shown is very classy.

“They have great players who have been on the team for several years. The young players they brought in are also very good, just look at Jordan Henderson and James Milner, their combination is perfect.”

Giggs also considered the performance shown by Liverpool was very terrible.

“Actually they have not played well in all matches, but they managed to achieve good results and they continued to improve over time.”

“If they can perfect their game, the Premier League trophy will surely fall into their hands.”

In the next match, Liverpool will meet Chelsea. This match will be a difficult game for them, but even so, Liverpool are still favorites to come out as winners.

Julen Lopetegui: If Using VAR, Ronaldo Will Not Get A Red Card

Julen Lopetegui as Real Madrid coach believes that the incident of the red card that Cristiano Ronaldo got should not have happened. As we already know, Ronaldo was awarded a red card by the referee when Juventus faced Valencia in the Champions League.


Ronaldo was involved in an incident with Jeison Murillo. According to the goalkeeper on duty at the time, Ronaldo’s hands were seen touching Murillo’s head. Therefore Ronaldo finally got a red card after the referee discussed with his assistant who was on the side of the goal.


The red card obtained by Ronaldo received strong protests from the Juventus squad. Even the referee’s decision to give a red card also came under fire from various media and Italian football fans. Even this incident made Julen Lopetegui speak.


Lopetegui admitted he had seen a re-footage of the match. But after being analyzed in depth, Lopetegui did not see any fatal mistakes made by Ronaldo.


“I saw the match run properly. But why did the referee give Ronaldo a red card? Indeed, sometimes referees can make mistakes, but if there is a VAR system in the match, maybe this kind of error can be avoided. But I don’t have the capacity to discuss this issue. ”


VAR is a repeat system that allows supervisors to see re-occurrences of an incident. VAR itself was tested at the Russia 2018 World Cup yesterday.

Barcelona Still Want To Recruit Herrera

Spanish giants club, Barcelona seem to have not given up on bringing Ander Herrera from Manchester United. Herrera’s contract with United will end at the end of the season, if there is no new contract offered by the Red Devils, this means the player can freely negotiate with Barcelona.

Unfortunately, until now Herrera is still unable to convince the club’s management to give an extension of the contract to play with him.

According to The Sun’s news, this situation makes Barcelona want to bring in the player after having previously failed to bring in the player. Barcelona itself had approached the player last season, unfortunately, the approach still has not produced results.

Herrera admitted that he still wanted to play for the Red Devils, but unfortunately, Herrera’s talks with the club’s management regarding his playing contract still did not get a bright spot.

If this situation continues, then Herrera can sign a contract with Barcelona for free next season.

Jose Mourinho as United manager actually has an interest in Herrera. Most likely Mourinho will defend the player but return to the club’s decision whether to retain Herrera or not.

Indeed Herrera is not the best player for United’s midfield, but Mourinho likes the player’s discipline. This discipline was seen when United hosted Tottenham yesterday. Thanks to his performance in the match, Mourinho became fond of Herrera’s figure. Well, let’s see if Herrera will survive or leave for another club.

Douglas Said Sorry About Spitting To Sassuolo Player

Douglas Costa as the Juventus winger finally gave a statement regarding his disgraceful actions when dealing with Sassuolo. At that time, he spits on Sassuolo players so he got a lot of scathing criticism from netizens. Related to this, Douglas finally apologized and promised not to repeat it in the future.

This behavior was carried out when Juventus faced Sassuolo yesterday. In the match, Juventus managed to win with a score of 2-1 thanks to goals created by Cristiano Ronaldo.

But behind the victory won by Juventus, there was one controversy carried out by Douglas. He spat at Federico Di Francesco in the match. Knowing his actions were wrong, Douglas then apologized through his official Twitter account.

In the upload that he made, Douglas also said that he was ready to accept sanctions from what he had done.

“First, I want to say sorry to the fans for the reaction I showed in the match against Sassuolo.”

“I also want to apologize to teammates who have accompanied me in bad times or in good conditions.”

Douglas said he was mistaken so he did such an act. He said that he was not a person who used to do such things.

“I know the action I did yesterday was very bad and not commendable. I am aware of my mistakes and I apologize to all those who are offended. ”

Because of this incident, Douglas will receive sanctions from the Serie A operator and also from the club.

Want to Get Bale? Prepare 3.6 Trillion Funds First!

