Price For Recruit Tagliafico Leaked !

Since playing for the Argentina national team in the 2018 World Cup competition, Nicolas Tagliafico has been a player who is in demand by many of Europe’s top clubs. His own name shines after successfully showing an impressive performance with Ajax Amsterdam.

Tagliafico is currently the main pillar of the Ajax fullback position. He also took the crucial role in the Champions League competition. He has played 12 times and managed to contribute three goals for Ajax.

Seeing the impressive results shown, it doesn’t seem strange if many of Europe’s top clubs are interested in bringing it.

Tagliafico was brought in by Ajax from Independiente in 2018 with a relatively cheap transfer value of 4 million Euros. Seeing his slick performance, the taste of the selling value will soar.

“Tagliafico gets its own profile from the Champions League. Many teams are interested in themselves, “Ricardo opened as the agent to Muy Independiente.

The agent did not deny the number of teams who wanted the player’s services. But Ajax is believed not to release Tagliafico easily.

“Actually there is no agreement with Ajax regarding the price, but I think it will be over 20 million Euros.”

“Ajax will provide a suitable price for a club that wants to sign Tagliafico. But at this time he had not accepted the offer, he considered this was not the right time to discuss his move. We’ll see in the transfer market whether he will leave or stay at Ajax. “

The Most Highest Paid Coach In Football

Inevitably, the income of soccer players in the world’s top clubs is indeed fantastic, as well as the salary that the coaches get.

As we know, being a good coach is not easy, it requires a brain that is able to analyze every moment of the match sharply. Not only that, a coach is also required to issue every potential in the players he trained. Naturally, if the pay they get is no less fantastic compared to the players. But do you know who is the highest-paid coach in the world?

The following are three names of trainers with the highest income according to Sporskeeda:

1. Pep Guardiola

Yes, the Manchester City coach is the highest paid coach in the world. Pep Guardiola gets paid 20 million Pounds per year, equivalent to 374 billion Rupiah! The high payment paid off with the success of Manchester City winning the Premier League title in 2018 ago.

2. Marcello Lippi

Maybe the name Marcello Lippi is not so familiar to the public. He is the Chinese national team coach who has received appreciation from the Football Association after successfully improving the performance of China’s national team in international competition. He gets a salary of 18 million Pounds per year or around 337 billion Rupiah.

3. Jose Mourinho

Even though he has been officially dismissed from the Manchester United coaching chair, he is on the list of the highest paid coaches in the world! His income reached 15 million Pounds, or about 281 billion Rupiah per year. Fantastic isn’t it?

That’s the three names of the highest paid coach in the world, in fourth place there is Mauricio Pochettino with income reaching 8.5 million Pounds and in fifth place filled by Jurgen Klopp with a salary reaching 7 million Pounds per year.

United Ready to Spend 70 Million Pounds For Recruit Sancho

Manchester United reportedly has prepared a ripe plan to bring Borussia Dortmund star player Jadon Sancho. Reportedly they will try to bring in the player next summer.

Sancho is a player brought in by Dortmund from Manchester City in the summer of 2017. Because of his slick performance, he was able to become the first team of Dortmund, even today he remains the main player in the main squad for Lucien Favre.

In this season Sancho has contributed seven goals and 12 assists for Borussia Dortmund. This note can be considered neat if you look at his age which is still relatively young, which is 18 years old.

According to the alerts of The Sun, United was amazed by the performance shown by the player in Dortmund. Seeing the slick performance, United plans to repatriate him to England.

Even according to the same source alerts, the news is not mere opinion, United claimed to have prepared funds of 70 million Pounds to get the player’s signature.

If indeed Sancho joins United, then the 15 percent transfer fee paid by United will be channeled to City in accordance with their first contract clause.

In 2017, Sancho was brought in from the City with a dowry of 8 million pounds. In 2018 ago, he decided to extend his contract until the next 2022. Seeing his slick performance, he was even summoned to England’s senior national team in October when England faced Croatia.

Gareth Bale Is Getting Closer To Leaving Madrid

The arrival of Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid did have a positive impact on Real Madrid, including Gareth Bale. But we also cannot deny the fact that Bale is getting close to the Santiago Bernabeu exit.

