Madrid Lose To Eibar 0 – 3, What Happen ?

Who would have thought that a club as big as Real Madrid had to bow when face Eibar? Almost all people favored Real Madrid win in the match against Eibar, but the reality said otherwise, it was precisely Eibar who was unseeded to achieve a brilliant result in the match.

Eibar who is actually a bottom team actually managed to beat Madrid three goals without reply. The match was held at Estadio Municipal Ipurua on Saturday 24/11 last night.

Playing at home seems to give Eibar more confidence. They were able to open the scoring in the 16th minute through Gonzalo Escalante.

Since the match began, Eibar looks to handle the game. Actually Madrid had a golden opportunity when Gareth Bale shot the ball right in the direction of the goal, unfortunately the opportunity was annulled as offside so that the goal created became invalid.

Entering the second half, Eibar did not seem to relax the intensity of their attacks. Evidently, only six minutes after the second half began, Eibar again doubled the advantage through Enrich who received feedback from Cucurella.

Not only that, Madrid had to swallow the bitter reality once again, in the 57th minute, Eibar scored again through a crossing by Cucurella. 3- 0 for Eibar.

Even Eibar almost scored their fourth goal, unfortunately the opportunity could be countered by Courtois, of course with extra effort.

With the acquisition of this result, Madrid again failed to cut the distance with Barcelona, ​​who currently sit at the top of the standings this season.

Rafinha Hope To Play With Inter Milan Must Be Dashed

Rafinha’s hopes of returning to play with Inter Milan must be dashed. Because Inter have difficulty to bring the player from Barcelona in January.

Last season Rafinha had migrated to the Giuseppe Meazza for six months. He did not get enough playing time while in Barcelona.

Actually Inter want to bring the player officially, but the negotiation process between Inter and Barcelona did not find a bright spot.

According to the Calciomercato’s alerts, Rafinha’s move to Inter will not be realized. This is because the Barcelona side set a high price for the player.

In the report it was stated that Barcelona requested a fee of 25 million Euros to Inter if it was intended to bring Rafinha. This figure is considered too high so Inter decided to cancel their wishes.

The Inter side has also proposed a price reduction, unfortunately the request cannot be approved by Barcelona. Seeing this, Inter finally decided to withdraw from Rafinha’s hunt and would look for other alternatives to strengthen their team.

In addition to prices that are too high, Inter have also found a replacement for Rafinha. Last summer, they have brought in new players from AS Roma, Radja Nainggolan with several agreements, including barter players.

While Rafinha himself had played 7 times with the first team and managed to contribute one goal for Barcelona.

AC Milan Want To Recruit Cahill From Chelsea

It seems that the giants AC Milan have an interest in one of Chelsea’s players, Gary Cahill. This is evidenced by their intention to accommodate the player if his current club intends to release Cahill in January 2019.

The player who is currently 32 years old is predicted to be replaced in the winter. News circulating says there are two reasons why the player can be replaced in the coming winter.

First because the contract will end in the summer of next year so that it can be bought at a fairly cheap price in January 2019 and the second because Cahill does have the intention to leave his team because he rarely gets the chance to graze under the command of Maurizio Sarri.

Milan are currently trying to reshape their team by bringing in other talented players. As we already know, Milan is currently in a crisis of players so they lack the power to compete with Juventus at the club level.

How not, many of Milan’s mainstay players have fallen like Mateo Musacchio, Mattia Caldara, Lucas Biglia, and Giacomo Bonaventura.Their defender Alessio Romagnoli has also been ruled out due to injury.

According to Corriere Dello Sport, Milan are compiling a list of names of players they will recruit in January. One of the names that entered their radar was Cahill. As an additional information, Cahill until now only played for 21 minutes with Chelsea.

Molby Said Salah Is Still Same Like Last Season

Jon Molby sent a defense for Mohamed Salah. The former Liverpool player said that Salah would return to find his best rhythm with Liverpool.

As we know, Salah managed to carve out a phenomenal result last season. He even managed to bring Liverpool into the Champions League final, although in the end his team had to lose to Real Madrid in the competition.

Unfortunately the phenomenal action cannot be maintained this season. He only managed to score 6 goals in 12 appearances with Liverpool this season. A lot of criticism was sent to Salah for his failure to show his best performance, but Jon Molby had another opinion.

“Many are complaining about Salah’s performance this season,” Molby said as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

“Everything is observing Salah based on the score he achieved last season, but for this season he will have a little trouble reaching a record last season.”

“But if you see how he plays in the team, he is almost at all times when his team scores, he scores goals or he assists.”

“Salah is still effective, just like last season. It’s just that last season was a little different, so many people who judge fail this season, actually not. ”

“I am sure he will rediscover his rhythm with Liverpool. I believe Salah can show his performance with Liverpool. “

Guardiola Tell His Team To Aware When Play Against United

The match between Manchester United and Manchester City is only counting hours. The match labeled as Derby is not only talking about three points, because in this match, the pride of both teams will be seen.

