Solari Don’t Want To Compare Between Bale And Ronaldo

It is undeniable, now Gareth Bale is the most dominant player at Real Madrid. In the match against Juventus in the Champions League final, he even managed to score with a beautiful volley from the area outside the penalty box. Seeing the performance shown by Bale, many parties ask which one is better, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale?

Santiago Solari explained that he did not want to compare the performance of the two players too quickly. Seeing the real contribution shown by Gareth Bale after Ronaldo’s departure, the media and many Madrid fans wanted to compare the performance between Bale and Ronaldo. Unfortunately not with Solari, according to him, Bale is Bale and he does not want to compare him with other players.

If we see a flashback of Ronaldo with Madrid, it is undeniable that Ronaldo is the most crucial and dominant player at Real Madrid. There are already many trophies donated by Ronaldo to Madrid.

“All this is not about who will replace Ronaldo in Madrid. It’s about how all players can become a team. Gareth Bale is a very talented player and he will be an important part of the club. His ability on the field is not to be compared to other players. ”

“When it comes to comparison, it’s only for media consumption. We don’t do that here. Bale is a great player who has extraordinary abilities. We work as a team.”

Neville: Liverpool Must Prepare For Compete With City

Gary Neville as a former Manchester United player believes that Manchester City will emerge as Premier League champions this season, beating their rivals Liverpool. According to him, the current Manchester City squad is far more experienced than the squad at Liverpool. This is an added value for Manchester City in the fight for the title.

How not, Manchester City currently holds the defending title while Liverpool are present as challengers. This means that the mentality of the City squad is far stronger than Liverpool.

Not only that, Neville also explained that Liverpool had no experience of becoming champions. Indeed Jurgen Klopp once brought his team to the title, but not in the Premier League competition.

“To win the title, team performance is indeed an important point, but from the mental side it must also be considered. Manchester City know how to deal with complicated situations in the Premier League. ”

“Jurgen Klopp has won the league, but not in the Premier League. A 6-0 victory over Chelsea also has an impact on psychological pressure for the opposing team. ”

“I think Liverpool must be ready every time they lose points, they are under pressure, when City loses points, people will consider it a consequence of satisfaction, unlike Liverpool who came as challengers.”

“There will always be doubts for a challenger. Liverpool must face that, when doubts come, do not respond, stay focused, and doubt the opponent. But that’s the most difficult for a club that is looking for a title in the first season, “concluded Neville.

Solari Said He Was Happy With Madrid Performance

In the La Liga match 23rd week, Atletico must submit before Real Madrid. Although playing at home, Atletico must be satisfied with the score 1 – 3. Santiago Solari as the Real Madrid coach felt happy and proud of the performance of his foster children in the derby match.

Madrid managed to win the score that was created through the action of Casemori, Sergio Ramos, and Gareth Bale, while the home team managed to break the Madrid goal through the action of Antoine Griezmann.

Thanks to the victory, Madrid moved to second place in the La Liga standings, while Atletico had to be shifted. Currently Madrid have managed to collect 45 points, one point ahead of Diego Simeone’s side.

Seeing the performance shown by his foster children, Solari felt happy. He did not even hesitate to say the performance was Madrid’s best performance this season.

“We managed to win as a team, we had to fight a very solid team, yesterday’s match was very competitive, moreover the match was held at the opponent’s home,” Solari opened on the club’s official website.

“I dare say that this is Madrid’s best performance since last December.”

“Atletico are a fantastic team, their coach is also very ambitious. We played well behind, in the front we managed to suppress the opponent’s defense. Our offensive and defensive are very balanced. ”

“This is Madrid’s complete performance. And we won full points from yesterday’s match, I am very proud of all Madrid players, “concluded Solari.

Phelan: The Smiles of Players Are the Key Of United’s Success

Currently United are in a very extraordinary condition. Previously they were indeed covered in black clouds when trained by Jose Mourinho. But after being replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the black cloud slowly disappeared.

United even made it through their last 10 matches without defeat! Different when trained by Jose Mourinho where they often swallow defeat at the start of this season.

