Arsenal Still Save on This Summer Transfer Exchange

Arsenal management will be busy hunting new players in the summer transfer market. But it seems, they are still not interested in presenting a high-priced megastar figure.

The club nicknamed the Gunners are planning to buy a number of quality players available on the market, such as in the summer transfer market yesterday. For information, Arsenal managed to bring in five new players at a cost of only 73 million pounds.

One of the reasons why Arsenal still have to downsize this season is the swelling in player payroll allocation. And not all of them make maximum contributions, for example Mesut Ozil is paid 300 thousand pounds per week.

The club’s director, Vinai Venkatesham, confirmed the possibility that the Gunners would save money in this transfer window. He said that management would try to find opportunities to add ammunition by spending money as efficiently as possible.

“We have to make sure the money comes out as efficiently as possible, and we spend a lot of time focusing on that alone. Of course we have to be wiser and more efficient in the transfer market later,” Venkatesham was quoted as saying by The Express.

“We have to buy a great player, we have to make sure that the player must make a real contribution,” he continued.

Madrid Want To Recruit Mohamed Salah

It seems that Real Madrid has prepared a new plan at the beginning of next season. According to the news circulating, Real Madrid have prepared large funds to bring in Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Salah is an important pillar for Liverpool. The Egyptian player managed to deliver his team to the final of the Champions League last season even though in the end it had to be toppled before Real Madrid.

The player, who is currently 26 years old, is struggling to quench the thirst of the title that Liverpool have been aiming for. The player was brought in from the AS Roma club with a fee of 42 million euros in 2017. Since brought in, Salah managed to show consistency with Liverpool.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid looked soft. Therefore they are targeting other star players to fill the void at the club. This is inseparable from the inconsistent performance shown by Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

According to reports from Don Balon, Madrid has prepared funds of around 150 million euros to get the player’s signature. Overall, Madrid have prepared funds of around 300 million euros to make a total overhaul of their squad.

With such fantastic value, it is not impossible that they will get the player’s signature. Even with that amount, Salah will be the most expensive player in Premier League history.

Besides Salah, Madrid also want to bring Eden Hazard, unfortunately Chelsea are being sanctioned by an active ban in the transfer market from FIFA. With these conditions, it seems that it will be difficult for Chelsea to release the player.

Salary Problem, Gareth Bale Refuses to Move to Spurs

Gareth Bale has reportedly rejected plans to move to Tottenham Hotspur. Because, the Real Madrid wing striker did not want to get a salary with minimal money if he moved to Spurs.

Gareth Bale is said to be no longer included in Real Madrid’s plans. He has not been involved in the El Real squad in the last two games. That is a sign that Gareth Bale is no longer needed.

Coach Zinedine Zidane has also signaled that Gareth Bale is not included in his scheme next season. Zidane did not say for sure that he would release Gareth Bale. But, he is now no longer relying on 29-year players.

Apart from being technically no longer needed, Real Madrid want to throw Gareth Bale because of the high salary burden. Real Madrid are now trying to reduce the salary burden on old players in order to have a slot for new players they want to buy.

Quoted from The Mirror, Gareth Bale now gets a salary of 600 thousand pounds in one week. With that value, Gareth Bale is one of the highest paid players at Real Madrid, even in Europe.

Spurs of course will find it difficult to meet these salary standards. Therefore, they are only willing to accept the presence of a player from Wales if he is willing to deduct his salary in a very significant amount.

Gareth Bale then decided to reject the offer to move to Spurs designed by Real Madrid. Gareth Bale chose to remain at the Santiago Bernabeu next season. The former Southampton player also has a contract for the next three years.

Inter Milan Finally Back To Winning Way !

Inter Milan won the victory at home to Chievo Verona. Inter coach Luciano Spalletti feels impressed with the appearance of his men.

Inter beat Chievo Verona 2-0 in Serie A at the Giuseppe Meazza on Tuesday (14/05) early morning hrs. The Inter winning goal was scored by Matteo Politano and Ivan Perisic.

That result is of course very important for Inter. Because, they managed to stop a series of three matches without a win in a row.

In addition, the victory also made Inter secure third place in the Serie A standings with 66 points. They are on the right track to secure a ticket to the Champions League next season.

Spalletti, of course, was very satisfied with Inter’s performance when he beat Chievo. However, he realized that his team could still play better.

“I see maturity, a clear mind, sharpness and awareness to avoid making silly mistakes, because when the deadlock cannot be dismantled, you can start taking it for granted and take risks,” the coach said to Sky Sport Italia.

“We remain organized, I think that is the approach we need and we create many opportunities, even when it is difficult to lock in results.

“We moved the ball from side to side because Chievo’s attitude forced us to do that, but indeed our bait didn’t have the right quality to destroy them. We can do better. “

Pogba Take Off His Jersey To Show Respect To United Fans

Manchester United star Paul Pogba had to swallow insults from fans at the close of the Premier League competition this season. How not, Manchester United must close the season with a defeat to Cardiff City on Sunday.

The defeat swallowed by Manchester United was the culmination of a series of defeats in their last few matches. Naturally, the fans threw insults at Paul Pogba. In fact, not a few people are starting to doubt the quality of Manchester United, which in fact is the richest and largest club in England.

After the match, United’s squad toured the field while giving thanks for all the support the fans have given this season, a positive attitude indeed, but is it enough to ease the anger of their fans, the answer is no!

When Paul Pogba approached the fans in the stands, what did he get? Cursing and annoying fans!

