Neymar: Leo Is A Special Person For Me

Neymar: Leo Is A Special Person For Me

Neymar is currently a PSG star player. Despite playing for PSG, Neymar still remembers his fond memories of Barcelona when playing with Lionel Messi. Even Neymar said that he had been helped thanks to the love of the Barcelona captain.

Actually Neymar’s name was first known to the public, even when he was still playing in Brazil with Santos. But his golden age was when he played with Barcelona.

Neymar was bought by PSG with a dowry worth 222 million Eur. Mahar made him the highest transfer value player in the world, beating Paul Pogba and also Cristiano Ronaldo.

Currently Neymar is enjoying his success with PSG where he became PSG’s deadly trio with Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe, as well as when he played Barcelona and paired up with Messi and Suarez.

Even though it’s not playing with Barcelona, ​​these beautiful memories are still remembered by Neymar. When interviewed by Globe Esporte, Neymar also revealed how the beginning of his career with Messi in Barcelona.

“At first I needed support, a friendly person who always supported me, and Messi was here to give it all. He gave me love and affection, “open Neymar.

“Messi once said to me: Come here, be yourself, you have to play with feeling happy, just like in Santos. No need to be ashamed or afraid, we are here to help you, “continued Neymar.

“For me, Leo is a special person, even when I left Barcelona.”