Arsenal Will Speed Up Malcom Transfer Process

One of the Premier League clubs, Arsenal reportedly is accelerating Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Since the beginning of yesterday, the Arsenal club have reportedly wanted to add ammunition to their attacking line. As a result their choice fell to Malcom.

Arsenal are also rumored to have mapped several names of high-potential players. But of all the candidates they prepared, it seems that the Malcom figure is considered the most suitable for Arsenal’s playing style.

According to The Sun’s alerts, Arsenal have decided to accelerate Malcom’s transfer process from Barcelona. Arsenal have reportedly been eyeing Malcon for a long time, even when the player is still playing for Bordeaux.

In the last season Arsenal had tried to bring in the player, unfortunately they lost steps with Barcelona. Unfortunately after joining Barcelona, ​​Malcom did not get enough playing time and it was said that Malcon was ready to leave the club.

According to the same source, Barcelona already knew the wishes of Arsenal and it was ready to release the player to play in England.

Actually Ernesto Valverde was happy with Malcom’s style of play, but he lost competitiveness with other players so he decided to lend Malcom until the end of the season.

It should be noted, Malcom will only be given a loan player status without a permanent purchase clause. This means Arsenal will not be able to have Malcom completely. Arsenal will also speed up the transfer process the player sees the player’s transfer market will be closed soon.

Alvaro Morata Walk On Medical Tests in Spain

Doubts about Alvaro Morata’s future are likely to end soon. Because Alvaro Morata today will undergo a medical test at Atletico Madrid.

Since his move to Chelsea in 2017, Morata has seen difficulty penetrating the first team. He failed to show his best performance at Chelsea. Many rumors say his future at Chelsea will soon end because he failed to score for Chelsea.

The rumors of Morata’s move were getting stronger. This is inseparable from Chelsea’s decision to bring Gonzalo Higuain even with loan players. According to a report reported by the US, Morata is rumored to be joining a Spanish club, Atletico Madrid.

Had reportedly failed, the fact actually spoke the opposite. Morata is reportedly undergoing a medical test in Spain. According to the same source, Atletico Madrid had reached an agreement with Chelsea.

Alvaro Morata was officially loaned to Atletico Madrid on a 18-month contract. In the contract made, Atletico also had the opportunity to make the player permanent at the end of the loan period.

Reportedly Morata arrived in Spain on Saturday 26/1 night local time. Morata will undergo a medical on 27/1. After the medical test is complete, Morata will sign a contract with Atletico Madrid.

Alvaro Morata himself has played in Spain, at that time he played with Real Madrid and has managed to score 35 goals in 95 appearances with Madrid.

Emery Don’t Want To Make Excuse About Losing Against United

Unai Emery as Arsenal coach did not want to find a defense for Arsenal’s defeat against Manchester United. According to Emery, his troops lost the class when compared to United’s troops.

Arsenal must host United in the 4th round of the FA Cup. In spite of playing at home, Arsenal had to settle for a 1–3 defeat over United. These three goals were created through the actions of Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial, while Arsenal’s goal was led by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Emery admitted that United’s team’s performance was very good, therefore he did not want to find excuses for his team’s defeat.

“United are really sharp, they are amazing.”

“When we did the attack, we did manage to get into their penalty area, but we couldn’t find a gap from there, their defense was very tight.”

“We should have had better results, but the opponents we faced were Manchester United who were in their best momentum this season. There are many top players there who can make a difference, just look at Marcus Rashford and Martial who came on as substitutes, they are very extraordinary. ”

Unfortunately Emery is reaping criticism for not playing Mesut Ozil since the beginning of the match. Ozil was only played in the second round to replace Alex Iwobi.

But Emery decided not to respond to the comment. He said the choice he made was the best choice for his team.

“In the end I played Ozil, actually I could play other players, but I didn’t do it.”

Arsenal will face Cardiff City in midweek and this match will be a momentum for them to rise again.