In this season, Bale is carrying a heavy burden. The former Tottenham Hotspur player must replace the position left by the mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course this is not an easy thing, even for Gareth Bale classmates.

On Monday 1/4 yesterday, Gareth Bale again showed poor performance when they beat Huesca with a score of 3-2. Despite winning, Bale became the criticism of the fans. This is what is said to make the player more stable to leave.

Actually, Bale has been fully played by Zidane. But he hasn’t been able to show his best performance.

This seems to be inseparable from the unstable game, as we know, when trained by Santiago Solari, he often becomes a backup player so he cannot blend and blend perfectly with the team.

Because he didn’t get the harmony of the game with other players, he became a fan of criticism from the fans. This also makes him not feel at home. Just imagine when there is a player who should get the support of the supporters, precisely Bale gets the opposite.

It seems that this season will be Bale’s last season with Madrid. According to news circulating, Madrid will try to bring in some other new players like Eden Hazard to replace Bale.

Barcelona Benchmark 50 Million Euros for Malcom

La Liga giants Barcelona are reported to have set prices for their wing striker, Malcom, which is likely to be released in the transfer market next summer.

Barcelona spent 41 million euros to recruit Malcolm from Bordeaux last summer. Even though the player is just one step away from joining AS Roma.

However, Malcom is now not the main choice in Barcelona. The Brazilian is still struggling to win the heart of coach Ernesto Valverde.

The situation at Barca made Malcom claimed to want to go from Camp Nou this summer to look for opportunities to play more with other clubs.

But as reported by Mundo Deportivo, Barca will only be willing to release Malcom if there are clubs that want to pour out funds worth 50 million euros for the 21-year-old player.

This value is indeed quite high for the size of players who rarely appear. But Barca reportedly confirmed that the price could not be negotiable.

Recently there was news that the Serie A giants Inter Milan were interested in saving Malcom’s career. But the Malcom agent confirmed that there had been no contact from the Nerazzurri camp.

“We respect Inter and their sporting director. However, I repeat now that there is no relationship. Malcom is indeed an attractive figure for many big European clubs, but he still has a long contract with the Blaugrana, until June 2023, “said Malcom agent Leonardo Cornacini.

“He adapted well and we believe that next year he will do much better than this.” he stressed.

Modric Will Leave Madrid Next Summer

Spanish giants Real Madrid are likely to lose their key players in the player transfer window next season. Because their midfielder, Luka Modric reportedly has increasingly made up his mind to leave Real Madrid.

As has already been reported yesterday, Real Madrid have just lost their new player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player decided to join Juventus this summer.

Only lost star players, this time they also have to be ready to lose Luka Modric. Because the player has entered into the list of players who want to be brought in by Inter Milan.

According to alerts issued by Sky Sports Italy, Madrid must be prepared to lose the player, this is because Modric has already made up his mind to leave this summer. Then why does Modric want to leave?

The same source said that Modric was quite satisfied with defending Madrid and he wanted to find new atmosphere and challenges. As we know, Modric is now 32 years old where he is getting closer to the end of his football career. Therefore he felt the need to find a new atmosphere and Inter Milan could be an ideal place.

If we look at Inter’s performance last season there have been significant developments. Many people believe Inter Milan can help Modric to show his best performance.

In addition, Real Madrid are also considered to have suffered a setback. As proof, they must lose 4-1 and 1-0 over Barcelona. This also makes Modric even more determined to leave the club.

Lionel Messi Wins His Sixth European Gold Shoe Title!

Although Barcelona had to be eliminated from the Champions League after being beaten by Liverpool, their star player Lionel Messi won the European Golden Shoe award for the sixth time.

Yes, Lionel Messi became the king of goals this season on the blue continent with a total of 36 goals.

The king’s title goal was obtained by Messi after his toughest competitor, Kylian Mbappe who only managed to score one goal when PSG lost to Reims with a score of 1-3 early this morning. The result, Mbappe only incised a total of 33 goals in Ligue 1 this season.