Many parties who cast praise for the interim United coach. Mike Phelan as assistant coach Solskjaer explained that there were no special things they did.

According to him, the rise of United was due to the smiles of the players. Phelan considers that United have been filled with many talented players and don’t need anything special to be able to make them win. The only task that must be done by United coach is to maximize the potential of every player who is there.

“The United coach must be able to return a smile on the player’s face and try to share stories about the adventures that have been lived first.”

“Returning the smiles of the players cannot be done overnight, that’s what must be done every day. If a player can enjoy every match and his environment, then he will also have a tremendous impact on the team. ”

“Improving the atmosphere on the team is the most important thing for a coach. If the coach is optimistic, the optimism will spread to the players. “I think this is the reason for United’s current revival,” he concluded.

Jordi Cruyff Gives Reasons Behind Solskjaer’s Success

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim coach of Manchester United won praise from Jordi Cruff. According to Jordi, Solskjaer succeeded not because of the tactics he composed, but he was able to arouse the mentality of his players. He also believes United have talented and qualified players.

In the hands of Solskjaer, United were able to collect 22 points from their 8 matches. Previously in the era of Jose Mourinho, United were only able to collect 26 points from 17 matches played by United.

This is inseparable from United’s internal atmosphere which has become brighter since being handled by Solskjaer. Instead of throwing criticism at each other, the players actually support one another. Cruff assessed this because Solskjaer was able to improve the mentality of his players.

Cruff assesses the time owned by Solskjaer is fairly minimal to give big changes to the team. But he can pull out the potential of each of his players. That is the key to United’s rise.

“Just two or three days later, it can bring big changes even in a very short time. He focused more on the player’s mentality. He uses the right method, “Cruff opened to the BBC.

“When players are blocked by Mourinho, they cannot move freely, but after the door is opened (by Solskajer), the players can actually play better and better.”

“United’s players from the start were already qualified. The coach just needs to find a way to balance the team’s game and draw out the hidden potential of the United players. “

Ince Skeptical Attitude Towards Solskjaer

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince said that everyone including himself could achieve results that were as good as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Manchester United squad.

It is undeniable, since handled by Solskjaer, United’s performance rose again. United’s squad plays consistently and dynamically. The mood of the players in the field also looks different. In fact they won 10 consecutive wins in all competitions.

Thanks to such a slick performance, Solskjaer reaped a lot of praise. But Ince was skeptical of the coach’s success.

According to Ince, anyone can achieve positive results if given the job now. He considered United’s squad did have great potential, so it was only natural if Solskjaer could bring United to victory after victory.

“I think everyone can do that,” he told BT Sport.

“Steve Bruce can do it, Mark Hughes can also, you can do it (while pointing at Chris Sutton),” said Ince.

In contrast to Herrera who actually supports Solksjaer. According to Herrera, there is one point in the coach, namely the ability to understand each player.

“Usually a coach only focuses on tactics, but they fail to understand the character of each player. But he (Solskjaer) can actually understand each player. Just look at Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard, their games are amazing, why? Because Solskjaer succeeded in removing their abilities, “explained Herrera.

Chelsea intends to buy Coutinho from Barcelona

Reportedly Chelsea want to bring Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona. Chelsea’s goal of bringing Coutinho to Stamford Bridge is to replace Eden Hazard.

Since last season, the name Eden Hazard has been widely linked with Real Madrid. The Belgian player had expressed his desire to leave, but thanks to seduction of Maurizio Sarri, he could survive until now.

Unfortunately at the moment Hazard’s desire to leave seems to be unstoppable. Most likely Eden Hazard will join Real Madrid at the end of the season.

According to Mundo Deportivo alerts, Chelsea are reported to have an interest in the figure of Philippe Coutinho. They consider the figure of Coutinho suitable to fill Hazard’s position.

Coutinho himself just joined Barcelona for a year after being brought in from Liverpool. At that time, Barca had to pay around 142 million Pounds to get the signature of Coutinho from Liverpool.

