Sarri Clarification Regarding Kepa Attitude

Kepa Arrizabalaga, the young Chelsea club goalkeeper, had shown a disrespectful attitude to his coach, Maurizio Sarri. This unpleasant attitude was shown in the match against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup competition.

Though the match is a very crucial match. Because the match is the final match for the Carabao Cup trophy. In the match, Manchester City came out as champions after winning the penalty shootout round.

Kepa actually has shown his heroic action when facing a kick from Leroy Sane. Unfortunately, this has not been able to bring Chelsea to win.

But there is an interesting thing that happened, namely when there was a quarrel between Kepa and Sarri. The coach will actually replace Kepa with Willy Cabalero, unfortunately the goalkeeper just doesn’t want to listen to the coach’s words. In fact, he still plays in the penalty shootout round.

But after the match ended, Sarri gave clarification regarding the incident.

“What happened was just a misunderstanding. I know he has cramps, I don’t want him to be in that condition when the penalty shootout rounds. ”

“Mental kepa is right, unfortunately the execution is wrong. Mentally he is right. ”

“But a misunderstanding with players can be a big problem, especially in front of the media.”

Kepa’s attitude drew a lot of criticism, including from many Chelsea legends. Chris Sutton also casts scathing criticism on Kepa’s attitude. In fact, many Chelsea legends have requested that Kepa be immediately expelled from the club

Guardiola Want Sterling To Keep Play At Club

Manchester City actually wants to tie a contract with Raheem Sterling, unfortunately until now, Pep Guardiola still cannot provide certainty whether the player will stay at the club or not. Because until now the negotiation process carried out by the club with the player’s agent is still ongoing so that it is still uncertain whether Sterling will survive or not.

Recently, Gabriel Jesus has just signed a contract to play with Manchester City until the year 2023. The extension made by Jesus followed Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Fernandinho, Nicolas Otamendi and Ederson who had agreed on their new contract at Manchester City.

Unfortunately, even though many of his colleagues have signed contracts, Raheem Sterling has not yet decided to follow in the footsteps of his colleague. If we look back, Sterling has donated 23 goals for Manchester City in all competitions he played.

Guardiola claimed to hand over the entire negotiation process to the club. But Pep also explained that he wanted to keep Sterling from playing at the Etihad Stadium.

“There is no doubt in me, we all want him to keep playing. Sterling knew that, his agent also knew. Since the first day of negotiations, we have said we want him. Txiki has spoken with agent Sterling, “Pep told Fourfourtwo.

“But an agreement is an agreement, the player remains a player. In the end it all depends on the club and the players. I just want to make sure one thing, me and the other players are 100% sure they want to keep playing with us. ”

According to Pep, Manchester City will undergo the next season with a thirst for victory and this is a good thing.

“I see players going to start a new season with thirst. Fear of defeat is good, because they will be hungry for victory and make them more focused when playing in the field

Courtois: We Lose Because We Can’t Keep Our Rhythm

Thibaut Courtois as Real Madrid goalkeeper claimed that his team lost control when dealing with Girona. Yesterday’s defeat of Girona was considered as a proper punishment for them for failing to control the rhythm of the game.

In that match Madrid had to bend their knees 1 – 2 over Girona. Though the match was held at the Santiago Bernabeu which incidentally is the headquarters of Madrid. The fans’ high expectations were destroyed instantly when they saw Madrid lose the match.

As a result of the defeat, Madrid must fall to third place in the La Liga standings, nine points adrift of the top, Barcelona.

In the first half Madrid actually played very well, even they managed to score first. But entering the second half, Madrid’s game began to loose, this is what makes Girona managed to turn things around.

“We played well in the first round. We managed to master the game. But we lowered the rhythm so that they could get a chance to retaliate, “Courtois told Four Four Two.

“In the second half they actually got the rhythm, the attacks they built were very dangerous. This is very embarrassing, they not only equalized, they even managed to score two goals. We don’t know how to control the situation. ”

“This defeat is very embarrassing for Madrid. It’s not about self-confidence, they are indeed a good team, Girona always manages to make opponents trouble. We will learn from this defeat and try to win the next match. “

Solari Don’t Want To Compare Between Bale And Ronaldo

It is undeniable, now Gareth Bale is the most dominant player at Real Madrid. In the match against Juventus in the Champions League final, he even managed to score with a beautiful volley from the area outside the penalty box. Seeing the performance shown by Bale, many parties ask which one is better, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale?

Santiago Solari explained that he did not want to compare the performance of the two players too quickly. Seeing the real contribution shown by Gareth Bale after Ronaldo’s departure, the media and many Madrid fans wanted to compare the performance between Bale and Ronaldo. Unfortunately not with Solari, according to him, Bale is Bale and he does not want to compare him with other players.

If we see a flashback of Ronaldo with Madrid, it is undeniable that Ronaldo is the most crucial and dominant player at Real Madrid. There are already many trophies donated by Ronaldo to Madrid.

