Kevin De Bruyne Finally Joining The Team After Injury

Pep Guardiola does not seem to be able to cover his happiness with the return of Kevin De Bruyne to the team. Previously the player was unable to play because he was struggling with injury so Guardiola lacked the power of banging on his team.

De Bruyne himself has been injured since the start of this season. Actually the player returned to playing in November, but he again had to be sidelined with a ligament injury.

But De Bruyne was finally able to return to the team because he had recovered from injury. Seeing this, Guardiola then could not hide his joy and happiness because the player was able to return to playing for his team.

Actually, if we look, Manchester City can show a very good performance even without De Bruyne. But in the match against Chelsea, they had to swallow a bitter defeat. According to Guardiola, De Bruyne’s return to the team became a very meaningful thing for City.

“He has been out for quite a while and finally he can return to join the team. I have already said that we all miss her very much here. All players in City are looking forward to him. ”

“He is an important figure for the team. We have to compete and face a strong team. De Bruyne’s appearance has been extraordinary, we need him to win the title. We do have a lot of players that can be rotated, but with him, everything gets better, “concluded Guardiola, as quoted on the official website of Manchester City.