Unfortunately, lately Coutinho has often received scathing criticism from both fans and the public of Spanish football. This raises speculation that the player intends to leave the club and return to play in England.

Actually not only Chelsea who have an interest in Coutinho, several other clubs such as Manchester United are also reportedly interested in bringing Coutinho. The player then gave a fairly ambiguous statement regarding the rumor.

“We don’t know what it will be like.”

“For the time being I will not think about transfer problems and will focus here.”

Jordi Alba will sign a new contract at Barcelona

It seems that Manchester United’s plan to hook Jordi Alba will be dashed. Because the player has agreed to extend his playing contract at Barcelona.

Since the start of the season, news has begun that says that the English giants Manchester United are interested in Jordi Alba. As we know, Manchester United are currently having problems with their defense so they need new ammunition to strengthen the team.

The rumor is even stronger with statements that have come out of Jordi Alba’s mouth. The player said that he was not a priority in Barcelona so he did not rule out the possibility of leaving.

But according to El Larguero’s alerts, United’s plan to recruit Alba is certain to fail. Because Barcelona has given a contract extension to play for the player.

According to the report, Barcelona did have a quite intense meeting with Alba’s representative. In Barcelona’s perspective, Alba is still an important player for them. They see that Alba can still be an important pillar in Barcelona’s defense for the next few years.

Barcelona offers a five-year playing contract to the player. Alba is also rumored to be getting a salary increase, even so, there is no certainty how much the salary increase given by Barcelona management.

If all the process of signing the contract runs smoothly, the results of the contract will be published on Friday tomorrow.

Arsenal Will Speed Up Malcom Transfer Process

One of the Premier League clubs, Arsenal reportedly is accelerating Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Since the beginning of yesterday, the Arsenal club have reportedly wanted to add ammunition to their attacking line. As a result their choice fell to Malcom.

Arsenal are also rumored to have mapped several names of high-potential players. But of all the candidates they prepared, it seems that the Malcom figure is considered the most suitable for Arsenal’s playing style.

According to The Sun’s alerts, Arsenal have decided to accelerate Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Arsenal have reportedly been eyeing Malcon for a long time, even when the player is still playing for Bordeaux.

In the last season Arsenal had tried to bring in the player, unfortunately they lost steps with Barcelona. Unfortunately after joining Barcelona, ​​Malcom did not get enough playing time and it was said that Malcon was ready to leave the club.

According to the same source, Barcelona already knew the wishes of Arsenal and it was ready to release the player to play in England.

Actually Ernesto Valverde was happy with Malcom’s style of play, but he lost competitiveness with other players so he decided to lend Malcom until the end of the season.

It should be noted, Malcom will only be given a loan player status without a permanent purchase clause. This means Arsenal will not be able to have Malcom completely. Arsenal will also speed up the transfer process the player sees the player’s transfer market will be closed soon.

Alvaro Morata Walk On Medical Tests in Spain

Doubts about Alvaro Morata’s future are likely to end soon. Because Alvaro Morata today will undergo a medical test at Atletico Madrid.

Since his move to Chelsea in 2017, Morata has seen difficulty penetrating the first team. He failed to show his best performance at Chelsea. Many rumors say his future at Chelsea will soon end because he failed to score for Chelsea.

The rumors of Morata’s move were getting stronger. This is inseparable from Chelsea’s decision to bring Gonzalo Higuain even with loan players. According to a report reported by the US, Morata is rumored to be joining a Spanish club, Atletico Madrid.

Had reportedly failed, the fact actually spoke the opposite. Morata is reportedly undergoing a medical test in Spain. According to the same source, Atletico Madrid had reached an agreement with Chelsea.

Alvaro Morata was officially loaned to Atletico Madrid on a 18-month contract. In the contract made, Atletico also had the opportunity to make the player permanent at the end of the loan period.

Reportedly Morata arrived in Spain on Saturday 26/1 night local time. Morata will undergo a medical on 27/1. After the medical test is complete, Morata will sign a contract with Atletico Madrid.

Alvaro Morata himself has played in Spain, at that time he played with Real Madrid and has managed to score 35 goals in 95 appearances with Madrid.