“All this is not about who will replace Ronaldo in Madrid. It’s about how all players can become a team. Gareth Bale is a very talented player and he will be an important part of the club. His ability on the field is not to be compared to other players. ”

“When it comes to comparison, it’s only for media consumption. We don’t do that here. Bale is a great player who has extraordinary abilities. We work as a team.”

Neville: Liverpool Must Prepare For Compete With City

Gary Neville as a former Manchester United player believes that Manchester City will emerge as Premier League champions this season, beating their rivals Liverpool. According to him, the current Manchester City squad is far more experienced than the squad at Liverpool. This is an added value for Manchester City in the fight for the title.

How not, Manchester City currently holds the defending title while Liverpool are present as challengers. This means that the mentality of the City squad is far stronger than Liverpool.

Not only that, Neville also explained that Liverpool had no experience of becoming champions. Indeed Jurgen Klopp once brought his team to the title, but not in the Premier League competition.

“To win the title, team performance is indeed an important point, but from the mental side it must also be considered. Manchester City know how to deal with complicated situations in the Premier League. ”

“Jurgen Klopp has won the league, but not in the Premier League. A 6-0 victory over Chelsea also has an impact on psychological pressure for the opposing team. ”

“I think Liverpool must be ready every time they lose points, they are under pressure, when City loses points, people will consider it a consequence of satisfaction, unlike Liverpool who came as challengers.”

“There will always be doubts for a challenger. Liverpool must face that, when doubts come, do not respond, stay focused, and doubt the opponent. But that’s the most difficult for a club that is looking for a title in the first season, “concluded Neville.

Solari Said He Was Happy With Madrid Performance

In the La Liga match 23rd week, Atletico must submit before Real Madrid. Although playing at home, Atletico must be satisfied with the score 1 – 3. Santiago Solari as the Real Madrid coach felt happy and proud of the performance of his foster children in the derby match.

Madrid managed to win the score that was created through the action of Casemori, Sergio Ramos, and Gareth Bale, while the home team managed to break the Madrid goal through the action of Antoine Griezmann.

Thanks to the victory, Madrid moved to second place in the La Liga standings, while Atletico had to be shifted. Currently Madrid have managed to collect 45 points, one point ahead of Diego Simeone’s side.

Seeing the performance shown by his foster children, Solari felt happy. He did not even hesitate to say the performance was Madrid’s best performance this season.

“We managed to win as a team, we had to fight a very solid team, yesterday’s match was very competitive, moreover the match was held at the opponent’s home,” Solari opened on the club’s official website.

“I dare say that this is Madrid’s best performance since last December.”

“Atletico are a fantastic team, their coach is also very ambitious. We played well behind, in the front we managed to suppress the opponent’s defense. Our offensive and defensive are very balanced. ”

“This is Madrid’s complete performance. And we won full points from yesterday’s match, I am very proud of all Madrid players, “concluded Solari.

Jordi Cruyff Gives Reasons Behind Solskjaer’s Success

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim coach of Manchester United won praise from Jordi Cruff. According to Jordi, Solskjaer succeeded not because of the tactics he composed, but he was able to arouse the mentality of his players. He also believes United have talented and qualified players.

In the hands of Solskjaer, United were able to collect 22 points from their 8 matches. Previously in the era of Jose Mourinho, United were only able to collect 26 points from 17 matches played by United.

This is inseparable from United’s internal atmosphere which has become brighter since being handled by Solskjaer. Instead of throwing criticism at each other, the players actually support one another. Cruff assessed this because Solskjaer was able to improve the mentality of his players.

Cruff assesses the time owned by Solskjaer is fairly minimal to give big changes to the team. But he can pull out the potential of each of his players. That is the key to United’s rise.

“Just two or three days later, it can bring big changes even in a very short time. He focused more on the player’s mentality. He uses the right method, “Cruff opened to the BBC.

“When players are blocked by Mourinho, they cannot move freely, but after the door is opened (by Solskajer), the players can actually play better and better.”

“United’s players from the start were already qualified. The coach just needs to find a way to balance the team’s game and draw out the hidden potential of the United players. “

Jordi Alba will sign a new contract at Barcelona

It seems that Manchester United’s plan to hook Jordi Alba will be dashed. Because the player has agreed to extend his playing contract at Barcelona.

Since the start of the season, news has begun that says that the English giants Manchester United are interested in Jordi Alba. As we know, Manchester United are currently having problems with their defense so they need new ammunition to strengthen the team.

The rumor is even stronger with statements that have come out of Jordi Alba’s mouth. The player said that he was not a priority in Barcelona so he did not rule out the possibility of leaving.

But according to El Larguero’s alerts, United’s plan to recruit Alba is certain to fail. Because Barcelona has given a contract extension to play for the player.

According to the report, Barcelona did have a quite intense meeting with Alba’s representative. In Barcelona’s perspective, Alba is still an important player for them. They see that Alba can still be an important pillar in Barcelona’s defense for the next few years.

Barcelona offers a five-year playing contract to the player. Alba is also rumored to be getting a salary increase, even so, there is no certainty how much the salary increase given by Barcelona management.

If all the process of signing the contract runs smoothly, the results of the contract will be published on Friday tomorrow.