Real Madrid Back In Track, Ramos Said Madrid Need To Be Calm

If we look at Real Madrid’s trip this season, the performance shown by Madrid is far from consistent. They often swallow defeat in their initial matches this season.

But slowly, Madrid has returned to the right track. This is evident from the positive results they achieved when dealing with Valladolid with a score of 2-0 in La Liga competition on Sunday 4/11/2018 yesterday.

In the match, the two names listed on the scoreboard were Vinicius Jr. and also Sergio Ramos. The victory won by Madrid is certainly a very important thing for them, because Madrid have never won in their last five matches in La Liga, they only won 1 draw and 4 lost.

Seeing this, Ramos believes the performance of his team will rise again as before. According to him, the difficult times like now are very important. Ramos also said the key at times like this is calm.

“At this time, the main key is that you have to be calm. When playing, you see the time that goes on, the time keeps decreasing and the positive results cannot be obtained. But if you are calm, you can see every opportunity that exists. ”

“We play in that way and you can see the results. We won three points yesterday. We can also maintain our confidence. Peace is the key to our game, “concluded Ramos.