Chelsea Still Can Reach Top Four In Premier League

It seems that Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea coach is still optimistic his team can finish in the top four of the Premier League this season.

As we know, now the competition for the top four in the Premier League is indeed very tight. Until now there are four teams that will fight for tickets to play in the Champions League next season, they are Tottenham, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Chelsea currently sit in sixth place in the Premier League standings where they are 3 points behind Arsenal and 4 points behind Manchester United.

Despite being left behind, Sarri still hasn’t given up on the top four positions. He believes his team is able to cut the distance with its competitors.

“We all know, the most difficult period is the time like now, a difficult moment for all clubs,” Sarri said as quoted by Sportsmole.

“I’m sure Chelsea can still finish in the top four even if we fail to win consecutive wins for the rest of the matches,” Sarri continued.

“At the moment we cannot think of anything else, we must focus on what we have to face in the future. We have to focus on every game we play. This is the best way for us to be able to finish in the top four and win Champions League tickets next season, “closed Sarri.

Chelsea Released Willian to China?

A new rumor circulated about Willian’s future. The Chelsea winger is rumored to be released by the Blues to China after they got a big offer from one of the Chinese Super League contestants.

Since last summer, Willian has sold well in the market. A number of top European clubs, such as Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​are rumored to continue to compete for the Brazilian national team player.

Despite successfully defending the winger in the summer, Chelsea met a new challenge this winter. Because Barcelona reportedly again tried to hijack the player from Stamford Bridge.

Reported by The Mirror, there is a new club that recently tried to bring Willian. They are a Chinese club, Dalian Yifang.

According to the report, Dalian Yifang is really serious about bringing Willian to China.

This is because they are threatened with losing one of their mainstay winger, Yannick Carrasco. The Belgian national team player is reportedly going back to Europe, where Manchester United and Arsenal are interested in his services.

Willian is considered to have sufficient ability to improve the quality of their attack line, so Dalian will seriously hunt down Willian.

Sarri Want Fabregas To Keep Playing On Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea club manager explained that he still needed a Fabregas figure at Chelsea. The coach admitted that Fabregas still had a very important role for the club and he would still retain and not sell the player in the January transfer window.

Fabregas is indeed a figure who is rumored to be leaving Chelsea in the January transfer window. Besides Fabregas, Gary Cahill is also rumored to be leaving the club.

The player’s playing contract at Chelsea will indeed run out at the end of this season. If he does not agree to a new playing contract at Chelsea, it is certain he will become a player on a free transfer in January.

But Sarri seems not to want to sell the player. Because Fabregas is still considered capable of providing power to Chelsea.

“His position is very clear at Chelsea, we only have two players, namely Jorginho and Fabregas, if one of them is lost, then that will be a problem for us,” Sarri told to Sportsmole.

“I want Fabregas to keep playing here, but we don’t know what Fabregas’s final decision will be.”

“For us, Fabregas is a very important and crucial player. If he decides to move, we have to find new players and it won’t be easy. ”

But Chelsea has rules for players who are over 30 years old, namely giving a playing contract with a short duration, ie 1 to 2 years. This is what makes Fabregas think hard to survive or not.

“That is a club rule, we must respect it. As we know, the duration of the contract has always been a problem, especially for players over 30 years, “closed Sarri.