Madrid Want To Recruit Mohamed Salah

It seems that Real Madrid has prepared a new plan at the beginning of next season. According to the news circulating, Real Madrid have prepared large funds to bring in Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Salah is an important pillar for Liverpool. The Egyptian player managed to deliver his team to the final of the Champions League last season even though in the end it had to be toppled before Real Madrid.

The player, who is currently 26 years old, is struggling to quench the thirst of the title that Liverpool have been aiming for. The player was brought in from the AS Roma club with a fee of 42 million euros in 2017. Since brought in, Salah managed to show consistency with Liverpool.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid looked soft. Therefore they are targeting other star players to fill the void at the club. This is inseparable from the inconsistent performance shown by Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

According to reports from Don Balon, Madrid has prepared funds of around 150 million euros to get the player’s signature. Overall, Madrid have prepared funds of around 300 million euros to make a total overhaul of their squad.

With such fantastic value, it is not impossible that they will get the player’s signature. Even with that amount, Salah will be the most expensive player in Premier League history.

Besides Salah, Madrid also want to bring Eden Hazard, unfortunately Chelsea are being sanctioned by an active ban in the transfer market from FIFA. With these conditions, it seems that it will be difficult for Chelsea to release the player.

Aubameyang Celebrating His Goal Using Black Panther Mask

In the second leg of the last 16 of the Champions League which brought Arsenal and Rennes together yesterday, something interesting happened. Yes, especially if it’s not a goal celebration conducted by Aubameyang. As we know, Aubameyang became a very important figure in the match.

In that match, Aubameyang managed to score two goals for Arsenal, while another scored by Ainsley Mitland-Niles. But the concern was the celebration of Aubameyang’s goal where he wore a Black Panther costume. Thanks to the victory, Arsenal qualified for the next round with an aggregate score of 4 – 3.

Shortly after scoring a goal, Aubameyang went straight to the billboard to pick up the Black Panther costume he had prepared. Actually when he scored when dealing with Manchester United, he wanted to wear the costume, unfortunately when searched, the costume was either placed where he failed to wear it.

Black Phanter Muncul Di Emirates Stadium, WAKANDA FOREVER !

“I need the mask. The mask represents me. Yes, Black Panther! In Africa, we call the national team the name Black Phanter, “opens Aubameyang as reported by the official Arsenal Twitter page.

Not only when defending Arsenal, Aubameyang wore a superhero costume, when he defended Borussia Dortmund and Saint Etienne, he also did the same.

The most memorable is when Aubameyang wears a Batman costume when scoring against Schalke. At that time he was assisted by his colleague Marco Reus who was also wearing a Robin costume.

Pique Said That Messi Can Bring Barcelona To The Next Level

Gerard Pique as the Barcelona defender cast his praise to his team-mate, Lionel Messi. According to him Messi was able to bring his club to play at different levels.

Pique was praised after competing against Lyon in the second leg of the Champions League held at Camp Nou. At that time Barcelona managed to come out as a winner with a score of 5-1. In the match, Lionel Messi’s performance managed to attract a lot of attention after contributing two goals and two assists for Barcelona.

One of the most memorable assists occurred at minute 81. Thanks to these assists, Pique managed to add to the coffers of goals for Barcelona. That way the club managed to qualify for the next round with an aggregate score of 5-1 over Lyon.

Pique expressed her gratitude for having such an extraordinary partner. According to him the presence of Messi can help Barca in overcoming difficult times.

“Players like Messi can give a lot of things to the club,” Pique opened to the Goal International.

“They are behind every player to help other players, historically, no player has been able to win a big match by himself.”

“Having players like Messi on the team makes everything feel different. He was able to bring the club’s game to a higher level. When you have doubts, he is able to provide calm and encouragement to eliminate these negative thoughts. ”

Not only did Pique give Messi praise, even the Lyon coach also sent the same praise to Messi.

“Messi seedang is in Champions League mode, he is able to show his quality. He can do things that other players cannot do. “

The Most Highest Paid Coach In Football

Inevitably, the income of soccer players in the world’s top clubs is indeed fantastic, as well as the salary that the coaches get.

As we know, being a good coach is not easy, it requires a brain that is able to analyze every moment of the match sharply. Not only that, a coach is also required to issue every potential in the players he trained. Naturally, if the pay they get is no less fantastic compared to the players. But do you know who is the highest-paid coach in the world?

The following are three names of trainers with the highest income according to Sporskeeda:

1. Pep Guardiola

Yes, the Manchester City coach is the highest paid coach in the world. Pep Guardiola gets paid 20 million Pounds per year, equivalent to 374 billion Rupiah! The high payment paid off with the success of Manchester City winning the Premier League title in 2018 ago.

2. Marcello Lippi

Maybe the name Marcello Lippi is not so familiar to the public. He is the Chinese national team coach who has received appreciation from the Football Association after successfully improving the performance of China’s national team in international competition. He gets a salary of 18 million Pounds per year or around 337 billion Rupiah.

3. Jose Mourinho

Even though he has been officially dismissed from the Manchester United coaching chair, he is on the list of the highest paid coaches in the world! His income reached 15 million Pounds, or about 281 billion Rupiah per year. Fantastic isn’t it?

That’s the three names of the highest paid coach in the world, in fourth place there is Mauricio Pochettino with income reaching 8.5 million Pounds and in fifth place filled by Jurgen Klopp with a salary reaching 7 million Pounds per year.

Zidane Comes to Turin, Is That A Signal For Juventus ?

Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane was recently found to be in Turin. His presence in the city further strengthened the news which said he would join Juventus.

In the last few weeks, Juventus is reportedly going to overhaul its coaching chair. This was further reinforced by poor results when Juventus faced Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League last 16. At that time Juventus had to lose 2-0 at home.