James Rodriguez Rejected Arsenal Offer

Arsenal’s plan to get James Rodriguez’s signature is certain to fail. The Real Madrid playmaker was said to have rejected the Gunners’ offer to move to North London.

Arsenal itself is in the midst of being heavily rumored to approach James. The Colombian playmaker is rumored to be plotted to become a replacement for Mesut Ozil in attacking the Premier League club.

Arsenal have reportedly moved to get James. They are said to have contacted the player to invite him to move in the transfer market this time.

But reported by ESPN, Arsenal’s hopes to bring James to clap one hand. Because the playmaker was called to reject the Arsenal invitation.

According to the report, James decided to reject Arsenal’s offer because he still wanted to stay at Bayern.

He reportedly felt his task at the Bundesliga giant had not yet been completed. Moreover, Bayern are currently still six points behind Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga standings.

As a result James wanted to bring Bayern to retain their title so he chose to reject Arsenal’s offer.

But the same report claims, James is not necessarily a permanent player at the Allianz Arena.

The Bayern side still does not want to decide whether they will activate the playmaker’s permanent purchase clause. Because the performance of James in the first half of the season is not slick.

But the Die Rotten side will give James the opportunity in the second half of the season. If he can improve his playing, then they are willing to redeem him permanently from Real Madrid.

Castles: De Gea Deserves Great Salaries!

Duncan Castle gave a suggestion to Manchester United’s management regarding salaries for the goalkeeper, David De Gea. According to him, United’s management should not be stingy in providing salary for the goalkeeper, the goal is that De Gea feels at home and stays at the club.

Since the beginning of last season, the future of David De Gea has indeed been questioned. Because the contract to play the goalkeeper with the Red Devils will be over soon, fortunately United have a step by activating the extension clause playing for one year so that the goalkeeper will continue to play in United until 2020

Duncan said the only way for the goalkeeper to stay at the club was to give him a decent salary.

“De Gea is currently waiting for an award from the club for his contribution so far,” he told the Window Podcasts Transfer.

Castles thinks United are in a dangerous position and potentially lose David De Gea.

“Everyone knows that De Gea is an extraordinary player for United. His talent and contribution to the club has been very great and I think he deserves more. ”

“This summer he will enter his final season with United. United’s management must dare to take steps or they will lose De Gea. ”

“The solution is simple, give more salary. “De Gea deserves a big salary, his contribution to United is huge and he is the best goalkeeper in the world,” concluded Castles.

Valverde Denies Rumors of Neymar’s Return to Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona coach dismissed rumors saying he would repatriate Neymar to Barcelona. Valverde claimed to want to honor the contract playing Neymar with PSG.

Since joining PSG in 2014 ago, Neymar is often reported to be returning to Barcelona. Reportedly Neymar feels not at home in France and wants to return to Camp Nou.

But the news seems to be a mere rumor, the article Barcelona has just issued an official statement related to it. Josep Vives as a spokesman for Barcelona revealed that Barcelona did not approach Neymar and did not plan to recruit Neymar.

To strengthen this statement, Valverde also commented. “As a clarification, we do not plan to repatriate Neymar to Barcelona,” Valverde said.

Valverde stressed that Barcelona did not have the desire to buy Neymar from PSG and chose to respect Neymar’s decision to join PSG.

“We respect the decision made by Neymar first. When Neymar moved first, it was all because of an agreement between us and Neymar, so we want to respect that decision. ”

“We also don’t try to contact players and offer something to Neymar. When he decided to leave Barcelona, ​​he was fully aware of his decision. ”

PSG reportedly will sell Neymar in January because of FFP sanctions. As we know, PSG has an unbalanced balance sheet so they have to sell the player.

Xavi Gave Compliment To Joshua Kimmich

Xavi give a big compliment to Joshua Kimmich. The Barcelona legend considered the Bayern Munich young player to have a qualified quality to become a better midfielder than himself.

