Price For Recruit Tagliafico Leaked !


Since playing for the Argentina national team in the 2018 World Cup competition, Nicolas Tagliafico has been a player who is in demand by many of Europe’s top clubs. His own name shines after successfully showing an impressive performance with Ajax Amsterdam.

Tagliafico is currently the main pillar of the Ajax fullback position. He also took the crucial role in the Champions League competition. He has played 12 times and managed to contribute three goals for Ajax.

Seeing the impressive results shown, it doesn’t seem strange if many of Europe’s top clubs are interested in bringing it.

Tagliafico was brought in by Ajax from Independiente in 2018 with a relatively cheap transfer value of 4 million Euros. Seeing his slick performance, the taste of the selling value will soar.

“Tagliafico gets its own profile from the Champions League. Many teams are interested in themselves, “Ricardo opened as the agent to Muy Independiente.

The agent did not deny the number of teams who wanted the player’s services. But Ajax is believed not to release Tagliafico easily.

“Actually there is no agreement with Ajax regarding the price, but I think it will be over 20 million Euros.”

“Ajax will provide a suitable price for a club that wants to sign Tagliafico. But at this time he had not accepted the offer, he considered this was not the right time to discuss his move. We’ll see in the transfer market whether he will leave or stay at Ajax. “