Sarri Want Fabregas To Keep Playing On Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea club manager explained that he still needed a Fabregas figure at Chelsea. The coach admitted that Fabregas still had a very important role for the club and he would still retain and not sell the player in the January transfer window.

Fabregas is indeed a figure who is rumored to be leaving Chelsea in the January transfer window. Besides Fabregas, Gary Cahill is also rumored to be leaving the club.

The player’s playing contract at Chelsea will indeed run out at the end of this season. If he does not agree to a new playing contract at Chelsea, it is certain he will become a player on a free transfer in January.

But Sarri seems not to want to sell the player. Because Fabregas is still considered capable of providing power to Chelsea.

“His position is very clear at Chelsea, we only have two players, namely Jorginho and Fabregas, if one of them is lost, then that will be a problem for us,” Sarri told to Sportsmole.

“I want Fabregas to keep playing here, but we don’t know what Fabregas’s final decision will be.”

“For us, Fabregas is a very important and crucial player. If he decides to move, we have to find new players and it won’t be easy. ”

But Chelsea has rules for players who are over 30 years old, namely giving a playing contract with a short duration, ie 1 to 2 years. This is what makes Fabregas think hard to survive or not.

“That is a club rule, we must respect it. As we know, the duration of the contract has always been a problem, especially for players over 30 years, “closed Sarri.

Pogba Will Be The Centre Of United Team Game

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claimed he would build the Red Devils squad by making Paul Pogba the center of his team’s game.

Pogba’s fortune at United has now changed. After more than two years in a frenzy, now he seems to be able to perform optimally consistently.

In the last two matches since MU was handled by Solskjaer, Pogba was able to become an important actor for his team’s victory. He produced two assists in the match against Cardiff City.

At that time he helped his team win 5-1. Then against Huddersfield Town, he scored two goals and led his team to win 3-1.

Before joining MU, Pogba has the status of one of the best midfielders in Europe and the world. According to Solskjaer, the status is indeed worthy of being carried by the French player. And that’s why he wanted to build a team by making the 25-year-old midfielder the center of his game.

“I think Paul is a very, very top player,” he said as quoted by the International Goal.

“He is one of the best top players in the world. For attacking business he really does it, but he is a great player – he can win aerial duels and tackles,” he said.

“He is the same as the others. His attitude is perfect and that’s the key – you have to be tired towards the end of each match. He has become a top class player and of course we want to make it the center of our game, but there are so many quality players [in this squad] , “he explained.

Costacurta Said Ronaldo Is Getting Closer To Pele

Former AC Milan player Alessandro Costacurta said that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo was getting closer to the figure of the legendary world player, Pele. Costacurta also gave reasons for the praise he made.

Since playing with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo almost made people amazed at the game. Not only that, Ronaldo has also tasted many prestigious titles in Europe.

His last season in Madrid, he also managed to donate a Champions League title to Madrid before finally deciding to join Juventus.

Last week Ronaldo also helped his team win when faced with SPAL. In the match, Juventus managed to win with an aggregate score of 2 – 0. The two goals were inscribed by Ronaldo and also Mario Mandzukic.

Until now, Ronaldo has contributed 9 goals for Juventus. Seeing the performance shown by Ronaldo, Costacurta claimed to be looking at Pele’s figure.

“I saw Ronaldo and remembered the goal scored by Pele.”

“Pele is taller, but he is also thinner than his opponent.”

“Ronaldo has excellent ball control. The speed he has is also very fast. His ability to roll the ball is a world-class ability. ”

“All the factors that Ronaldo has made me remember Pele’s figure when playing.”

For additional information, Ronaldo always plays full 90 minutes with Juventus. He was only absent when Juventus faced Young Boys for getting a red card in the Champions League.

Pelicans Finally End Their Negatif Trend When Beating Wizards

The New Orleans Pelicans held an NBA match against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, November 28 2018. Status as the host at Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, Pelicans appeared dominant from the start. Always superior since the first quarter, Pelicans drove and closed the match with a 125-104 victory.

This victory makes Pelicans now have a win-lose record (11-11). In addition, this victory managed to bring Pelicans to break their negative trend. In four games before against the Wizards, Pelicans did not even win. On the other hand, the victory won by the Pelicans made the position of the two teams this season balanced. Last Saturday, Pelicans had to lose to the Wizards while visiting Capital One Arena, the headquarters of the Wizards.

Instead, this defeat means breaking the positive sequence of Scott Brooks’s care team. The Wizards have always come home with wins in the previous two matches and managed to improve their position in the Eastern Conference standings. This loss made their current win-lose record (8-13).