In third place there is Fabio Quagliarella, namely the Sampdoria striker who has collected 26 goals and still leaves the match against Juventus. But the goal difference is too far away, making it impossible to catch Mbappe or Messi.

This record is the sixth record as the top scorer. La Pulga won the same title in 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018.

Raihan this Golden Shoe also made a distance with his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo getting away. As we know, Ronaldo only won the Golden Shoe four times.

In addition, Lionel Messi also became the second oldest player to win the European Golden Shoe. He only had a one-month dispute with Hugo Sanchez who won the same award in 1990 ago.

Arsenal Still Save on This Summer Transfer Exchange

Arsenal management will be busy hunting new players in the summer transfer market. But it seems, they are still not interested in presenting a high-priced megastar figure.

The club nicknamed the Gunners are planning to buy a number of quality players available on the market, such as in the summer transfer market yesterday. For information, Arsenal managed to bring in five new players at a cost of only 73 million pounds.

One of the reasons why Arsenal still have to downsize this season is the swelling in player payroll allocation. And not all of them make maximum contributions, for example Mesut Ozil is paid 300 thousand pounds per week.

The club’s director, Vinai Venkatesham, confirmed the possibility that the Gunners would save money in this transfer window. He said that management would try to find opportunities to add ammunition by spending money as efficiently as possible.

“We have to make sure the money comes out as efficiently as possible, and we spend a lot of time focusing on that alone. Of course we have to be wiser and more efficient in the transfer market later,” Venkatesham was quoted as saying by The Express.

“We have to buy a great player, we have to make sure that the player must make a real contribution,” he continued.

Madrid Want To Recruit Mohamed Salah

It seems that Real Madrid has prepared a new plan at the beginning of next season. According to the news circulating, Real Madrid have prepared large funds to bring in Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Salah is an important pillar for Liverpool. The Egyptian player managed to deliver his team to the final of the Champions League last season even though in the end it had to be toppled before Real Madrid.

The player, who is currently 26 years old, is struggling to quench the thirst of the title that Liverpool have been aiming for. The player was brought in from the AS Roma club with a fee of 42 million euros in 2017. Since brought in, Salah managed to show consistency with Liverpool.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid looked soft. Therefore they are targeting other star players to fill the void at the club. This is inseparable from the inconsistent performance shown by Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

According to reports from Don Balon, Madrid has prepared funds of around 150 million euros to get the player’s signature. Overall, Madrid have prepared funds of around 300 million euros to make a total overhaul of their squad.

With such fantastic value, it is not impossible that they will get the player’s signature. Even with that amount, Salah will be the most expensive player in Premier League history.

Besides Salah, Madrid also want to bring Eden Hazard, unfortunately Chelsea are being sanctioned by an active ban in the transfer market from FIFA. With these conditions, it seems that it will be difficult for Chelsea to release the player.

Salary Problem, Gareth Bale Refuses to Move to Spurs

Gareth Bale has reportedly rejected plans to move to Tottenham Hotspur. Because, the Real Madrid wing striker did not want to get a salary with minimal money if he moved to Spurs.

Gareth Bale is said to be no longer included in Real Madrid’s plans. He has not been involved in the El Real squad in the last two games. That is a sign that Gareth Bale is no longer needed.

Coach Zinedine Zidane has also signaled that Gareth Bale is not included in his scheme next season. Zidane did not say for sure that he would release Gareth Bale. But, he is now no longer relying on 29-year players.

Apart from being technically no longer needed, Real Madrid want to throw Gareth Bale because of the high salary burden. Real Madrid are now trying to reduce the salary burden on old players in order to have a slot for new players they want to buy.

Quoted from The Mirror, Gareth Bale now gets a salary of 600 thousand pounds in one week. With that value, Gareth Bale is one of the highest paid players at Real Madrid, even in Europe.

Spurs of course will find it difficult to meet these salary standards. Therefore, they are only willing to accept the presence of a player from Wales if he is willing to deduct his salary in a very significant amount.

Gareth Bale then decided to reject the offer to move to Spurs designed by Real Madrid. Gareth Bale chose to remain at the Santiago Bernabeu next season. The former Southampton player also has a contract for the next three years.