Suarez Tell Secret About Their Winning Against Madrid

Suarez Tell Secret About Their Winning Against Madrid

Luis Suarez as the Barcelona striker has made a very important contribution to his club’s victory over Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey second leg match held at the headquarters of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu.

Not only scored two goals in the match, Suarez also played an important role in an own goal by Raphael Varane. If Varane does not commit an own goal, then Suarez is ready to welcome the ball and score his third goal for Barcelona.

Thanks to the victory Barca will enter the final round 4-1 on aggregate against Real Madrid. Suarez is indeed the most thirsty player when playing at the Madrid headquarters.

Suarez explained that the match’s turning point occurred in the 50th minute when they scored the first goal. The goal made the Madrid defense surprised and destroyed the rhythm of their game. That is the secret why Barcelona can play better in the second half.

“I know that we have to score, Madrid have an offensive style and we can get a lot of space when we take the ball.”

“In every match there is always a negative and a positive side. we didn’t play too well, but we followed the flow of the game and tried to maximize opportunities. ”

“We managed to reach our target at the start of this season and we know league matches have never been easier. We must recover and must be ready for the next match. “