When compared, Manchester City is indeed the favorite to win. This is due to the positive rate that has been passed by them throughout this season. Instead, United actually looks fragile, because United often defeat throughout the season and perched in the middle of the Premier League competition this season.

Despite being the favorite to win, Guardiola asked his squad to remain vigilant, especially in the final minutes. Of course you still remember how United beat Juventus in the Champions League yesterday, right?

“We will try to control the game as usual, especially in the first 75 minutes. We will try our best at that minute. ”

“But we must be aware of United’s counter-attack in the final minute. They often make opportunities in the last minute. When they manage to get the ball in the last minute, you can only say wow! ”

“We will continue to play the usual defensive style. We will try to defend against cross attacks or fast attacks. We have to master the dead ball. ”

“We will play an effective game. That kind of game is what we will show in the match later. “

Ronaldo Said United Only Win By Luck

On the fourth matchday of the Champions League preliminary round yesterday, Manchester United managed to beat Juventus with a score of 2 – 1. Seeing the defeat of his team, Ronaldo said that United only won by luck. Cristiano Ronaldo said that United played not good enough when they beat his team.

Ronaldo actually opened Juventus superiority in the 65th minute. Ronaldo success scoring goal with a beautiful volley kick. The kick even invited admiration from the fans and spectators in the stadium.

Unfortunately United managed to catch up on the points in the 86th minute through a free kick which was executed by Juan Mata and the second goal created by Alex Sandro’s error in the 89th minute.

If you see the match going on, Juventus actually controls the ball possesion, but there are many opportunities that can be countered by David De Gea. The appearance of the talented United goalkeeper deserves a thumbs up.

“We managed to dominate for 90 minutes, but we played too relaxed so we had to pay bitterly. We can score three or four times, but we don’t maximize it. This is a payment that we have to accept,” Ronaldo said to Sky Sports Italia.

“I saw there was not enough effort from United in the match yesterday. When talking about luck, they got that fortune yesterday. ”

“Champions League is a special competition. You can win, but don’t be too relaxed because anything can happen in the match. Right now we have to hold our heads up and play well in the next match. “

Real Madrid Back In Track, Ramos Said Madrid Need To Be Calm

If we look at Real Madrid’s trip this season, the performance shown by Madrid is far from consistent. They often swallow defeat in their initial matches this season.

But slowly, Madrid has returned to the right track. This is evident from the positive results they achieved when dealing with Valladolid with a score of 2-0 in La Liga competition on Sunday 4/11/2018 yesterday.

In the match, the two names listed on the scoreboard were Vinicius Jr. and also Sergio Ramos. The victory won by Madrid is certainly a very important thing for them, because Madrid have never won in their last five matches in La Liga, they only won 1 draw and 4 lost.

Seeing this, Ramos believes the performance of his team will rise again as before. According to him, the difficult times like now are very important. Ramos also said the key at times like this is calm.

“At this time, the main key is that you have to be calm. When playing, you see the time that goes on, the time keeps decreasing and the positive results cannot be obtained. But if you are calm, you can see every opportunity that exists. ”

“We play in that way and you can see the results. We won three points yesterday. We can also maintain our confidence. Peace is the key to our game, “concluded Ramos.

Ancelotti Said Their Team Is Juventus Thoughest Rival

Actually there are many clubs in Serie A which are referred to as “Anti Juventus,” one of which is Inter Milan. But besides Inter Milan, Napoli are also included in the list. Even Carlo Ancelotti as the Napoli coach firmly said his team was Juventus’ toughest rival this season.

With the presence of a capable player, Juventus has become the most powerful team in Serie A. No wonder they often get the title of each season. Seeing this, many teams are trying to stop Juventus, these teams are called Anti juventus.

Not infrequently also big clubs like Naples who immediately declared themselves as Anti Juventus. Unfortunately Luciano Spalletti who became the Inter Milan coach claimed his team had not reached that level so that the title of Anti Juventus that was pinned on his team was considered irrelevant.

This is inversely proportional to Naples. Carlo Ancelotti actually bluntly said his team was the toughest rival Juventus had to face in Serie A. They also said the title Anti Juventus was a very appropriate term.

“There is no need to fear the Juventus club. We don’t feel afraid of being called Anti Juventus. I am sure we can be a team that can stop Juventus this season,” Ancelotti said as quoted by

In addition, Ancelotti will not rest Insigne. As we know, Insigne is an important figure for Napoli. He even held a key role when Napoli faced PSG.

“We will not rest Insigne. “Before we made a rotation, it was done to prepare ourselves to face Juventus,” concluded Ancelotti.