Joachim Loew Said Want To Train English Club

German national team coach, Joachim Loew admitted he felt challenged to train the team in the Premier League competition. He said that if later there is a club that wants to bring him in, then he is ready to train.

Joachim is arguably the most successful coach for 1 decade. How not, he also had time to handle the European club before finally setting foot in Germany.

Joachim first handled Der Panzer in 2006. He was brought in to replace Jurgen Klinsmann. The arrival of Joachim successfully made Germany bounce back from the dark times where they also successfully won the World Cup trophy in 2014.

He claimed to want to try new challenges and did not rule out the possibility of training in England.

“I want a new challenge, a coach must dare to take a challenge.”

Loew also claimed have interest in training English club. Loew actually already has a preference where he will dock. He really wanted to end his career in England.

“Premier League is a very interesting competition. The competition in England is very good, I want to be there and spend time there. ”

Loew’s training contract in Germany is still there until the next 2022, but in the future he will not close the chance to join a club in the UK.

“I don’t know what to say, but after two years, everything can change. We’ll see what will happen in the future. “