Southgate: The Lack Of Young Players Playing Hours Will Destroy The British National Team

Gareth Southgate expressed his concern for the England national team in the future. According to him, young players in the Premier League competition did not get enough flight hours. This can affect England’s national team football in international competitions.

In the 2018 World Cup competition yesterday, Southgate’s courage in bringing young players did get appreciation from many people. Even the young players he brought managed to lead the England national team into the semifinals.

Unfortunately there are concerns that Southgate is currently thinking about. According to him, talented young players in England such as Marcus Rashford and Ruben Loftus Cheek did not get enough playing time with his club. Southgate thinks this will have a direct impact on the England national team in the future.

“This can be a threat, playing a little time will be very influential for the England national team,” Southgate told Goal International.

Seeing this, Southgate hopes that clubs in the UK can provide enough playing time for their young players.

“I am very worried about this, they need enough playing time.”

“We’ll see, the player I brought to Russia yesterday didn’t get enough playing time. I’m afraid they won’t get much time, Premier League clubs have a lot of money so they can bring in many talented senior players.”