Aubameyang Celebrating His Goal Using Black Panther Mask

Aubameyang Celebrating His Goal Using Black Panther Mask

In the second leg of the last 16 of the Champions League which brought Arsenal and Rennes together yesterday, something interesting happened. Yes, especially if it’s not a goal celebration conducted by Aubameyang. As we know, Aubameyang became a very important figure in the match.

In that match, Aubameyang managed to score two goals for Arsenal, while another scored by Ainsley Mitland-Niles. But the concern was the celebration of Aubameyang’s goal where he wore a Black Panther costume. Thanks to the victory, Arsenal qualified for the next round with an aggregate score of 4 – 3.

Shortly after scoring a goal, Aubameyang went straight to the billboard to pick up the Black Panther costume he had prepared. Actually when he scored when dealing with Manchester United, he wanted to wear the costume, unfortunately when searched, the costume was either placed where he failed to wear it.

“I need the mask. The mask represents me. Yes, Black Panther! In Africa, we call the national team the name Black Phanter, “opens Aubameyang as reported by the official Arsenal Twitter page.

Not only when defending Arsenal, Aubameyang wore a superhero costume, when he defended Borussia Dortmund and Saint Etienne, he also did the same.

The most memorable is when Aubameyang wears a Batman costume when scoring against Schalke. At that time he was assisted by his colleague Marco Reus who was also wearing a Robin costume.