Ronaldo Said United Only Win By Luck

On the fourth matchday of the Champions League preliminary round yesterday, Manchester United managed to beat Juventus with a score of 2 – 1. Seeing the defeat of his team, Ronaldo said that United only won by luck. Cristiano Ronaldo said that United played not good enough when they beat his team.

Ronaldo actually opened Juventus superiority in the 65th minute. Ronaldo success scoring goal with a beautiful volley kick. The kick even invited admiration from the fans and spectators in the stadium.

Unfortunately United managed to catch up on the points in the 86th minute through a free kick which was executed by Juan Mata and the second goal created by Alex Sandro’s error in the 89th minute.

If you see the match going on, Juventus actually controls the ball possesion, but there are many opportunities that can be countered by David De Gea. The appearance of the talented United goalkeeper deserves a thumbs up.

“We managed to dominate for 90 minutes, but we played too relaxed so we had to pay bitterly. We can score three or four times, but we don’t maximize it. This is a payment that we have to accept,” Ronaldo said to Sky Sports Italia.

“I saw there was not enough effort from United in the match yesterday. When talking about luck, they got that fortune yesterday. ”

“Champions League is a special competition. You can win, but don’t be too relaxed because anything can happen in the match. Right now we have to hold our heads up and play well in the next match. “