Spanish giants club, Real Madrid are reportedly eager to release one of their new players, Gareth Bale. Unfortunately, this player will be released at a fairly high price, which is 195 million Pounds or around 3.6 trillion rupiah!

Gareth Bale himself has long been rumored to want to leave the Santiago Bernabeu because he did not get enough play hours. Therefore he plans to leave Madrid in order to get longer playing hours.

He was indeed reserved because of frequent injuries so it was not possible to play, but over time he just sat on the bench so that the player felt in the child stand. He also reported the heat will be exchanged with De Gea, the new goalkeeper from the English giants Manchester United.

It seems Real Madrid is not ready to lose the figure of Bale. Not long ago they offered a contract extension to the player, but until now there has been no recent statement from Madrid or Bale regarding the news.

Even so, the situation is changing again. According to the alerts of The Mirror, the Madrid are willing to release Bale on condition that the club wants to bring the player must pay the 195 million Pounds figure.

If the news about the player’s price is correct, then the price will be the same price as Neymar when it was bought by PSG some time ago. As additional information, Manchester United have long been eyeing Bale, with this news seems United’s chances of getting the player more wide open.

Southgate: The Lack Of Young Players Playing Hours Will Destroy The British National Team

Gareth Southgate expressed his concern for the England national team in the future. According to him, young players in the Premier League competition did not get enough flight hours. This can affect England’s national team football in international competitions.

In the 2018 World Cup competition yesterday, Southgate’s courage in bringing young players did get appreciation from many people. Even the young players he brought managed to lead the England national team into the semifinals.

Unfortunately there are concerns that Southgate is currently thinking about. According to him, talented young players in England such as Marcus Rashford and Ruben Loftus Cheek did not get enough playing time with his club. Southgate thinks this will have a direct impact on the England national team in the future.

“This can be a threat, playing a little time will be very influential for the England national team,” Southgate told Goal International.

Seeing this, Southgate hopes that clubs in the UK can provide enough playing time for their young players.

“I am very worried about this, they need enough playing time.”

“We’ll see, the player I brought to Russia yesterday didn’t get enough playing time. I’m afraid they won’t get much time, Premier League clubs have a lot of money so they can bring in many talented senior players.”


Lazio Still Puts Expensive Prices for Milinkovic-Savic

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic may find it difficult to move from Lazio because the price set by Lazio to release the talented midfielder is still very high. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is indeed a concern in the 2018 heat transfer market. Real Madrid is one of the Spanish giants intending to complete the transfer of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.

Until the weekend transfer window was closed, there was no certainty regarding the transfer from the midfielder. The value of the transfer that is too expensive is the reason for Real Madrid not to bring in this player in the transfer season this time. It is known that Lazio has a price of 120 million euros or around Rp.2 trillion.

Real Madrid is reluctant to meet the price offered by Lazio regarding the transfer. Real Madrid claimed that the midfielder he owned at this time was far more qualified than Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. This makes Real Madrid reluctant to spend a lot of money just to bring the midfielder. The all-round midfielder recorded 14 goals and 9 assists from 48 matches he played with Lazio.

Apart from Real Madrid, it turns out AC Milan is also one of the teams interested in bringing Sergej Milinkovic-Savic this season. AC Milan claims that Milinkovic-Savic will join AC Milan this season on loan with paying only 40 million euros and not exactly what amount to be paid by AC Milan to buy the midfielder permanently.

Anthony Martial Was Criticized For Poor Performance

Anthony Martial was a French striker who arrived at Manchester United in 2015. Anthony Martial was bought from AC Monaco for 50 million pounds. In his first year at Old Trafford, Anthony Martial was a belle and had become a caretaker in every match.

But in the last two years, the appearance of the striker has decreased even during the match against Brighton & Hove Albion this season, Anthony Martial failed to show his best performance and Manchester United must suffer defeat when they travel to Brighton & Hove Albion. The defeat must make the position of the red demon team leave the top of the standings in the Premier League.

A number of people even gave strong criticism regarding the game shown by Anthony Martial lately. According to them, Anthony Martial is not suitable to defend Manchester United this season. His performance that is decreasing will actually have a negative impact on Manchester United and other colleagues.

