Castles: De Gea Deserves Great Salaries!

Castles: De Gea Deserves Great Salaries!

Duncan Castle gave a suggestion to Manchester United’s management regarding salaries for the goalkeeper, David De Gea. According to him, United’s management should not be stingy in providing salary for the goalkeeper, the goal is that De Gea feels at home and stays at the club.

Since the beginning of last season, the future of David De Gea has indeed been questioned. Because the contract to play the goalkeeper with the Red Devils will be over soon, fortunately United have a step by activating the extension clause playing for one year so that the goalkeeper will continue to play in United until 2020

Duncan said the only way for the goalkeeper to stay at the club was to give him a decent salary.

“De Gea is currently waiting for an award from the club for his contribution so far,” he told the Window Podcasts Transfer.

Castles thinks United are in a dangerous position and potentially lose David De Gea.

“Everyone knows that De Gea is an extraordinary player for United. His talent and contribution to the club has been very great and I think he deserves more. ”

“This summer he will enter his final season with United. United’s management must dare to take steps or they will lose De Gea. ”

“The solution is simple, give more salary. “De Gea deserves a big salary, his contribution to United is huge and he is the best goalkeeper in the world,” concluded Castles.