Manchester United Interest To Recruit Joachim Andersen From Sampdoria

Manchester United Interest To Recruit Joachim Andersen From Sampdoria

It seems that Manchester United have got an alternative new defender to strengthen the club’s defense. United reportedly have an interest in bringing in Sampdoria defender Joachim Andersen.

Since the beginning of last season United are often rumored to want to buy a new defender. Because United’s management considers that United’s current defense line is not perfect so they must immediately patch United’s defense to win the title.

A number of the names of the world’s top defenders were rumored to be joining United. Unfortunately the news is not accompanied by concrete action. According to Calciomercato’s allegations, United will try to woo Joachim Andersen from Sampdoria.

Andersen joined Italy in 2017 where he was brought in from FC Twente for 1.2 million Pounds. In the first year in Italy, the player rarely gets flying hours. But slowly but surely, he managed to become Sampdoria’s main squad.

This season, Joachim has played 27 times with Sampdoria. Because of Joachim’s slick performance, Sampdoria only conceded 38 goals in 28 matches that have been played. This record is Sampdoria’s best record in the last two years.

One of the reasons why United are interested in bringing Joachim is because of the cheap selling prices and good performance factors. Joachim Andersen actually still has a contract to play with Sampdoria until the next 2022.

According to the same media reports, United only need to spend 22 million Pounds to get the player’s signature.