Giggs Give Compliment To Liverpool

Undeniably, Liverpool are a team that is favored to win this season. How not, they managed to wipe out the victory of all the matches they played in the Premier League competition. Seeing Liverpool’s lunge, Ryan Giggs, who is a former Manchester United player, give compliment to Liverpool.

Liverpool actually managed to show their fangs last season where they made it into the Champions League final round. Their presence in the final round surprised many people and fans. Even so they have to lose when dealing with Real Madrid in the final match.

But this season they again showed very impressive results. They even topped the Premier League standings this season.

Ryan Giggs also praised the splendor of the composition of players in Liverpool. According to Giggs, Liverpool currently have a very neat combination of players so that each game shown is very classy.

“They have great players who have been on the team for several years. The young players they brought in are also very good, just look at Jordan Henderson and James Milner, their combination is perfect.”

Giggs also considered the performance shown by Liverpool was very terrible.

“Actually they have not played well in all matches, but they managed to achieve good results and they continued to improve over time.”

“If they can perfect their game, the Premier League trophy will surely fall into their hands.”

In the next match, Liverpool will meet Chelsea. This match will be a difficult game for them, but even so, Liverpool are still favorites to come out as winners.