Six Pelicans players scored two digits with three of them posting 20 points or more. Jrue Holiday came out as the team’s top scorer with 29 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Anthony Davis was right behind Holiday with double, 28 points and 16 rebounds. Julius Randle who started the match from the bench also recorded a double, 23 points plus 12 rebounds.

One more player who blasted the double for Pelicans was their guard, Tim Frazier. Playing for 37 minutes he incised 12 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists. Nikola Mirotic had 15 points and 9 rebounds while E’Twaun Moore added 10 points.

From the stronghold of the Wizards, there are five players who have at least 10 points. Kelly Oubre Jr. and Markieff Morris simultaneously became the top scorer of the team with both scored 22 points. John Wall, who played for 26 minutes, added 17 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. Bradley Beal became the only double-double player for the Wizards after packing 16 points, 5 rebounds and 11 assists. Jeff Green completes the list with a score of 10 points for 19 minutes of play.

Arsenal Want To Recruit Isco From Madrid

Arsenal reportedly want to bring Isco from Real Madrid. To convince Madrid, Arsenal are reportedly willing to exchange Ozil to bring the player to the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil is currently the most expensive paid player at Arsenal. Unfortunately the player is rarely played by Unai Emery. According to news circulating, Emery felt dissatisfied with the performance shown by Ozil so decided not to play it. Actually the news has been denied by Emery, the coach actually said the team still needed the figure of Ozil in the field.

While at Real Madrid, Isco’s position can be likened to Ozil. He is rarely played and is more often seen on a player’s bench. Even though in the Lopetegui era, Isco still got the chance to play. Solari said he did not play the player because he felt that Isco was not fit to play.

Because of the limited playing time, Isco was said to be leaving the club. The gossip is getting worse after the player gets ridicule from Real Madrid supporters.

Arsenal themselves want to exchange Ozil with Isco. According to alerts from The Independent, Arsenal consider this agreement allows them to get Isco. But according to the same source, Manchester City also have an interest in the player so Arsenal need to fight more to get Isco’s signature.

Apart from Manchester City, there are still a number of other clubs who also have an interest in the player, say Chelsea who plan to exchange Hazard with Isco.

Nicol Said Matic Only Be A Victim In United

Liverpool former player, Steve Nicol sent a defense to Nemanja Matic. Nicol saw that the figure of Matic was only made a victim for the defeat received by Manchester United lately.

As we know, Matic is predicted to be the a golden child of Jose Mourinho. The coach often gives confidence to Matic almost every match played by United.

Unfortunately the performance shown by Matic decreases every time. Seeing the poor performance, many people questioned why Mourinho still chose him as a starter rather than reserve it.

Many scathing criticisms were sent to Matic, but Nicol actually said something different.

“I’m happy to see United fans give criticism,” Nicol opened to ESPN FC.

“When they criticized United’s defensive line which was chaotic, I agreed to that. But we need to see something more important, namely the imbalance that exists at United. Each player does not understand the role in depth so that there is miss communication when playing in the field. ”

“Sometimes Matic plays too deep, this is also because the defenders want him to be in that position, sometimes he is too advanced, this is also because other players push him forward. The position played by Matic looks responsible on all sides. ”

For additional information, Matic has played 13 times with United in all competitions. He was awarded a red card when United faced Newcastle United some time ago.

Higuain: I’m Sorry, Im Just A human !

Gonzalo Higuain seems to be in a state of deterioration. How not, the AC Milan striker did not only fail to execute the penalty ball, he also had to get a red card prize from the referee. Seeing the incident, Higuain apologized profusely to the fans for being unable to control his emotions.

Juventus visit AC Milan’s headquarters in the 12th Serie A season. Milan must submit to a score of 0-2 over Juventus. Two Juventus goals came from Mario Mandzukic in the 8th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 81st minute.

The red card obtained by Higuain was only 2 minutes later from a goal scored by Ronaldo. Higuain said a strong protest to the referee, as a result the referee gave a second yellow card to Higuain.

The AC Milan striker then apologized to the fans and the club for not being able to control his emotions. Higuain also said that he was not a robot and could sometimes make mistakes. As we know, Higuain was forcibly removed from Juventus when Ronaldo arrived, maybe that was one of the reasons why Higuain was angry.

The action is certainly very detrimental to the club, because Higuain has been confirmed to miss the next game. In addition, he also threatened to get an extension of his sentence.

“I want to apologize for everything. I shouldn’t do something like that. ”

“I will be responsible for what I have done. When dealing with the club where you played first, of course it will feel a little different. But I know that such a thing should not happen, I apologize for this. “

Emery: I’m Satisfied With This Team

Unai Emery as the Arsenal club coach claimed he was quite satisfied with the performance shown by his team in the match against Liverpool in the 11th week of the Premier League this season. According to Emery, his protege has grown rapidly because he can already play a draw against Liverpool.