Jose Mourinho looks disappointed with Anthony Martial who decided to leave the team pre-season yesterday. Manchester United itself is predicted to be unable to compete well this season because the composition of the players and the weakness of the Manchester United squad have not experienced significant improvement this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to have failed in Serie A if he doesn’t score 30 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese star player who has just moved to Juventus this season. Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence is often associated with a number of players such as the move of AC Milan’s Gonzalo Higuain this season. Gonzalo Higuain managed to score 36 points for Juventus and the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A can only be said to be successful if he has scored at least 30 goals in one season.

Cristiano Ronaldo will probably be able to fulfill expectations from Juventus by giving away goals for Juventus this season. Together with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the number one players in the world but playing in Spain will certainly be different from playing in Serie A.

Supporting factors such as new teammates may make it difficult for Ronaldo to be able to show his best performance. A good game while at Real Madrid might be difficult for Ronaldo to show when in Serie A. Many people believe that Ronaldo’s level players will easily make adjustments at Juventus. Star players always have a good way to start new things in new places.

Juventus might be a new place for Ronaldo’s career. Although Juventus do not have many star players like those at Real Madrid, that will not be a problem for Ronaldo. Like playing for the Portugal national team in the 2018 World Cup, Ronaldo remains an important role for the Portuguese national team’s victory.

Inter Officially Invites Keita Balde From Monaco With Loan Status

Keita Balde was officially brought in by Inter Milan from Monaco on loan for one season. The Nerazzurri have the possibility to play the 23-year-old next season. Striker Keita Balde will be a new ammunition for Inter Milan to start the season.

The Senegalese striker has a good performance while in Monaco. From his one-season appearance at Monaco, Keita Balde managed to score 8 goals for Monaco in 33 appearances. Keita was a dropout from the Barcelona academy who then moved to Italy after accepting an offer to play from Lazio in 2011.

Performed brilliantly on the Lazio youth team to then get a promotion to be able to play in the Biancocelesti’s senior team in 2013. Of the overall appearances he made in 137 matches with Lazio, Keita Balde managed to score 31 goals for Lazio. A new adventure will be played by Keita Balde along with the Nerazzurri this season.

The arrival of Keita this time to Inter Milan will add a series of new players brought in by Inter Milan this season. Radja Nainggolan, Matteo Politano, Stefan de Vrij, Kwadwo Asamoah, Lautaro Martinez, and Sime Vrsaljko are new players from Inter Milan this season. The new player brought in by Inter Milan in the transfer market this season is expected to improve Inter Milan’s achievements in Serie A this season.

Cases Of Racism That Happen To International Football Player

Cases of racism that have occurred are increasingly prevalent lately. Racism is an action that corners a party that has different beliefs and cultures. For example, the case of white racism directed at black people. Black people are considered unworthy to socialize with white people because, in the colonial era, black people were victims of slavery so that they were considered to be owned caste lower than the other castes.

In the world of international football, acts of racism also often occur. Usually, acts of racism are carried out by supporters who are present at the stadium. Some of the usual actions are throwing bottles, used drinks, ridicule, banners that are emotionally provoking or other things related to racism. We already summarize some cases of racism that have been experienced by world soccer players.

The first case fell to Everton Luiz who played in the Serbian league. Everton is a Brazilian player who joined the Partizan Belgrade club. The player has received racism from Rad Belgrade supporters. Even acts of racism that take place last for a full 90 minutes. Seeing this, Everton Luiz could not hide his disappointment with the Rad Belgrade supporters. He even cried when the match was over and said that he loved Serbia and asked everyone to stop being racist.

Kevin Prince Boateng also did not escape the act of racism when he played for Italian club AC Milan in 2013 ago. At that time AC Milan was competing with the Pro Patria club. Unfortunately, Pro Patria supporters make whistles while singing racist songs. Boateng who was not happy with the act of racism then kicked the ball towards Pro Patria supporters while walking away from the field. Because of the problem of racism, the Pro Patria club received penalties for conducting closed matches without the presence of their supporters. Boateng’s actions received praise and support from other football players.

AS Roma player, Gervinho also received similar treatment. He was pelted with banana-shaped balloons by supporters when dealing with Feyenoord in the 2014/15 European League last season. Seeing the acts of racism by Feyenoord supporters, Gervinho asked UEFA to impose penalties for Feyenoord who carried out acts of racism openly in the field. As a result of these actions, Feyenoord was fined 50,000 Euros and received one match without the supporter.