According to Sky Sports alerts, Paul Pogba really can’t do much to respond to this. He could only give a thumbs up to all United fans who were present at that time. Even to show his respect for the fans, Pogba released his United jersey, an attitude that was very “manly” of course.

Although Pogba’s career at United cannot be said to be good, there are many other big clubs interested in bringing him in, one of the clubs reportedly most interested in recruiting Pogba is Real Madrid and it is not impossible that Pogba will leave United if the conditions remain. .

Herrera Will Sign New Contract With United

Finally, Ander Herrera’s future at Manchester United is clear, because the player has reportedly been about to undergo the process of signing his new contract at United in the near future.

Ander Herrera is a very important pillar for Manchester United. Currently he is also a player trusted by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, along with Paul Pogba and also Nemanja Matic.

The contract to play Herrera at United will soon end in the summer. Many people doubt their future at United, this is also not free from the many news that the player will join other top clubs in Europe.

But according to The Sun’s alerts, United managed to convince Herrera to stay at the club. Even the player will soon sign his new contract in the near future.

According to the same source, Herrera will get a long playing contract at United. United’s management offered a playing contract with a duration of up to three years, meaning Herrera will remain at Old Trafford until the next 2022. Not only that, he will also get a salary increase where he will receive a salary of 100 thousand pounds per week.

In addition to information, Herrera recently became an important figure, namely when United faced Chelsea where he managed to contribute one goal for United.

Salah Can Be A Legend Said Ian Rush

Former Liverpool player Ian Rush said that Mohamed Salah has the potential to become a Liverpool legend, but he also stressed that Salah should not follow in the footsteps of Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez.

Undeniably, Mo Salah is now in the spotlight at Liverpool. This is inseparable from the performance shown by Salah while at Liverpool.

While influencing Salah in Liverpool, the fans even created a special chant for Salah. Of course this is a matter of pride for the player, because not all players can get this opportunity. Not a few fans even mention Salah can be compared with the ranks of club legends.

Rush thinks Salah hasn’t really become a legend at Liverpool. To become a legend at the club, Rush said that a player must be able to survive for a long time at the club.

Rush also told Salah not to take the same path as Torres and Suarez. Although the two players played a big role and were considered Liverpool legends, Rush did not see the two players’ dedication for a long time.

“All talking about Suarez and Torres, I admit they are great players, but if they can’t survive a long time at the club, they can’t be called legends.”

“I see Salah has potential and I want him to stay in the club for a long time and become a true legend.”

Phelan: The Smiles of Players Are the Key Of United’s Success

Currently United are in a very extraordinary condition. Previously they were indeed covered in black clouds when trained by Jose Mourinho. But after being replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the black cloud slowly disappeared.

United even made it through their last 10 matches without defeat! Different when trained by Jose Mourinho where they often swallow defeat at the start of this season.

Many parties who cast praise for the interim United coach. Mike Phelan as assistant coach Solskjaer explained that there were no special things they did.

According to him, the rise of United was due to the smiles of the players. Phelan considers that United have been filled with many talented players and don’t need anything special to be able to make them win. The only task that must be done by United coach is to maximize the potential of every player who is there.

“The United coach must be able to return a smile on the player’s face and try to share stories about the adventures that have been lived first.”

“Returning the smiles of the players cannot be done overnight, that’s what must be done every day. If a player can enjoy every match and his environment, then he will also have a tremendous impact on the team. ”

“Improving the atmosphere on the team is the most important thing for a coach. If the coach is optimistic, the optimism will spread to the players. “I think this is the reason for United’s current revival,” he concluded.

Ince Skeptical Attitude Towards Solskjaer

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince said that everyone including himself could achieve results that were as good as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Manchester United squad.

It is undeniable, since handled by Solskjaer, United’s performance rose again. United’s squad plays consistently and dynamically. The mood of the players in the field also looks different. In fact they won 10 consecutive wins in all competitions.

Thanks to such a slick performance, Solskjaer reaped a lot of praise. But Ince was skeptical of the coach’s success.

According to Ince, anyone can achieve positive results if given the job now. He considered United’s squad did have great potential, so it was only natural if Solskjaer could bring United to victory after victory.

“I think everyone can do that,” he told BT Sport.

“Steve Bruce can do it, Mark Hughes can also, you can do it (while pointing at Chris Sutton),” said Ince.

In contrast to Herrera who actually supports Solksjaer. According to Herrera, there is one point in the coach, namely the ability to understand each player.

“Usually a coach only focuses on tactics, but they fail to understand the character of each player. But he (Solskjaer) can actually understand each player. Just look at Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard, their games are amazing, why? Because Solskjaer succeeded in removing their abilities, “explained Herrera.

Pogba: I Want United Finish In Fourth Place !

Manchester United star Paul Pogba insists that his team can reach the top four if they continue to maintain performance and continue to play consistently.

The beginning of this season United had been knocked down under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. Even they had slipped to the EPL mid-table board this season.

But since being trained by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United’s performance continues to increase. In fact, they managed to get a winning streak six times.

Thanks to the winning streak, United were able to catch up with points and now they have bagged 41 points from the 22 games they have played. At present United are only six points adrift of Chelsea who are ranked fourth.

When asked, Pogba expressed his confidence to finish in the top four. According to him, United are currently in perfect shape and reaching fourth place is not impossible.

“That has become our target! We are Manchester United and that position is where we should be. ”

“This club is a big club, there are many top players here and we have to be at the top.”

“We don’t only have dangerous starting players, also see our bench, all the players are great players, there is Sanchez there, there is a Lukaku there, this is a great club.”

“United’s explosion was able to rival any big team in the Premier League,” Pogba concluded.