Cases Of Racism That Happen To International Football Player

Cases of racism that have occurred are increasingly prevalent lately. Racism is an action that corners a party that has different beliefs and cultures. For example, the case of white racism directed at black people. Black people are considered unworthy to socialize with white people because, in the colonial era, black people were victims of slavery so that they were considered to be owned caste lower than the other castes.

In the world of international football, acts of racism also often occur. Usually, acts of racism are carried out by supporters who are present at the stadium. Some of the usual actions are throwing bottles, used drinks, ridicule, banners that are emotionally provoking or other things related to racism. We already summarize some cases of racism that have been experienced by world soccer players.

The first case fell to Everton Luiz who played in the Serbian league. Everton is a Brazilian player who joined the Partizan Belgrade club. The player has received racism from Rad Belgrade supporters. Even acts of racism that take place last for a full 90 minutes. Seeing this, Everton Luiz could not hide his disappointment with the Rad Belgrade supporters. He even cried when the match was over and said that he loved Serbia and asked everyone to stop being racist.

Kevin Prince Boateng also did not escape the act of racism when he played for Italian club AC Milan in 2013 ago. At that time AC Milan was competing with the Pro Patria club. Unfortunately, Pro Patria supporters make whistles while singing racist songs. Boateng who was not happy with the act of racism then kicked the ball towards Pro Patria supporters while walking away from the field. Because of the problem of racism, the Pro Patria club received penalties for conducting closed matches without the presence of their supporters. Boateng’s actions received praise and support from other football players.

AS Roma player, Gervinho also received similar treatment. He was pelted with banana-shaped balloons by supporters when dealing with Feyenoord in the 2014/15 European League last season. Seeing the acts of racism by Feyenoord supporters, Gervinho asked UEFA to impose penalties for Feyenoord who carried out acts of racism openly in the field. As a result of these actions, Feyenoord was fined 50,000 Euros and received one match without the supporter.