Neville: Liverpool Must Prepare For Compete With City

Neville: Liverpool Must Prepare For Compete With City

Gary Neville as a former Manchester United player believes that Manchester City will emerge as Premier League champions this season, beating their rivals Liverpool. According to him, the current Manchester City squad is far more experienced than the squad at Liverpool. This is an added value for Manchester City in the fight for the title.

How not, Manchester City currently holds the defending title while Liverpool are present as challengers. This means that the mentality of the City squad is far stronger than Liverpool.

Not only that, Neville also explained that Liverpool had no experience of becoming champions. Indeed Jurgen Klopp once brought his team to the title, but not in the Premier League competition.

“To win the title, team performance is indeed an important point, but from the mental side it must also be considered. Manchester City know how to deal with complicated situations in the Premier League. ”

“Jurgen Klopp has won the league, but not in the Premier League. A 6-0 victory over Chelsea also has an impact on psychological pressure for the opposing team. ”

“I think Liverpool must be ready every time they lose points, they are under pressure, when City loses points, people will consider it a consequence of satisfaction, unlike Liverpool who came as challengers.”

“There will always be doubts for a challenger. Liverpool must face that, when doubts come, do not respond, stay focused, and doubt the opponent. But that’s the most difficult for a club that is looking for a title in the first season, “concluded Neville.