Guardiola Want Sterling To Keep Play At Club

Guardiola Want Sterling To Keep Play At Club

Manchester City actually wants to tie a contract with Raheem Sterling, unfortunately until now, Pep Guardiola still cannot provide certainty whether the player will stay at the club or not. Because until now the negotiation process carried out by the club with the player’s agent is still ongoing so that it is still uncertain whether Sterling will survive or not.

Recently, Gabriel Jesus has just signed a contract to play with Manchester City until the year 2023. The extension made by Jesus followed Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Fernandinho, Nicolas Otamendi and Ederson who had agreed on their new contract at Manchester City.

Unfortunately, even though many of his colleagues have signed contracts, Raheem Sterling has not yet decided to follow in the footsteps of his colleague. If we look back, Sterling has donated 23 goals for Manchester City in all competitions he played.

Guardiola claimed to hand over the entire negotiation process to the club. But Pep also explained that he wanted to keep Sterling from playing at the Etihad Stadium.

“There is no doubt in me, we all want him to keep playing. Sterling knew that, his agent also knew. Since the first day of negotiations, we have said we want him. Txiki has spoken with agent Sterling, “Pep told Fourfourtwo.

“But an agreement is an agreement, the player remains a player. In the end it all depends on the club and the players. I just want to make sure one thing, me and the other players are 100% sure they want to keep playing with us. ”

According to Pep, Manchester City will undergo the next season with a thirst for victory and this is a good thing.

“I see players going to start a new season with thirst. Fear of defeat is good, because they will be hungry for victory and make them more focused when playing in the field