Arsenal even almost lost in the match against Liverpool yesterday. Liverpool’s advantage was opened by James Milner. Seeing the point behind, Emery immediately rotated. Alexandre Lacazette success scoring a score in 82nd minutes.

What is sought by Arsenal in yesterday’s match is not a problem of one point achievement, these results have an important role to boost the confidence of the players.

As we know, throughout this season Arsenal have achieved poor results when dealing with the top teams in the Premier League. Arsenal must defeat the City of Manchester City and Chelsea in their first two matches.

Therefore a draw in yesterday’s match will provide additional confidence for players to face the next match.

“I see the process is going pretty well. In the world of football, time is a very crucial thing. We need time to get up. ”

“You can see that development, especially in the matches against Chelsea and Manchester City, then Liverpool. I feel the intensity of yesterday’s game feels a little different. ”

“The match against Liverpool was a competitive match for us. This will give us encouragement to face the next match, “concluded Emery.

Kevin De Bruyne Finally Joining The Team After Injury

Pep Guardiola does not seem to be able to cover his happiness with the return of Kevin De Bruyne to the team. Previously the player was unable to play because he was struggling with injury so Guardiola lacked the power of banging on his team.

De Bruyne himself has been injured since the start of this season. Actually the player returned to playing in November, but he again had to be sidelined with a ligament injury.

But De Bruyne was finally able to return to the team because he had recovered from injury. Seeing this, Guardiola then could not hide his joy and happiness because the player was able to return to playing for his team.

Actually, if we look, Manchester City can show a very good performance even without De Bruyne. But in the match against Chelsea, they had to swallow a bitter defeat. According to Guardiola, De Bruyne’s return to the team became a very meaningful thing for City.

“He has been out for quite a while and finally he can return to join the team. I have already said that we all miss her very much here. All players in City are looking forward to him. ”

“He is an important figure for the team. We have to compete and face a strong team. De Bruyne’s appearance has been extraordinary, we need him to win the title. We do have a lot of players that can be rotated, but with him, everything gets better, “concluded Guardiola, as quoted on the official website of Manchester City.

CSKA Moscow Win Against Real Madrid 3 Goals Without Reply

CSKA Moscow midfielder Georgi Schennikov admitted that the victory over Real Madrid made his team overwhelmed with positive energy. However, the victory did not provide much joy because they remained eliminated from European competition.

As is known, CSKA Moscow surprisingly successfully won a landslide victory over the defending Champions League champions, Real Madrid. Playing at the Santiago Bernabeu, Viktor Goncharenko’s side won three goals without reply.

This victory itself became a disgrace to the hosts Real Madrid who finally felt the biggest defeat in their history in European competition.

CSKA Moscow scored three goals at the Santiago Bernabeu. Fedor Chalov was able to open their lead in the 37th minute before on 43 minutes Georgi Shchennikov doubled his position. In the 73rd minute Arnor Sigurdsson sealed the visitors’ victory over the hosts.

Although success won three points in the last party in Group G, but the victory was not able to make CSKA Moscow moved from the bottom of the standings and that means also failed to appear in the Europa League.

“We were full of positive emotions at the final whistle, but were very disappointed after hearing the results at Plzen,” he said.

“We hope for Roma for at least the series but that doesn’t happen. However, our young team has got important experience in the Champions League and this is certainly good for the future,” he said.

Berbatov Gave Defense To Romelu Lukaku

Dimitar Berbatov as a former Manchester United manager gave a defense to Romelu Lukaku. According to him, the striker failed to score because of the lack of support provided by other players in the field.

As we know, last season Lukaku did reap a lot of criticism regarding his performance. Just imagine, within three months, Lukaku hasn’t scored a goal with Manchester United. Seeing this performance, United fans cast so much criticism of him.

But Lukaku slowly began to rise. After scoring a goal against Southampton, he scored again when faced with Fulham in a match that United went through last weekend.

Berbatov judged that the failure of Lukaku in scoring goals was not the fault of Lukaku, but because of other players who could not provide real support for the player.

In fact, he also considered Lukaku had sacrificed for United. Lukaku is considered often to open opportunities for other teammates to score, but the opportunity fails to be maximized by other players.

“I feel there are too many criticisms that have been sent to him for failing to score, but not many see what he has done for the team.”

“I am happy with the character of the game Lukaku, he is strong and also able to hold the ball well. But he also must be supported by colleagues who are able to understand his playing style. “

Sarri Said Chelsea Just Lucky Beating Manchester City

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri dismissed the notion that his team could be a challenger to the Premier League title this season. Sarri assessed that there was a noticeable difference in quality between his team and Manchester City so he considered this season would not be the season for the Blues.

