Jordi Alba will sign a new contract at Barcelona

Jordi Alba will sign a new contract at Barcelona

It seems that Manchester United’s plan to hook Jordi Alba will be dashed. Because the player has agreed to extend his playing contract at Barcelona.

Since the start of the season, news has begun that says that the English giants Manchester United are interested in Jordi Alba. As we know, Manchester United are currently having problems with their defense so they need new ammunition to strengthen the team.

The rumor is even stronger with statements that have come out of Jordi Alba’s mouth. The player said that he was not a priority in Barcelona so he did not rule out the possibility of leaving.

But according to El Larguero’s alerts, United’s plan to recruit Alba is certain to fail. Because Barcelona has given a contract extension to play for the player.

According to the report, Barcelona did have a quite intense meeting with Alba’s representative. In Barcelona’s perspective, Alba is still an important player for them. They see that Alba can still be an important pillar in Barcelona’s defense for the next few years.

Barcelona offers a five-year playing contract to the player. Alba is also rumored to be getting a salary increase, even so, there is no certainty how much the salary increase given by Barcelona management.

If all the process of signing the contract runs smoothly, the results of the contract will be published on Friday tomorrow.