Not only that, Massimiliano Allegri is also rumored to be considering his career at Juventus. It is not impossible if Allegri will continue his coaching work in England.

Seeing this, there are many names that are heard to replace Allegri’s position at Juventus. Some names widely reported are Josep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, and Zinedine Zidane.

We cannot deny that Zidane’s work on the world football scene deserves a thumbs up, not only being successful as a professional player, he also managed to prove his quality when training Real Madrid.

In addition, Zidane also has a close relationship with the Bianconeri. But his name soared in 2001 after joining Real Madrid.

According to alerts by La Stampa, Zidane’s arrival in Turin shows how much the coach loves the city. This could be a sign of Zidane’s joining with Juventus.

This was reinforced by the upload of Ciro Ferrara, the former Juventus player who uploaded his photo with Zidane on Instagram. Well, we’ll see, whether this news is true or not.

Santiago Solari Will Be Fired By Real Madrid Management

It seems that Real Madrid’s management cannot be patient anymore with  defeat experienced by Real Madrid. Madrid’s management has decided to fire Santiago Solari. Previously there was news that Madrid management would dismiss the coach in the middle of this season, but the news did not seem to be a reality, because the club’s management decided to dismiss Solari at the end of the season, what was the reason?

We cannot deny, Real Madrid are in a very worrying situation, not only have to lose two titles (Champions and Copa del Rey), they also have to lose in four home matches in all competitions. Even to win the La Liga trophy seems impossible. How not, Madrid had to swallow defeat over rivals, Barcelona which incidentally became the current top of the standings.

According to Marca’s allegations, Solari will not be fired in the near future, because Madrid’s management decided to stop him at the end of the season. The reason is quite simple, Madrid management saw that in only two months left, reforming the players and recruiting new coaches would further aggravate the condition of Madrid. Therefore they decided to postpone Solari’s dismissal until the season ended.

In addition to the management of Madrid also has not found a suitable figure to fill the position of coach. Until now, the names most widely heard to become coaches of Madrid were Massimiliano Allegri, Mauricio Pochettino, and Jose Mourinho.

According to the same report, Santiago Solari is being tried by Florentino Lopez after his team were defeated by Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League yesterday.

Modric Will Leave Madrid Next Summer

Spanish giants Real Madrid are likely to lose their key players in the player transfer window next season. Because their midfielder, Luka Modric reportedly has increasingly made up his mind to leave Real Madrid.

As has already been reported yesterday, Real Madrid have just lost their new player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player decided to join Juventus this summer.

Only lost star players, this time they also have to be ready to lose Luka Modric. Because the player has entered into the list of players who want to be brought in by Inter Milan.

According to alerts issued by Sky Sports Italy, Madrid must be prepared to lose the player, this is because Modric has already made up his mind to leave this summer. Then why does Modric want to leave?

The same source said that Modric was quite satisfied with defending Madrid and he wanted to find new atmosphere and challenges. As we know, Modric is now 32 years old where he is getting closer to the end of his football career. Therefore he felt the need to find a new atmosphere and Inter Milan could be an ideal place.

If we look at Inter’s performance last season there have been significant developments. Many people believe Inter Milan can help Modric to show his best performance.

In addition, Real Madrid are also considered to have suffered a setback. As proof, they must lose 4-1 and 1-0 over Barcelona. This also makes Modric even more determined to leave the club.

Van Dijk Feels Happy To Be Able To Score Two Goals For Liverpool

Virgil van Djik, Liverpool defender admitted that he was very happy because it could add to Liverpool’s coffers. He hopes to be able to score again in the future.

Djik himself was a player brought in by Liverpool from Southampton last season. Since imported, Djik immediately became an important pillar for Liverpool. He became a great wall for opponents who want to try to steal a goal. It is undeniable, the Reds defense looks more solid since the arrival of the player.

Djik made a big contribution to Liverpool in the middle of last week, where he contributed two goals when his team beat Watford with a score of 5-0. Djik was pleased to be able to add to Liverpool’s goal coffers and hopes to be able to score again in the future.

Hasil gambar untuk van dijk

“Being able to score in a match is extraordinary,” Djik said as quoted by Sportsmole.

Djik explained that as a defender, being able to score goals is like a bonus. He is more pleased if the opposing team cannot score goals than he can who can contribute goals.

“I am more satisfied if our team records a clean sheet than me who can score.”

“When you excel 2-0, in the second round you can appear less than optimal because you have led the match. But all the players played with high focus and we managed to win with a clean sheet. I am very happy about this victory. “

Suarez Tell Secret About Their Winning Against Madrid

Luis Suarez as the Barcelona striker has made a very important contribution to his club’s victory over Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey second leg match held at the headquarters of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu.

Not only scored two goals in the match, Suarez also played an important role in an own goal by Raphael Varane. If Varane does not commit an own goal, then Suarez is ready to welcome the ball and score his third goal for Barcelona.

Thanks to the victory Barca will enter the final round 4-1 on aggregate against Real Madrid. Suarez is indeed the most thirsty player when playing at the Madrid headquarters.

Hasil gambar untuk suarez

Suarez explained that the match’s turning point occurred in the 50th minute when they scored the first goal. The goal made the Madrid defense surprised and destroyed the rhythm of their game. That is the secret why Barcelona can play better in the second half.

“I know that we have to score, Madrid have an offensive style and we can get a lot of space when we take the ball.”

“In every match there is always a negative and a positive side. we didn’t play too well, but we followed the flow of the game and tried to maximize opportunities. ”

“We managed to reach our target at the start of this season and we know league matches have never been easier. We must recover and must be ready for the next match. “