Arsenal Want To Recruit Isco From Madrid

Arsenal reportedly want to bring Isco from Real Madrid. To convince Madrid, Arsenal are reportedly willing to exchange Ozil to bring the player to the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil is currently the most expensive paid player at Arsenal. Unfortunately the player is rarely played by Unai Emery. According to news circulating, Emery felt dissatisfied with the performance shown by Ozil so decided not to play it. Actually the news has been denied by Emery, the coach actually said the team still needed the figure of Ozil in the field.

While at Real Madrid, Isco’s position can be likened to Ozil. He is rarely played and is more often seen on a player’s bench. Even though in the Lopetegui era, Isco still got the chance to play. Solari said he did not play the player because he felt that Isco was not fit to play.

Because of the limited playing time, Isco was said to be leaving the club. The gossip is getting worse after the player gets ridicule from Real Madrid supporters.

Arsenal themselves want to exchange Ozil with Isco. According to alerts from The Independent, Arsenal consider this agreement allows them to get Isco. But according to the same source, Manchester City also have an interest in the player so Arsenal need to fight more to get Isco’s signature.

Apart from Manchester City, there are still a number of other clubs who also have an interest in the player, say Chelsea who plan to exchange Hazard with Isco.