Want to Get Bale? Prepare 3.6 Trillion Funds First!

Spanish giants club, Real Madrid are reportedly eager to release one of their new players, Gareth Bale. Unfortunately, this player will be released at a fairly high price, which is 195 million Pounds or around 3.6 trillion rupiah!

Gareth Bale himself has long been rumored to want to leave the Santiago Bernabeu because he did not get enough play hours. Therefore he plans to leave Madrid in order to get longer playing hours.

He was indeed reserved because of frequent injuries so it was not possible to play, but over time he just sat on the bench so that the player felt in the child stand. He also reported the heat will be exchanged with De Gea, the new goalkeeper from the English giants Manchester United.

It seems Real Madrid is not ready to lose the figure of Bale. Not long ago they offered a contract extension to the player, but until now there has been no recent statement from Madrid or Bale regarding the news.

Even so, the situation is changing again. According to the alerts of The Mirror, the Madrid are willing to release Bale on condition that the club wants to bring the player must pay the 195 million Pounds figure.

If the news about the player’s price is correct, then the price will be the same price as Neymar when it was bought by PSG some time ago. As additional information, Manchester United have long been eyeing Bale, with this news seems United’s chances of getting the player more wide open.