Higuain: I’m Sorry, Im Just A human !

Gonzalo Higuain seems to be in a state of deterioration. How not, the AC Milan striker did not only fail to execute the penalty ball, he also had to get a red card prize from the referee. Seeing the incident, Higuain apologized profusely to the fans for being unable to control his emotions.

Juventus visit AC Milan’s headquarters in the 12th Serie A season. Milan must submit to a score of 0-2 over Juventus. Two Juventus goals came from Mario Mandzukic in the 8th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 81st minute.

The red card obtained by Higuain was only 2 minutes later from a goal scored by Ronaldo. Higuain said a strong protest to the referee, as a result the referee gave a second yellow card to Higuain.

The AC Milan striker then apologized to the fans and the club for not being able to control his emotions. Higuain also said that he was not a robot and could sometimes make mistakes. As we know, Higuain was forcibly removed from Juventus when Ronaldo arrived, maybe that was one of the reasons why Higuain was angry.

The action is certainly very detrimental to the club, because Higuain has been confirmed to miss the next game. In addition, he also threatened to get an extension of his sentence.

“I want to apologize for everything. I shouldn’t do something like that. ”

“I will be responsible for what I have done. When dealing with the club where you played first, of course it will feel a little different. But I know that such a thing should not happen, I apologize for this. “