Molby Said Salah Is Still Same Like Last Season

Jon Molby sent a defense for Mohamed Salah. The former Liverpool player said that Salah would return to find his best rhythm with Liverpool.

As we know, Salah managed to carve out a phenomenal result last season. He even managed to bring Liverpool into the Champions League final, although in the end his team had to lose to Real Madrid in the competition.

Unfortunately the phenomenal action cannot be maintained this season. He only managed to score 6 goals in 12 appearances with Liverpool this season. A lot of criticism was sent to Salah for his failure to show his best performance, but Jon Molby had another opinion.

“Many are complaining about Salah’s performance this season,” Molby said as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

“Everything is observing Salah based on the score he achieved last season, but for this season he will have a little trouble reaching a record last season.”

“But if you see how he plays in the team, he is almost at all times when his team scores, he scores goals or he assists.”

“Salah is still effective, just like last season. It’s just that last season was a little different, so many people who judge fail this season, actually not. ”

“I am sure he will rediscover his rhythm with Liverpool. I believe Salah can show his performance with Liverpool. “