Mourinho Called His Reputation Will Not Be Destroyed After Fired United’s

Mourinho Called His Reputation Will Not Be Destroyed After Fired United's

News of Jose Mourinho’s dismissal by Manchester United management some time ago had surprised many people. But Jose Mourinho said that his reputation would not be destroyed just because he was fired by United.

Before being sacked by United’s management, Jose Mourinho also often received criticism regarding the tactics used. According to football observers, the tactics used by Jose Mourinho are outdated.

But Jose Mourinho claims he doesn’t care about all the criticism. Jose Mourinho said that he had shown success in the world of international football, he also said that he was not an ordinary manager.

It is undeniable that Jose Mourinho had indeed achieved many things in his career as a coach. Just imagine, there have been 25 titles that he got, not a small number.

Seeing his brilliant performance, Jose Mourinho thought that what he had done was not a mistake.

“I have won many titles, I have a good mentality and I am not an ordinary manager.” “Many like to sell philosophy and ideas, but the most important is victory and title. If you can’t win the title, what’s the point of that philosophy? ”

” There are already a number of teams that offer me the position of coach, but I cannot accept it. I will return in June with a new plan. “Inter Milan and Chelsea became the team most widely reported to be wooing Jose Mourinho.