Nicol Said Matic Only Be A Victim In United

Liverpool former player, Steve Nicol sent a defense to Nemanja Matic. Nicol saw that the figure of Matic was only made a victim for the defeat received by Manchester United lately.

As we know, Matic is predicted to be the a golden child of Jose Mourinho. The coach often gives confidence to Matic almost every match played by United.

Unfortunately the performance shown by Matic decreases every time. Seeing the poor performance, many people questioned why Mourinho still chose him as a starter rather than reserve it.

Many scathing criticisms were sent to Matic, but Nicol actually said something different.

“I’m happy to see United fans give criticism,” Nicol opened to ESPN FC.

“When they criticized United’s defensive line which was chaotic, I agreed to that. But we need to see something more important, namely the imbalance that exists at United. Each player does not understand the role in depth so that there is miss communication when playing in the field. ”

“Sometimes Matic plays too deep, this is also because the defenders want him to be in that position, sometimes he is too advanced, this is also because other players push him forward. The position played by Matic looks responsible on all sides. ”

For additional information, Matic has played 13 times with United in all competitions. He was awarded a red card when United faced Newcastle United some time ago.