Costacurta Said Ronaldo Is Getting Closer To Pele

Former AC Milan player Alessandro Costacurta said that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo was getting closer to the figure of the legendary world player, Pele. Costacurta also gave reasons for the praise he made.

Since playing with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo almost made people amazed at the game. Not only that, Ronaldo has also tasted many prestigious titles in Europe.

His last season in Madrid, he also managed to donate a Champions League title to Madrid before finally deciding to join Juventus.

Last week Ronaldo also helped his team win when faced with SPAL. In the match, Juventus managed to win with an aggregate score of 2 – 0. The two goals were inscribed by Ronaldo and also Mario Mandzukic.

Until now, Ronaldo has contributed 9 goals for Juventus. Seeing the performance shown by Ronaldo, Costacurta claimed to be looking at Pele’s figure.

“I saw Ronaldo and remembered the goal scored by Pele.”

“Pele is taller, but he is also thinner than his opponent.”

“Ronaldo has excellent ball control. The speed he has is also very fast. His ability to roll the ball is a world-class ability. ”

“All the factors that Ronaldo has made me remember Pele’s figure when playing.”

For additional information, Ronaldo always plays full 90 minutes with Juventus. He was only absent when Juventus faced Young Boys for getting a red card in the Champions League.