Kimmich who joined Bayern Munich in 2015 was known as a versatile player. Former coach of Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola has even said that Kimmich can play in any position.

At Bayern, Kimmich is most played as a right-back. But lately his position began to be shifted into a central midfielder by Niko Kovac.

Xavi himself feels that Kimmich has the potential to become the best midfielder in the world. “Before I met Joshua, I thought that he would rather play as a defender,” Xavi opened to Bild.

Xavi, known as one of the world’s best midfielders in the last two decades, believes that Kimmich will reap a lot of success if he plays as a midfielder.

“When I met him, he told me that he had other big dreams. Joshua could play as a perfect number six player.”

“I’m sure he can become ‘The Next Xavi’. He can make a difference for his team.”

Xavi himself considered Kimmich to be a much better player than himself. He said Kimmich’s versatility would be the main quality of the midfielder.

Chelsea Released Willian to China?

A new rumor circulated about Willian’s future. The Chelsea winger is rumored to be released by the Blues to China after they got a big offer from one of the Chinese Super League contestants.

Since last summer, Willian has sold well in the market. A number of top European clubs, such as Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​are rumored to continue to compete for the Brazilian national team player.

Despite successfully defending the winger in the summer, Chelsea met a new challenge this winter. Because Barcelona reportedly again tried to hijack the player from Stamford Bridge.

Reported by The Mirror, there is a new club that recently tried to bring Willian. They are a Chinese club, Dalian Yifang.

According to the report, Dalian Yifang is really serious about bringing Willian to China.

This is because they are threatened with losing one of their mainstay winger, Yannick Carrasco. The Belgian national team player is reportedly going back to Europe, where Manchester United and Arsenal are interested in his services.

Willian is considered to have sufficient ability to improve the quality of their attack line, so Dalian will seriously hunt down Willian.

Juan Mata: I’m Happy Playing in Manchester United !

Juan Mata as a Manchester United midfielder admitted that he enjoyed playing in England and did not have the desire to return to Spain.

In 2011 ago, Juan Mata came to England and joined Valencia. Because of his impressive performances with Valencia, he was eventually recruited by Chelsea.

Juan Mata played for two seasons with Chelsea, he even accompanied Chelsea to win Champions League title and also the Europa League. After that, Juan Mata left for Manchester United in January 2014 and immediately got the main place in the squad.

Had not been the first choice in Jose Mourinho’s era, Juan Mata again got a place after United were taken care by Solksjaer. Mata’s career at United was good, where he won the FA Cup and the European League.

After playing for quite a long time in England, Mata claimed his soccer skills were increasing. Mata even claimed to be happy with the culture in England and had not thought about returning home.

“I have been playing here for a long time and I feel comfortable playing there,” Eyes opened as reported by the US.

“I was able to adapt to everything, the football, the culture, and the league there. But when you have a hometown, you will definitely feel missed by your family and friends. ”

“But I need to emphasize that I have not thought about returning home or playing there. For now I will focus on England with United. ”

“I play for the most powerful club in the world, right now I’m just focusing on that.”

Juventus Focusing To Recruit Isco From Madrid

It seems that the Champions League defending champions, Real Madrid, are at risk of losing Isco to the transfer of players this January. Reportedly the player will leave to Turin and join Juventus before the transfer window closes.

If you see Real Madrid in the era of coaching Zinedine Zidane, Isco is a very crucial figure. But since Zidane left, Isco’s fate is inversely proportional. He was reserved more often than played so there was a lot of news that said Isco was frustrated with the situation.

According to Tuttosport’s allegations, Juventus have considerable interest in Isco. Moreover Isco is a former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is believed to make it easier for Isco to adapt to other teammates.

Juventus has long been associated with Isco, but there has been no concrete action to bring in the player. In this season, Juventus has a high enough target and Isco is considered capable of dictating the game.

They currently need additional ammunition for the midfield. Isco is considered to be able to provide additional bang for Juventus to win three titles, namely the Champions League, Serie A, and also the Coppa Italia.

