Guardiola Tell His Team To Aware When Play Against United

The match between Manchester United and Manchester City is only counting hours. The match labeled as Derby is not only talking about three points, because in this match, the pride of both teams will be seen.

When compared, Manchester City is indeed the favorite to win. This is due to the positive rate that has been passed by them throughout this season. Instead, United actually looks fragile, because United often defeat throughout the season and perched in the middle of the Premier League competition this season.

Despite being the favorite to win, Guardiola asked his squad to remain vigilant, especially in the final minutes. Of course you still remember how United beat Juventus in the Champions League yesterday, right?

“We will try to control the game as usual, especially in the first 75 minutes. We will try our best at that minute. ”

“But we must be aware of United’s counter-attack in the final minute. They often make opportunities in the last minute. When they manage to get the ball in the last minute, you can only say wow! ”

“We will continue to play the usual defensive style. We will try to defend against cross attacks or fast attacks. We have to master the dead ball. ”

“We will play an effective game. That kind of game is what we will show in the match later. “