Phelan: The Smiles of Players Are the Key Of United’s Success

Phelan: The Smiles of Players Are the Key Of United's Success

Currently United are in a very extraordinary condition. Previously they were indeed covered in black clouds when trained by Jose Mourinho. But after being replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the black cloud slowly disappeared.

United even made it through their last 10 matches without defeat! Different when trained by Jose Mourinho where they often swallow defeat at the start of this season.

Many parties who cast praise for the interim United coach. Mike Phelan as assistant coach Solskjaer explained that there were no special things they did.

According to him, the rise of United was due to the smiles of the players. Phelan considers that United have been filled with many talented players and don’t need anything special to be able to make them win. The only task that must be done by United coach is to maximize the potential of every player who is there.

“The United coach must be able to return a smile on the player’s face and try to share stories about the adventures that have been lived first.”

“Returning the smiles of the players cannot be done overnight, that’s what must be done every day. If a player can enjoy every match and his environment, then he will also have a tremendous impact on the team. ”

“Improving the atmosphere on the team is the most important thing for a coach. If the coach is optimistic, the optimism will spread to the players. “I think this is the reason for United’s current revival,” he concluded.