But Juventus will face quite difficult obstacles, namely very high transfer prices. According to news circulating, the Madrid will release Isco at a price of 100 million Pounds. This is due to the contract playing the remaining 3.5-year players at the Bernabeu.

Pulisic Giving Sign To Join Liverpool ?

Speculation about the future of Christian Pulisic seems to have begun to find a bright spot. The player gave the code that he was interested in strengthening Liverpool thanks to Jurgen Klopp’s presence there.

Pulisic itself is being rumored to be moving to England. Recently, the 20-year-old revealed that he was interested in trying out the tightness of the Premier League someday.

Since then there have been several clubs that are reportedly interested in proposing to Pulisic. But lately the names have converged on two clubs, namely Liverpool and Chelsea.

But Pulisic himself gave a signal that he was more interested in strengthening Liverpool because of the presence of Jurgen Klopp in the Reds first team. “He [Klopp] was here [Dortmund] when I first came here,” Pulisic opened to the Goal International.

Pulisic himself admitted that he had not been managed by Jurgen Klopp when he was at Dortmund.

But he admitted that he got a lot of recommendations from his friends that Klopp was a coach who was so extraordinary.

“Personally I don’t know him well, but I hear a lot of stories from some of my colleagues who know him and they claim to be very happy to play for him.”

Solksjaer Targeting United Win The FA Cup

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer targets the Manchester United squad to win the 2018-19 FA Cup championship trophy.

During strengthening the Red Devils, Solskjaer won many championship trophies. In total he collected 12 championship titles from various competitions.

Two of them are the FA Cup championship trophy. The first edition of the 1998-99 season and the second 2003-04 season.

And this weekend, MU will undergo an adventure in the FA Cup. They will play against Reading in the third round of the competition.

The interim manager from Norway then revealed his memories while playing in the event, especially when competing in the top party. He claimed to be very happy to be able to participate in the final match directly, because it was his dream since childhood.

“Our club is about winning the trophy and the FA Cup final is a fantastic match. I played in 1999 at Wembley,” he recalled as reported by Goal International.

“I think it’s the last final match at Wembley,” Solskjaer continued.

“After watching so many FA Cup finals when I was little, walking from the dressing room to the field was very fantastic. I have seen it often in Norway,” he said.

MU last won the trophy in the 2016-17 season. After that in the following season they fasted the title.

Solskjaer also hopes this season his team can get the title. One of them is the FA Cup championship trophy.

“And that is what we hope for, to reach the final. Whatever competition you enter, you want to win it,” Solskjaer stressed.

“I’m not sure if you hope to win it, but it’s more or less what you would expect from a club like this and the players we have,” he said.

Benitez: Manchester United Worth Become A Champion

Rafael Benitez believes that Manchester United have a very good squad. In fact, he felt that United deserved to compete in the race for the Premier League title.

The comment was conveyed by Benitez ahead of the team duel he cared for, Newcastle United, against Manchester United. Both teams will meet in the Week 21 Premier League match on Thursday (3/1) early morning hrs at St James Park.

United are currently in 6th place in the standings with 35 points. Marcus Rashford and colleagues are far behind Liverpool at the top of the table with 54 points. Meanwhile, Newcastle is in 15th position with 18 points.

With the composition of the players that are owned, and the slick performance in the last three games, Rafa Benitez believes that United is a quality team. In fact, the Red Devils he believed could compete in the race for the title.

“Do you think the players they buy by spending so much money are bad players? They are good players. They showed that in the last three games,” Benitez opened.

“United are a very good team,” the former Liverpool manager was quoted as saying by Sportsmole.

“This is a team that should be in the top four, it’s certain. United can compete with any club, even Liverpool or Manchester City. Yes, compete with anyone,” said the manager from Spain.

Benitez said the game against United would be a tough challenge for Newcastle. Because, United are in their best performance. The last three games, United always won and were able to score 12 goals against opponents.