Tawaran PSG Terlalu Rendah, MU Enggan Lepas Paul Pogba!

Nama Paul Pogba belakangan sedang mencuat terkait ketertarikan klub raksasa Prancis, PSG yang ingin menggaet sang pemain dari Manchester United. Namun kabarnya proses penawaran yang diajukan oleh Paris Saint-Germain tersebut masih jauh dari kata mulus. Pasalnya PSG hanya berani memberikan nilai tawaran jauh lebih rendah dari nilai yang telah ditetapkan oleh MU.

Sebagaimana diketahui, Kontrak antara Pogba dengan Manchester United sendiri memang akan berakhir satu musim kedepan. Dan sampai saat ini belum ada kabar kesepakatan kontrak baru antara Pogba dan Setan Merah. Hal inilah yang membuat klub kaya raya Prancis, PSG ingin mencoba merebut Pogba dari Old Trafford pada musim panas ini.

Pihak Manchester United sendiri diketahui memasang nilai jual Pogba sebesar 63 juta poundsterling bagi klub yang ingin mencoba merebutnya. Nah, Sedangkan PSG yang dikabarkan tertarik untuk meminang Pogba hanya melayangkan penawaran sebesar 42 juta poundsterling saja. Dimana nilai tersebut masih jauh dari dana yang digelontorkan oleh Uniyed ketika merekrut sang gelandang dari Juventus pada tahun 2016 lalu.

Bagi Manchester United, Nilai yang mereka pasang masih sangat pantas untuk pemain sekelas Paul Pogba. Akan tetapi berbeda dengan pihak PSG yang menganggap nilai tersebut terlalu mahal untuk pemain yang hanya menyisahkan satu tahun kontrak saja.

Di luar dari proses negosiasi antara PSG dengan Manchester United, Baru-baru ini terdengar kabar bahwa Pogba sendiri sudah memutuskan untuk tetap bertahan di Old Trafford. Ini artinya sang pemain secara tidak langsung telah menolak untuk berpindah klub di musim depan.

Kabarnya keberhasilan United mendatangkan dua pemain bintang baru, Jadon Sancho dan Raphael Varane menjadi salah satu alasan utama Pogba memilih berseragam Setan Merah musim depan. Selain itu, Hubungan baik antara Pogba dengan manajer United, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer membuatnya sangat betah untuk tetap bertahan di Old Trafford.

Pogba Take Off His Jersey To Show Respect To United Fans

Manchester United star Paul Pogba had to swallow insults from fans at the close of the Premier League competition this season. How not, Manchester United must close the season with a defeat to Cardiff City on Sunday.

The defeat swallowed by Manchester United was the culmination of a series of defeats in their last few matches. Naturally, the fans threw insults at Paul Pogba. In fact, not a few people are starting to doubt the quality of Manchester United, which in fact is the richest and largest club in England.

After the match, United’s squad toured the field while giving thanks for all the support the fans have given this season, a positive attitude indeed, but is it enough to ease the anger of their fans, the answer is no!

When Paul Pogba approached the fans in the stands, what did he get? Cursing and annoying fans!

According to Sky Sports alerts, Paul Pogba really can’t do much to respond to this. He could only give a thumbs up to all United fans who were present at that time. Even to show his respect for the fans, Pogba released his United jersey, an attitude that was very “manly” of course.

Although Pogba’s career at United cannot be said to be good, there are many other big clubs interested in bringing him in, one of the clubs reportedly most interested in recruiting Pogba is Real Madrid and it is not impossible that Pogba will leave United if the conditions remain. .

Pogba: I Want United Finish In Fourth Place !

Manchester United star Paul Pogba insists that his team can reach the top four if they continue to maintain performance and continue to play consistently.

The beginning of this season United had been knocked down under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. Even they had slipped to the EPL mid-table board this season.

But since being trained by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United’s performance continues to increase. In fact, they managed to get a winning streak six times.

Thanks to the winning streak, United were able to catch up with points and now they have bagged 41 points from the 22 games they have played. At present United are only six points adrift of Chelsea who are ranked fourth.

When asked, Pogba expressed his confidence to finish in the top four. According to him, United are currently in perfect shape and reaching fourth place is not impossible.

“That has become our target! We are Manchester United and that position is where we should be. ”

“This club is a big club, there are many top players here and we have to be at the top.”

“We don’t only have dangerous starting players, also see our bench, all the players are great players, there is Sanchez there, there is a Lukaku there, this is a great club.”

“United’s explosion was able to rival any big team in the Premier League,” Pogba concluded.

Paul Pogba Agree If Solskjaer Become Permanent Coach In United

Support that hopes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will become Manchester United’s permanent coach next season continues to flow profusely. This time even came out of the mouth of one of the Red Devils’ own players, namely Paul Pogba.

Pogba is one of the players who experienced a period of ‘life again’ during the coaching period of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Previously, he often became a criticism of months because he was considered to appear inconsistent and often lost when needed.

For some reason, his performance looked bad every time he played at MU at that time. Though when with the French national team in the 2018 World Cup event yesterday, he appeared brilliantly and became one of the keys to the success of Blues Blues won the prestigious trophy.

Hasil gambar untuk solskjaer

Whatever the reason, Pogba still rose in the Solskjaer era. Note nine goals and six assists in 12 matches since the Norwegian coach arrived at Old Trafford is the proof. So, that’s why Pogba really wants Solskjaer’s status to change from interim to permanent.

“Of course we want him to survive. The results are good. I have a good relationship with him, he has a good relationship with the players,” said Pogba as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“When players are happy, he wants to continue to feel happy. Solskjaer deserves it. He knows the club, knows everything. He is a happy coach who gives confidence back to his players,” he continued.