Since the beginning of last season, Chelsea have been championed to become EPL championship candidates this season. They only lost once from the total of 15 matches they played in the Premier League, so many considered there was a good chance for the West London team to win.

Status as a champion candidate was increasingly justified in the match this morning. Facing the defending champions and standings leaders, Manchester City, the Blues won 2-0.

Despite winning against City, Sarri considered Chelsea still not ready to become champions. “I think it’s very impossible to cut the distance with other teams in just one season,” Sarri said to the official Chelsea page.

Sarri stressed that Chelsea’s quality is still not at the level of Manchester City, so he considered his team’s victory over City also influenced by luck.

“You might be able to play well in one match, but to consistently play like that for 10 months is very difficult.”

“I think they [Manchester City] are still the best team in Europe. We did win today, but I can say we were lucky because in the first 25 minutes they were very likely to score goals.”

Marchisio Leave Juventus Without Regret

After spending 25 years growing and developing with Juventus, Claudio Marchisio finally chose to move to Zenit St Petersburg. The 32-year-old midfielder never regretted his decision to leave.

Marchisio has joined Juventus since he was seven years old and idolized the legend, Alessandro Del Piero. When the Bianconeri were forced to go down to Serie B, he finally got a regular chance to play with his idol.

In the 2007-2008 season, he had studied at another Italian club, Empoli, on loan. Once back, he became an important part of Juventus to make him get the nickname Il Pricipino (The Prince).

Unfortunately, the nickname did not make Marchisio be with Juventus forever. With the arrival of many quality midfielders, slowly his position was eliminated from the main squad Massimiliano Allegri.

That made him have to make a tough decision, namely to leave the Turin and join Zenit St Petersburg last summer. Even so, regret never flew in the slightest in his mind.

“I always think and try to make the right decision,” Marchisio told Sky.

“I want to find a new team to play more often, so we made this decision without regret because life will continue. A great desire to continue to win is still there,” he continued.

He did not want to keep looking back, and chose to focus on reaching the target with Zenit. Marchisio also said that his team now has a goal to go further in Europe’s second competition, the Europa League.

Inter Milan Want To Recruit Andrien Rabiot Next Season

It seems that Barcelona’s desire to attract PSG star players, Andrien Rabiot will meet a fairly steep road. Because the Italian giants, Inter Milan are also reportedly eyeing the signature of Andrien Rabiot.

It is undeniable, Rabiot’s career in France is quite brilliant. He is a very legendary player at this time in France. He also became a key player for the PSG team.

Since last summer, Barcelona have been warmly talked about wanting to hook the player to play at the Camp Nou. The Barcelona side believes Rabiot’s ability can add to the power of their team to win the title.

According to Tuttosport and SBOBET News alerts, Inter Milan will not let Barcelona get Rabiot easily. Inter Milan also reportedly entered the radar of the player’s search since last season.

If we go further, in the past two years Inter Milan are indeed re-concocting their team. Under the command of the Sunning Group, Inter want to be the hardest rival for Juventus.

Inter’s trip this season is also fairly good. They managed to bring in attackers and great players. Unfortunately they are still lacking in players who can control the course of the game. Therefore they will try to hook Rabiot from PSG to maximize their fighting power.

Inter also have a second option if later they fail to bring in Rabiot. Their second option falls to Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid. In addition Modric is also looking for new challenges in his football career, apparently playing in Serie A can be the right choice for Modric.

Guardiola Ensure His Club Will Not Spend On Player Next Season

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola ensures that his team will not spend on players in the January transfer window.

City are still firmly at the top of the Premier League with a collection of 35 points, two points ahead of the nearest competitor, Liverpool. Both teams are still unbeaten in the league.

This weekend City will host a black horse team that often troubles big teams, Bournemouth. This match will be held on Saturday (1/12) tonight.

After previously highlighting Benjamin Mendy, who was often injured, Guardiola also mentioned that the player who was the most featured was Fernandinho. However, Guardiola was not worried if one day Fernandinho could not go down.

“Is Fernandinho able to play in every match? It’s impossible. He can play but next season he will be killed. He can’t play every three days, but we have alternatives,” Guardiola was quoted as saying by Goal International.

“John Stones, Danilo, Fabian Delph, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Ilkay Gundogan. We have a good squad and some players can play in a number of different positions,” he continued.

When its competitors are likely to pick up new players in January, Guardiola chooses the opposite. The former Barcelona coach claimed to have been very satisfied with the squad he currently has.

“We will not be active in the transfer window. I am very happy with my squad,” Guardiola said.

“I am sad when many players cannot appear, imagine if I bring in more players! It’s better like now,” he said.